The 14 Best Hikes In Verona

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Verona is a fantastic place to enjoy what nature has to offer via hiking, biking, and walking trails. You can find a variety of different trails to go hiking on in Verona, from easy walks under a mile long to rugged backpacking trails that take several days or weeks. Take a journey on one of the hiking trails in the area that have excellent photo (foto) options and the best views in the area.

Take a trek through the city to enjoy some of the local histories or enjoy a guided tour of some of the best routes (percorsi) in and around Verona. Wherever your route takes you, the trail you choose should match your ability and skill level. For a short tour of less than an hour or a long trip through the rugged countryside, you can find all sorts of information about the trails in the Veneto area.

Verona has a vast array of the best tour guides who can help you enjoy the town choosing the best routes for your skill level. Or you can enjoy the city of Verona on your own. Just grab a map and your phone and take a trek to see sites filled with waterfalls, beauty, hills, and gorgeous landscapes.

Wherever your map takes you, do not miss the outer routes with peaks and valleys, hills, and tiny towns full of hiking opportunities throughout Verona and the surrounding area of Veneto. Some of the activities (attività) are filled with historic content while others are wide open valleys of spectacular countryside. Be sure to bring along your camera to get some photos to share on Instagram and first, drop off your extra gear or backpacks at a luggage storage site in Verona. Don't be weighed down as you trek!

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Our Top Hiking Trail Picks

Sentiero del Fiume

One of the coolest hiking trails in Verona is the 4.7-mile Sentiero del Fiume. It is an intermediate out and back trek that takes a few hours depending on how much you want to stop and see. There is a lake as well as a waterfall along the way and several areas where you can do some rock climbing.

You will start in the small town of Mandello del Lario in Veneto and at the halfway mark, there is an elevation gain of 2,754 feet so you should be wearing your good hiking boots and bring water, snacks, and a first aid kit for this rugged route.

Monte Garzon Percorsi

Try this one if you want a good strenuous climb to get a one-of-a-kind view of the city of Verona, Veneto from the top of this mountain in the Italian countryside. This three-mile path is moderate to difficult, depending on how you go but you will have a steep climb during much of your walk.

Most people take this hike to ring the bell at the top next to the massive cross, a memorial to the locals who saved the mountain from a mining company. However, the view from the top is also worth the trip to the summit.

La Vecia Via della Lana

For a longer and more difficult Verona route, try the La Vecia Via della Lana. You will have stunning views of Verona throughout your hike in the Veneto trail that once was a shepherd route. If you plan on doing the whole 30 miles, you will need a camping setup because you cannot do it in one day.

In fact, it will probably take several. This one has great features like a lake, vineyards, valleys, and the Illasi Castle (Castello di Illasi) so bring a camera. You will also need to bring extra water, food, a first aid kit, and a compass, just in case.

Old Ponale Road at Lake Garda

What used to be the only connection between the Ledro Valley and Lake Garda Trentino is now an intermediate 6.1-mile hike in the Veneto area of Verona along Old Ponale Road. Take a tour through the tunnels and forts from WWI to see some gorgeous waterfall of the Ponale River.

The historic Pile Dwelling Museum at the end of the tour is worth the hike. You can learn about the pile dwelling sites and see the small village that is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site with the only pile dwellings in the world dating back 4,000 years.

Park of the City Walls

Taking a hike is a great way to see some sights for free. Also known as Parco delle Mura, this park boasts the Genoa New Walls built in the 1600s to protect the city and harbor. This part of Verona is well-preserved and has several trails to enjoy. The difficult Funicular Loop is only a mile but it is a steep climb up 590 feet in that short tour.

The one-way option is a bit easier because it is not as steep but it is a little longer distance at 1.8 miles. You will see the most forts along this trail and some spectacular views of Verona and the Veneto countryside. As you learn the history of the walls, make sure you get some selfies.

Quattro Passi

This strenuous trail is only 1.6 miles but takes you up and down the pass to Valena in a tour that is often known as the name Tobai or Sommacologna. Even though it is a short tour through the valleys and up the hills, the ups and downs can be brutal.

You can veer onto other paths such as the Dozzy Trail and hike through the Ferrera Valley along the woods with stellar views of the Veneto area of Verona. Be sure to have your best hiking boots on and bring some water for this one.

Molina Waterfall Park

The 20-acre park is known for its amazing water features including a number of waterfalls throughout. The park has three main trails including the 30-minute easy Green Route, the 1.5-mile intermediate Red Route that takes about an hour, and the Black Route, which is difficult at 2.3 miles through the whole park.

If you are interested in seeing the most waterfalls, the Red Route is the best choice and is only 328 feet from the parking lot. The park offers other short treks and paths that you can explore as well so do not feel like you have to stick to the major trails. The short paths are full of hidden gems.

The Fossil Trails of Ronca

Following the Nera Vally and running through Fossil Park, this loop trail is easy for the most part, with a few areas that can be considered of intermediate skill level. The outcrops of the valley boast cherry trees, olive trees, and vineyards as well as waterfalls and a basalt column.

The scenery of the Veneto area is stunning and the tour is full of other routes you can take through the Lessina Regional Natural Park. The 25-acre park is nestled between the Dolomites and Monte Baldo with views of Alpine farmsteads, interesting wildlife, and the remains of the Cimbri di Giazza villages.

Easy Hikes in Verona

Verona River Loop Trail

The Verona River Loop Trail is almost eight miles but is rated as easy because the terrain is level and straightforward to follow and there are numerous places along the way you can stop for a break. You will start and end in the quaint village of Borgo Trento where you will make your way to the Adige River.

The tour takes you to several historic sites like the Philharmonic Theatre, Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Verona Arena, and the Chievo Dam Bridge before following the Camuzzoni Canal back to the beginning. Along the way, expect to see a plethora of different flora and fauna as well as some interesting monuments.

Bosco Buri - Via Argine di Piena

Located in Bosco Buri Park, this 4.1-mile easy trail typically takes about an hour as you meander along the Adige River. The park itself is packed full of activities and historic sites like the Villa Bernini Buri with its cottages, chapel, and exotic trees.

Along the hike, you will notice a nice even terrain with clear paths and plenty of places to stop for a picnic by the riverbank. As an option, you can save your appetite for a quest for Verona street food. The starting point is in the parking area and ends at the A4 Torino Trieste in the hills of Veneto country.

Intermediate Hikes in Verona

Val Borago

Rated as moderate, the Val Borago E5 hike takes you 9.5 miles through the woods and hills along the Avesa Valley with an average time of six hours. It starts at Monte Tondo and leads down to the bottom of the Vajo Borago, a thermal inversion.

Here you can find a waterfall, mesophilic flora, and unique amphibians like the dotted newt and fire salamander. This one is definitely a hike where you need extra water, food, a compass, and a first aid kit. You may even want to pitch a tent along the way.

Vajo Paradiso - Grazzerno

Take a six-mile hike from Vajo Paradiso to Grazzerno in the Veneto Hills to see some places many do not even know exist. These regions are mostly rugged and remote but you will see some tiny villages and sites along the way as well.

There is a temple dedicated to Santa Barbara, a stream with several small waterfalls, and what looks like shelters and caves with black roofs from ancient fires. If you search, you can even see some hieroglyphics from the second century.

Difficult Hikes in Verona

Panorama Blick Loop from Stazione San Michele

For experienced hikers only, this 9.5-mile trek through the Veneto region typically takes about 6.5 hours and has an elevation gain of 4,325 feet. At the first rest stop, about 2.5 miles in, many people stop here just for the view.

A bit further on at the five-mile point, if you are lucky you can see some paragliders on Mount Baldo as well as the cable car. The terrain is steep but when you get to the top, you will see that it was worth the climb.

Alpe Malga Pralongo Loop

Beginning at the parking lot in Prada, you can follow the trail via an app on your phone or on one of the maps available online. This is a steep and difficult hike of 11.2 miles that typically takes about six hours with sublime views all along the way.

At 2.3 miles in, you will see the Alpe Malga Pralongo, which is a cozy little home with a guest room and great food. Then, at 6.6 miles in, there is a hut by the name of Rifugio Fiori del Baldo with stunning views of Lake Garda and the Apennine mountains.

The Best Route

Verona is a special old town in the Veneto region of Italy along the Adige River with plenty of countrysides to explore. Whichever hikes you decide to take, make sure you have the correct maps or the right app for your phone to follow. Also, make sure you tell someone where and when you are going and when you are going to be back. Always bring along extra water, food, and a first aid kit as well.

So if you're landing at Verona Airport, grab your backpack and luggage and get ready for an adventure on the ultimate hike!

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