Where To Find The Best Street Food In Verona

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Verona might be the most famous city in the world without most people realizing it. Verona is the setting for Macbeth's Romeo and Juliet, and therefore known as the City of Love. But it is also a city of food and wine. n fact, you can even eat a romantic meal in the famed house of Juliet, how sweet is that?

But you surely don't want to be carrying your luggage with you as you look up at Juliet's balcony and hear her response to Romeo's line, "What light through yonder breaks...." She speaks, saying "Did you bring your luggage with you?" So make sure to store it here at one of our convenient luggage storage locations in Verona.

The best street food vendors in Verona

Street food in Italy is not quite the same as you might find in America or other parts of the world. For the most part, in Italy, they don't normally grab food on the go. Instead, they sit in a cafe or a restaurant and savor the dishes in front of them.

The city of Verona is loaded with a ton of excellent restaurants, cafes, and even fast food joints for any foodie to enjoy.

First, we are going to look at a few places that serve street food, but they are more of the typical Italian tradition of sitting down and lingering over the meal. And although these may not be the normal street food vendors, we have to include these ones for the simple fact that they serve the best version of the street food.

Antica Bottega Del Vino

Risotto Amarone is the most popular risotto in Verona, probably because it was made here first, so you know it is going to be the best in Italy. And while it is very much street food nowadays, to get the absolute best dish, you have to go to Antica Bottega Del Vino on Via Scudo di Francia. This centuries-old spot is a mix of a wine bar, restaurant, and delicatessen, and though it will cost a little more, one bite of the rich and deeply flavorful dish and you won't mind the extra cost.


This small and quaint restaurant is owned and run by the husband and wife team of Claudio and Titti. The prices are great, you will find it just off the Piazza Bra on Vicolo Pomo d'Oro and it's close to Verona Porta Nuova train station. They don't have a set menu for lunch or dinner, but if you find yourself there when porchetta is on the menu, don't hesitate, order it!

The slow-roasted pork inside is moist and bursting with the flavor of rosemary and Claudios secret seasonings. All that delicious mouth-watering goodness is hidden by a crispy skin that gives the meal a great texture. If you are there at closing, the friendly couple will normally sit and have a drink with you too.

Trattoria Al Pompiere

There are so many different types of pasta to choose from but pasta e Fagioli has to be at the top of the list when talking about Verona street food. And if you are wanting the best in the city you need to go to Trattoria Al Pompiere. This is a dish that was originally a poor person's meal; it was inexpensive, healthy, and filled the belly, especially in the winter months.

Now the popular dish is cooked to perfection with a silky puree and rich borlotti beans in this cozy trattoria on Vicolo Regina D'Ungheria.

La Taverna di Via Stella

Polenta is, for the most part, a side dish, but it doesn't mean it can't be the star of the show in Italy. Nowadays, many restaurants and cafes serve it as a meal, and at La Taverna, it is both a side dish and the main meal. And it doesn't matter which way they serve it. It truly is their signature dish.

The menu is very regional, the staff is friendly, and it is just a short walk down via Stell from the Verona Arena.

Re Teodorico

If you are looking for pizza, no doubt you will find some in Italy. But expect to find a little different than the ones in North America. There are plenty of great places to enjoy a slice of pizza in Verona, but the place that is synonymous with the best pizza in Verona is Re Teodorico.

Nothing beats the creative ingredient combinations and a dough that is crisp and crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside with just the right amount of char in spots. Perfect and delicious.

Bandidos Taco Bar

For a taste of Mexican street food in Verona, check out Bandidos Taco Bar. There are actually several Mexican restaurants in Verona but surprisingly not all serve the classic and staple of Mexican street food, tacos! And in case you haven't guessed it, tacos are the star of their menu. The small Mexican restaurant has two types of taco shells to choose from, flour or corn.

The menu has other delicious treats from Mexico, like nachos, quesadillas, and burritos to choose from, but you can pick one of those for your second visit. Generous portions and good prices are what attract tourists and locals alike, but its location right in the heart of Verona on Via Carlo Cattaneo makes it a great place to get your Mexican street food fix.

King Kebab

If you are having a late night out, there is nothing better than a kebab on the way home. It seems that no matter what town you are in, you can always find a good kebab shop, and as luck would have it, there is one in Verona. Kebabs are that perfect late-night street food that always hits the spot, and when they are cheap, they taste even better.

At King Kebab, not only will you get delicious kebabs at a great price but also a selection of other classic Indian street food such as biriyani and desi chaat. Adding vegetables, flavorful sauces, and rice to your kebab take it to the next level. There are, of course, Italian options like pizza and piadina available too. King Kebab is downtown at Via Teatra Filarmnico and always open late.


If you are looking for a more classic American street food in Verona, look no further than BUNS. There is a great selection of burgers, fish, pulled pork, vegan, chicken, and beef with a variety of fresh toppings. And it is not only the burgers that taste great, their regular fries are super yummy.

But you will want to try their sweet potatoes or polenta fries too, they are delicious! Pairing your meal with an American lemonade or local craft beer makes it even better. The prices in BUNS are not the cheapest, but you won't care once you take that first bite.

Located near the city center, Interatto dell'Acqua Morta makes BUNS convenient for dinner, lunch, or if you are on the go. The staff also have a great reputation for being very friendly and helpful. This place is a little slice of America in Italy, literally.

The restaurant is on the small side and almost always busy, so make sure you reserve a table ahead of time or plan on take-away.

Gusto Piadine E Panuozzi

Are you staying Verona's downtown? In the heart of the city, you will find this fantastic little restaurant. With only six tables, you could consider this a fast food street food location. They make great pizza, but the real reason to hit this spot is the piadinas (panini) and panuozzias (a pizza sandwich). Everything here is made with the freshest ingredients and high-quality meats.

The panuozzias here are to die for. You can put whatever you like in them including salami, fresh tomatoes, and rocket (arugula) or mushrooms and local cheese. All packed in a hot crusty ciabatta bread made fresh that morning. Or a piadina, flatbread loaded with peppers, prosciutto, and tomatoes accompanied by a beer or wine. The prices are cheap too, which makes it an ideal street food stop.

Osteria Sottoriva

Coming to Osteria Sottoriva is a great choice when looking for Italian street food in Verona for a couple of reasons. First is the location – sitting on the Adige riverbank gives you a fantastic view to enjoy. Next is the number of dining choices you have, including a trattoria, bar, or cafe, and none are a lousy choice.

Whether you are there for lunch or dinner, the food is excellent any time of the day. It comes in large servings, and the prices are incredibly low. Full meals are available, but for street food-style dining, check out the polenta, covered in melted gorgonzola cheese, or the crepes filled with spinach and ricotta cheese.

One minor drawback to eating a meal here is that they don't rush. There is actually a sign that says "Servizio Lente" (slow service). But that is okay because you come here to enjoy the food and maybe a glass (or bottle) of wine.

Where to find the best Verona street food spots

One of the best things about Verona is being able to experience the history that surrounds you at every turn. And at Piazza delle Erbe you can do just that while enjoying a great selection of cafes and restaurants. There is nothing better than enjoying some delicious street food while soaking in the magnificent architecture of Verona.

In addition, there are weekly markets held on different days of the week at Lake Garda just outside the city of Verona. You will find everything at these markets, starting from clothes and crafts, and food, lots of food. Find fresh fruits, vegetables, and a host of stalls cooking up delicious local street food to enjoy as you wander the markets or take in the view of the lake.

Piazza Bra is the largest piazza not only in Verona but in Italy, and here you will find cafes and restaurants serving local and international street food. It is a great place to stop and really take in the local atmosphere, do some people-watching, and enjoy a polenta or sfogliatelle and a glass of the famous Valpolicella wine.

Street food festivals in Verona

Verona is host to one of the best street food festivals-the Valpolicella Street Food Festival usually held the first week in September. You are not going to find a better representation of street food than this as all the food is served from street food trucks.

One of the big Italian street foods is risotto, and in Isola della Scala they celebrate it in all its glory. Verona is known throughout the land for restaurants that serve only risotto, so it makes sense that in the village just south of the city, you will find the Fiera del Riso (The Rice Fair). They serve rice and risotto in ways you will not expect and certainly don't want to miss.

Verona Street Food is an Experience

If you are still not sure where to eat on your visit to Verona, there are food tours that will take you to some outstanding restaurants and all the tourist attractions. But trust us when we say that the menus at any one of the restaurants on this list will have something delicious for all your street food desires and more.

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