15 Unmissable Things To Do In Verona At Night

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If you find yourself in Northern Italy's beautiful city of Verona you are in for a treat! This city is stunning, with the Lessini Mountains and Adige River found just around its perimeter. The city spans 207 square kilometers and is home to some incredible sites dating back all the way from antiquity. The ancient buildings and monuments that you can find in this city have helped it to become a UNESCO World Heritage Site as well as one of the most visited tourist destinations in the area.

There is so much to do in Verona during the day, like visiting museums or walking through ancient ruins. However, what you might not expect is that Verona is also home to an active nightlife and there are lots of fun things to do when the sun goes down. Follow this guide to all of the unmissable things to do here at night, but before you set off on a crazy late night adventure, leave your bags safe at a luggage storage service in Verona.

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The Soda Jerk

The Soda Jerk is a star of Verona's nightlife. This bar is only open from late in the day to early in the morning and has a wonderful and friendly staff ready to give you a great experience. They offer a variety of cocktails for you to try and the prices are affordable.

You will find lots of tourists and locals here as it is a common place for people to meet and socialize. The bar plays trendy music and has a lively atmosphere that is the perfect recipe for a fun night.

Art & Chocolate Gallery Cafe

If you happen to have a late night craving for some chocolate and a good time, then you should stop by the Art & Chocolate Gallery Cafe. Award-Winning Chocolatiers and local artisans collaborate together to bring you an unforgettable experience for your trip to Verona.

On one side of the shop, you will find an ever-changing art gallery with expositions from local artists and on the other side, an area that can be reserved for tastings and private events. Some of the products that you can try here include coffee, wine, beer, tea and pastries, like the delicious Italian panettone. Everything that you can taste here is delectable and has chocolate as a main ingredient.

Verona By Night Guided Tour

If you really want to see the city at night, then you should invest in a guided tour. The Verona By Night tour will take you to some of the top places in the city that are almost unrecognizable at night. It can be nice to stroll the city streets after dark when things are quiet and less busy.

Your tour will begin at the Piazza Bra and will take you to the ancient Arena, Castelvecchio Bridge and Ponte Scaligero, followed by the Piazza delle Erbe and Piazza dei Signori. You will pass by the Arche Scaligere tombs as well as Ponte Pietra and many more areas in the city. You will even get to see the famous balcony from Shakespeare's love story of Romeo and Juliet, where the star crossed lovers would meet in secret.

Boutique del Vino

Boutique del Vino is a great place to go if you enjoy wine tasting and want to try some local Italian vino. This wine bar is small but modern and elegant and has a great staff that can recommend some different wines to taste.

The drinks sold here come exclusively from a small vineyard in Sudtirol, Northern Italy. During your visit to Boutique del Vino, you will not only taste the wines but can get a detailed explanation of the drink and how it is made from the friendly servers.

Arena Opera Festival

If you happen to be visiting in the summer opera season, you should definitely check if any shows are going while you are in town. This is one of the best things to do in the city of Verona at night and should be a top destination during your stay.

The opera performances take place in the arena which is the largest open-air theater in the whole world. This piece of ancient Roman architecture is impressive enough on its own, but seeing an amazing opera show held here is truly an unmissable event.


Rivamancina is the place to go for handmade Empanadas and drinks in Verona. Their menu includes delicious Empanadas with different fillings like fish, pork, chicken, beef, or vegetables, as well as beers and cocktails.

This cocktail bar has been a point of reference for Verona's nightlife for years now, but they also offer takeaway and delivery options if you would rather order your food and eat it at home. They have options perfect for meat lovers, vegetarians or vegans so anyone is welcome to eat here.

Celtic Pub Verona

If you want to have a fun night and experience a bit of Verona's history then you should stop by the oldest pub in the city. Celtic Pub Verona was first opened in 1986 and has since become a favorite place to gather for local citizens, and tourists are welcome too.

This place is generally quieter, making it a nice spot for anyone who wants to meet up and have a beer with friends. You will be greeted with friendly staff, a local sports game playing on the TV, and some of the city's best European and craft beers.

Ways Tours Walking Tour at Night

There are several companies that offer tours around Verona, but what makes Ways Tours special is that they connect you with some real locals who can give you an honest and educational tour around the city. They have several different tours available, and this is one that takes place at night.

Your journey will take you through the quiet cobblestone streets to some of the top monuments in Old Town all under the moonlight. You can learn a lot during these tours since you will be following some of the people who know it best. For more information on how to get around Verona, read our guide.


Bar TIFFANY is a popular spot among the younger visitors of Verona and is an ideal location to meet and celebrate with friends. They are open all day from breakfast time to the early hours of the morning and this bar is a nice place to visit at any time of the day.

You can grab a coffee in the morning or a bite to eat from the buffet at lunch, and during the night it is a place to have fun for people of all ages. They can sometimes get busy, but it is worth stopping by for a drink and live DJ entertainment.

Catch the View from Castel San Pietro

One of the best places to see the view of the city is on top of Castel San Pietro. This 19th century castle is gorgeous and even more beautiful is the panoramic view you can see of the rest of the city from the top. The climb can be challenging so make sure to wear proper footwear and bring a flashlight if you are planning to go at night.

On the same grounds as the castle, you will find ancient ruins from the first settlers, although the structures were destroyed centuries ago. You won't be able to enter the building but you can climb the steep Rooster Mountain that it is situated on. We recommend visiting to see the sunset, or later at night to see the city skyline illuminated in lights.

Dorian Gray

Dorian Gray is a place for party lovers who are looking to have a good time in the city center. The establishment offers dinner and dancing, so you can have fun with friends and meet new people during your stay in Verona, Italy.

This club is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays during the evening and offers both food and entertainment, with an on-site pizzeria and dancefloor. You might even get to attend one of their fun events, like live DJs or nights dedicated to Latin dance and music.

Romeo Cocktail Bar and Bistro

A great place to have an enjoyable and elegant night in Verona is at Romeo Cocktail Bar and Bistro. They are open from Thursday to Monday every week and have a nice selection of expertly cooked dishes in the bistro and perfectly mixed drinks made late into the night.

Here you can try signature cocktails and drinks, gin and tonic, spirits, wine, beer, sake or a soft drink. You can also order a small meal or appetizer to go with your drinks, like a selection of local cheeses, a cutting board with cold cuts and vegetables, or even a burger and fries.

Torre dei Lamberti

The Torre dei Lamberti, also known as the Tower of Love, is a beautiful historical monument that hosts exclusive events at night. If you want to visit during the day you can buy a ticket to the Gallery of Modern Art that is housed inside.

If you are lucky enough to attend one of these nighttime events, you will get to see a gorgeous view of the city from its rooftop terrace. The tower stands at 84 meters high, and once you climb the 368 steps you will see that it offers a 360 degree view of Verona.

Art Café Lime Olé House

This eccentric restaurant in Verona doubles as a cocktail bar and a gallery that gives young local artists the opportunity to show off their work. They offer a selection of alcoholic drinks and spirits like whiskey, gin and tonic, vodka tonic, cocktails and more. Their menu also includes some delicious meals, including vegetarian options.

This is the birthplace of the Lime Olé which was the first ever Lime Liqueur that has been transformed into different flavor variations for you to try. Their cocktails often fit in with the themed events going on, so the menu is regularly changing and there is always something new to try.

Terrazza Bar

The Terrazza Bar is located on a beautiful riverside property near Ponte Pietra and offers a spectacular view of the water while you eat. The inside of the shop is modern and pleasant, and the outdoor terrace has a unique design like the upper deck of a ship.

They remain open until 2 am and the outdoor terrace is open all year round, making it the perfect stop after attending the opera or just while you are out exploring the town. Here you can find good drinks, delicious meals and a temporary art gallery as well.

Fun Activities to Try in Verona at Night

Head to Verona Porta Nuova and choose a downtown stop. There is so much for you to discover in Verona, whether you take a simple day trip or choose to wander the streets at night. Although most of the things that will be open are bars and clubs, Verona's nightlife includes activities for the whole family to enjoy.

Take a quiet walk around the ancient streets or visit the peaceful Lake Garda in the moonlight, catch a nighttime opera performance at the old Arena built in ancient Roman times, or just meet with some friends at a local cocktail bar and bistro for some of Italy's top drinks and dishes.

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