Is Verona safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

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Verona, the city of romance and lovers, is home to Juliet’s balcony and is entwined with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. If you're heading to Verona in search of your very own Romeo, you may be in luck as tourists from around the globe converge on the city during the summer and fall months. Take a walk through this majestic city when you visit Italy.

With so many visitors, is Verona safe? This historic locale in Northern Italy is a beautiful, old city filled with fabulous attractions aside from Romeo and Juliet. Many people come for the Shakespearean experience but are happily drawn into the laid-back lifestyle that is Verona.  Easy access to Lake Garda and being near Venice makes this a must-visit city when in Italy.

The high season in Verona is the summer months and the annual visitor count is about 3 million. When you visit Verona during the high season you can expect the overall cost of your trip to be higher but the extra cost may be worth it to experience Verona during the hot summer months. The Verona card is a terrific way to save money and allow you to see more of the city on a budget.

Despite a population of over 600,000 in metro Verona, the quaintness will be inviting and a change from the hustle and bustle of big-city life. Follow some simple travel tips and you'll be generally safe in Verona. You'll still want to use caution when you're visiting the attractions and leave your bags and valuables at a convenient Bounce luggage storage location in Verona.

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Is Verona safe to visit right now?

Italy has a Global Peace Index of 32, making Verona a safe city to visit. Still, no safety guide is perfect and it's a smart idea to check your government’s official travel guidelines for Italy before you finalize your travel plans whether this is your first international trip or you're an experienced traveler. Being generally safe, you can walk through the cobbled streets and soak up the history that surrounds you.

The Piazza Bra is the biggest public square in Verona and sees a lot of tourists pass through each year. It sits right on the edge of the historical center and there are several walking tours that depart from this piazza. The Arco dei Gavi can also be found on the edge of the city center and was constructed during Roman rule in Verona.

The city center is actually pretty safe with a low crime rate. As a whole, Verona is safer for tourists than other Italian cities including Rome, Naples, and Milan. Pickpockets are the biggest problem tourists face in Verona.

Top petty crimes and scams in Verona affecting tourists

Petty crimes and scams are more probable in high-traffic tourist areas and on public transport. Using your street smarts, understanding how petty thieves work and staying alert will help keep you safe and from being targeted by thieves. Persistent beggars can also be a problem, the best way to handle them is to simply walk away and don't engage with them.


Bag snatchers and pickpockets tend to work in teams or groups and can be highly organized.. Keep your bags close and an eye on your surroundings, if you see something suspicious move away. To see the city without worry, travel light and store your stuff with Bounce.


Scammers can be found in Verona and you should always be on your toes. Don't accept any gifts from strangers on the street and keep moving past those with fake petitions or informational pamphlets. Scammers will try to trick you and find a way to relieve you of your cash and other valuables. If something does not feel right, listen to your gut, and remove yourself from the situation.

Is Verona safe to travel alone?

You would think in a city best known for the tragic story of star-crossed lovers, crime rates would be next to nothing. A visit to Juliet’s House will give you a connection to these fictional lovers. Many women travel to Verona alone just to see Juliet’s balcony and connect with Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Having a rating of 23 on the Bounce Women Travel Safety Index, Italy and therefore Verona is safe for solo travelers to visit and spend time getting to know. Using common sense, exercising caution, and staying alert when in a crowd will serve you well and keep you and your things safe during your travels.

Women traveling alone should stay alert at night to ensure they are perfectly safe while exploring the rich history of Verona and visiting the bronze statue of Juliet or Juliet’s house. When visiting Verona, or any major Italian city, get ready for an enjoyable and busy time.

Safest neighborhoods in Verona

All major cities have areas that are safe, finding which Verona neighborhoods are the safest for travelers is as easy as researching and making inquiries. Asking your hotel concierge is a good way to know the ins and outs of the city.


Located on the eastern bank of the Adige River, Veronetta is filled with old, crumbling buildings that showcase the authentic old-world charm of the city. Filled with restaurants and bars, the laid-back vibe of the neighborhood suggests it's a safe place to venture.

Borgo Roma

Once an industrial zone, this neighborhood has been revitalized and is brimming with restaurants, cafes, and bars. Several community events and family activities are held here. It's safe for families; it's safe for tourists and even solo travelers.


A peaceful neighborhood located right outside the city center, it's a good place to get out of the crowds of tourists and let the charm of the neighborhood envelope you. There are plenty of green spaces making it feel separate from the busy city.

While there aren't any neighborhoods that stand out as dangerous, exercise caution when in crowded spots like transit hubs and busy attractions.

Is Verona public transportation safe?

You'll definitely want to hop on public transport to take you from the Verona Villafranca Airport, also known as the Valerio Catullo Airport, into the city center. Taking the train is one of the most affordable ways to get into the city, and it is considered safe too.

There are two train stations in Verona, Porta Nuova, and Porta Vescovo. Traveling by train makes it possible to take a day trip or two to nearby cities. Venice is only a 90-minute train ride from Verona and so is Bologna. Milan is a two-hour train ride and historic Florence is a three-hour train ride.

Taxis are not the most economical way to get around Verona. Walking or using the train is really your best option to weave your way through the crowds and get to the attractions you want to see. Just remember to stay alert as you move through the crowds and ride the train.

Important emergency numbers in Verona

It can be a bit confusing when traveling to a foreign country and not knowing how to call for help should the need arise. Before you arrive in Verona, program some of these important emergency phone numbers into your phone or jot them down and keep them with your important papers.

Another good idea is to put the phone number and address of your country’s embassy in Italy. Copies of your important documents should also be tucked into your luggage in case you lose anything while on vacation.

  • Italy Country Code: 39
  • Verona Area Code: 045
  • Emergencies: 112
  • State Police: 113
  • Fire Brigade: 115
  • Emergency Medical Service: 118

Staying safe in Verona

Those that have visited Verona know this amazing city is filled with beautiful architecture from the old town to the Arena di Verona, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Of course, the famous balcony at Casa di Giulietta is another huge draw for those seeking their one true love.

The summer months see the Piazza dei Signori and the historical center filled with tourists from around the globe. Whether you're visiting to check out the Roman amphitheater (called the Verona Arena) with its ties to the Roman empire or are simply exploring the Veneto region, Verona is a magnificent city that is worth visiting year-round.

Before landing at the Verona Airport or the Porta Nuova Train Station, read up on Verona safety tips to make your visit to Verona more pleasurable. Where to Stay in Verona: The Ultimate Guide will help you when searching for accommodations, while How to Get Around Verona will be a great tool when figuring out the public transport system.

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