Best Brunch In Warsaw: The Definitive Guide

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About a decade ago, you may not have considered Warsaw to be the place to get the best breakfast. However, lately, brunch in Warsaw has been becoming a "thing." Not only is it easy to find the best breakfast but you can also find restaurants that serve a great breakfast all day long.

In Warsaw, if you are looking for good food for brunch or you woke up too late for breakfast, we have some of the best brunch spots for you to choose from. Whether you are in the mood for lunch or a late breakfast, some of the restaurants in town are known for excellent food and friendly service as well as great coffee.

Some of these places will even serve you dinner if that is what you want to eat. Pizza for brunch? No problem. Warsaw has that. Delicious shrimp scampi? Warsaw has that too. Enjoy a culture trip in Warsaw whether you are looking for a great place for brunch or the best coffee in town.

A brunch menu in Warsaw can have a variety of breakfast and lunch food as well as sensational coffee, wine, and beer. You will not have any trouble finding the perfect place to grab some lunch before noon or breakfast in the afternoon in Warsaw because it seems like the whole city of Warsaw enjoys those hours as well. Join them at one of your favorite brunch restaurants in town.

You can get anything from pizza to sushi on the menu in some places in Warsaw while others are filled with tasty desserts and delicious hot coffee. Take a walk on an old road of cobblestones to get to a quaint diner or cafe or visit one of the amazing restaurants in town. But first, drop off your luggage at a luggage storage site in Warsaw because you do not want to drag it around with you.

Cucina Mia

Staying in the city near central Warsaw? Located at the Sheraton Hotel Warsaw on the ground floor, Cucina Mia is a great place that serves Sunday brunch known all over town for tasty food with creative flair. You will find many of the locals go there too, so it can be crowded at times. The breakfast is eclectic with a blend of Asian and Mediterranean, with desserts that look like little pieces of art.


Another brunch spot at the Sheraton Warsaw, InAzia is your place to go if you want to eat brunch in style. The Asian fusion menu boasts a huge array of food choices and you will never be disappointed with the service or the food. The Bottomless Sunday Brunch is the best with breakfast, lunch, and dinner food. The view of Marshal Edward Rydz Smigly Park is a great way to start your morning as well.


Because there is a line at this place even before it opens, waiting until brunch is a perfect idea to have breakfast. Stroll into this cute cafe at 11 or so and you may be one of the only ones in there. You can find great classics like shakshuka, eggs and sausage, cheese tarts, and freshly baked bread as well as pizza, burgers, and pastries. Be sure to try their freshly brewed coffee or tea.

Shabby Chic Coffee & Wine Bar

The Shabby Chic Coffee & Wine Bar, with its antique tables, lacy pillows, and pastel linens is located in the heart of the Jewish quarter, on a narrow road open only to foot traffic. There are only 12 tables so you may have to wait for one because this eatery is one of the most popular spots in Warsaw. They have some of the best brunch items on their menu including delicious coffee, pastries, tea, sandwiches, and cheesecake.

Kura Restaurant

Whatever you get from the menu at this cafe will be delicious from tea and scones to sandwiches and soft drinks. This is the best place in Warsaw to go for families because they have a menu just for the kids. The location of this restaurant is also special because it is in the middle of a variety of attractions. It feels good to be able to get out of the hotel room and enjoy the city.

SAM Powisle

If you are looking for more than just good food and friendly service in Warsaw, SAM Powisle is one of those restaurants that is a fusion of menu items. It is part deli, part coffee bar, and half bakery so you can get some of each as well as a lot of other options. You can get a great breakfast or lunch no matter what time of day it is. Their granola comes from organic oats and shakshuka comes from free-range chickens.

Bulke Przez Bibulke

You may not be able to pronounce the name, but you can get the menu in English and everything on it is delicious. The ambiance is cozy and with the big windows, you can people watch while you dine. Their great breakfast consists of eggs, bacon, and all the fixings but they also have salads, soups, and sandwiches like tuna on bacon and Julius C with chicken and cheese.

The Cool Cat Restaurant

This one has an easier name so you can at least tell people where in Warsaw you are going. Breakfast here is nothing but a word as they serve American burgers and fries, Middle East tabbouleh, Vietnamese banh mi, and Korean pate. It is also a great place for those who love coffee because they have a variety of coffees from Aeropress to espresso on the menu.

H2 Hygge Warszawa

With its spectacular location right next door to the Warsaw Uprising Museum and Park Wolnosci, this is one of those restaurants that you like to sit at all day just for the view. But H2 also serves some tasty breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner. Whatever you want to eat, you have a pretty good chance of finding it here. Also, the service is fantastic and the menu boasts a large variety of food.

Zielony Niedzwiedz

Want to eat surrounded by lush green parks with a view of the river? Zielony Niedzwiedz is a special restaurant in Warsaw that only serves food made from Polish products. It feels good to enjoy a special meal when everything comes from the location. This is a great place to eat if you are looking for a truly authentic Polish meal with a view of two parks as well as the Vistula River. You may not find pizza on the menu but you sure can find pierogi.

Cafe Bristol

Another one of the excellent restaurants in Warsaw with a view fit for royalty, you can eat right in the shadow of the Presidential Palace at Cafe Bristol. Located in the Hotel Bristol, you can enjoy a Polish breakfast with sausage and eggs or a veggie sandwich from the brunch menu. Don't miss their Cafe Bristol Schnitzel made with veal.

Zachodni Brzeg

Another favorite cafe with an eclectic menu in Warsaw, Zachodni Brzeg serves Middle Eastern cuisine all day long. Right on the riverbank, you can get Turkish pizza with lamb or shrimp, Kofta Izmir, or sweet potato latkes. You can even find bagel with roast beef on the menu and of course, hummus. This restaurant is as gorgeous as the view with a brand new interior.

Swietoszek Tartuffe Restaurant & Bar

Location, location, location. In Warsaw, it is all about the location. As one of the best restaurants on the river, Swietoszek Tartuffe Restaurant and Bar is a cozy place where the menu has pizza for breakfast and pancakes for lunch. Eat your fill of whatever you like while sitting out on the patio. This is especially nice during the summer when it feels good outside.


If you are looking for a more upscale restaurant, Polka features a menu of amazing food prepared by Magda Gessler, who is a famous chef as well as an artist and painter. That means that the view inside is almost as good as the view of the Royal Castle and Vistula River outside. And the Polish dishes you can get on this menu include all sorts of things from duck to sirloin. They also have amazing coffee and desserts.

Warszawa Wschodnia by Mateusz Gessler

Chef Mateusz Gessler calls himself an aficionado of good food from Polish to French in the middle of Warsaw. Try a late brunch menu of dried duck salad, roast veal in boletus sauce, beetroot waffle with goat cheese, or meringue with fruit in strawberry sauce. The menu varies with the seasons but you will always be served something delicious at your pristine table or join others at the bar for a different menu.

Elixir by Dom Wodki

A brunch restaurant with a Michelin recommendation? Only in Warsaw. The location is special too because Elixir by Dom Wodki can be found right next door to the Vodka Museum. It is the first restaurant in the world where all the dishes on the menu are made with vodka. Enjoy a menu of Polish favorites like potato pancakes, dumplings, and stuffed cabbage with a glass of one of their 700 vodkas.

Best Breakfast in Warsaw

Hop on public transit to get wherever you want to go in Warsaw. Whether it's a busy pancake house, a hidden gem cafe, or a restaurant in one of Warsaw's hotels, brunch in Warsaw is something you've got to enjoy at least once! Healthy food like traditional cheeses and fruit may be your favorite, or perhaps you prefer fried eggs and a side of bacon. Typically you don't need reservations for the spots we've suggested, but prepare to maybe line up and wait, while building your appetite at the same time!

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