Where To Find The Best Street Food In Warsaw

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Warsaw is the capital of Poland and its political center as well. This powerful city is the 7th biggest in the whole European Union with 517 square kilometers of space and also home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the Old Town. In this area, you will find the Royal Castle, which served as the residence for Polish Monarchs over several centuries.

Warsaw is also known as the Paris of the North or the Phoenix City, and it is a great place for you to go on vacation. While you are here make sure to explore the different landmarks, museums, shopping centers and activities that the town has to offer.

In Warsaw, you can find great meals in the numerous restaurants, bars and cafes scattered around the city. You can also be on the lookout for terrific street food, sometimes served from a food truck but often found in out of the way shops. Keep reading to find out where you can try the best local fare in the city. Before you make a stop for street food, stow your bags at a luggage storage locker in Warsaw. Eat hands-free to enjoy every bite!

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The Best Street Food Vendors in Warsaw

Viet Street Food Bistro

If your taste buds are craving some authentic Vietnamese cuisine, take a look at the Viet Street Food Bistro. This vendor originally sold from a food truck circulating around the city but eventually found a home in a sit-down space and shop. This eatery has been growing its reputation as the best place for Vietnamese meals and is now the go-to place for many hungry locals and tourists. Some of the meals that you can try include banh mi baguettes or comforting warm bowls of pho.


Keboom! sells good food that is a favorite among the vegan population. The small boxes sold here hold only the best vegan kebabs and other great choices that are quickly becoming a favorite among meat eaters and vegetarians as well. This eatery has two locations, in both Koszyki and Gwardii. Their kebabs are made with fresh lavash that is soft and floury and filled with your choice of substitute meat options and a side of green chili or kimchi.

Fat Cat Chicken Spot

Fat Cat Chicken Spot is one of the Warsaw street food vendors that has a permanent location in an indoor restaurant. Your meals will be served to you like real street food inside small paper boxes so you can sit to eat indoors without missing out on the real street food experience. You can buy some delicious lunch meals here, including chicken wings, drumsticks, and crunchy breaded chicken strips. Each meal is served with a homemade sauce that is unique and compliments the meals well.

Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi

You can't be in Poland and not try the pierogi. Gosciniec Polskie Pierogi serves traditional Polish food like the fried pork cutlet, unforgettable potato pancakes, and the tasty pierogi – try them with bacon topping or with strawberries as a dessert. This crispy fried traditional food pairs well with both sweet and savory. Fried gnocchi and cabbage rolls are must-try dishes too. This street food favorite is also a dog-friendly establishment.


Kura is another chicken spot but is unique from the others with a goal of transforming how you think about and taste chicken. Their modern meals make it one of the best street food restaurants in the city and it promises to offer a completely new experience with friendly staff and good food. This shop sells meals of chicken burgers, wings, chicken strips and other similar choices. Each meal can be bought with a side of fries and sauces, including their popular mango sauce.

Vege Małpa

This local shop sells some of the most creative and tasty vegan and plant-based dishes in Warsaw. Their menu includes meat-free kebabs, kimchi mad-dogs, burgers and more. The unique thing about the food sold here is that everything is so colorful; choose the Big Blue Burger which has a bun that is a vibrant blue color and tastes even better than it looks. If you have to choose one dish, you should try the BBQ Blackout which is made with pickles, roasted onions and vegan bacon all stuffed into a dark black bun.

Ben Bagel

Ben Bagel is by far the best place to buy bagels in the whole city as the ambience of the café is fun and makes a great place for friends to gather. They sell their food from a small deli decorated with neon signs and brick walls. The meals from the menu in this hidden gem eatery are more than just your regular bagels, but are actually very creative and taste delicious. The food is made with all-natural products, like hot bagels filled with kimchi, cheddar, bacon, aioli sauce and roasted onions.

Foodie Rollins

The Foodie Rollins is a small but affordable place to buy some delicious street food perfect for meat lovers. The whole place is casual and well decorated with artistic comic-styled doodles which adds to the experience. There are lots of great meals sold here but one of the best is the P.I.G. porchetta sandwich or the beef flanco taco. They are hoping to get their alcohol license soon so they can start serving great drinks and cocktails with the meals.

Black Real Burgers N'Bar

Out for a night on the town? You can probably guess that Black Real Burgers N'Bar specializes in burger dishes alongside some of your other top street food staples. Other dishes include beef jerky or chicken wings and every meal is sure to impress you. Their restaurant is housed in a unique split-level interior decorated with painted shipping containers and other cool displays. They also sell some great cocktails with panache which gives it a thriving nightlife and is a popular spot for the younger population to gather.

Łowcy Syren

Łowcry Syren has some great fish and seafood options like calamari as well as sandwiches, jerk chicken and Belgian fries. Although the menu is small, the food sold here tastes great and will have you coming back for more. A perk of this street food vendor is that they are located right off the riverfront, so once you grab your food you can sit and relax by the water.

SAS Duck & Chicken

SAS Duck & Chicken is a small and simple street food vendor that sells delicious versions of your favorite duck and chicken meals. Their menu doesn't leave anyone's comfort zone but provides delicious meals like duck confit burgers, turkey brioche, BBQ hot wings and chicken skewers. If you are a picky eater and know exactly what you like, this spot will have something for you.

Where to Find the Best Warsaw Street Food Spots

Food Hall Elektrownia Powiśle

This food hall is a great place to go if you want to try different kinds of food, including street food from Poland. Look for unique eateries and a few bars serving delicious food and drink, including Dim Sum, Indian, American, Turkish, Japanese and Italian cuisine.

Among the restaurants here you will find The Fry selling the best Belgian Fries, Soul Food which has some of the best burgers, Bio Box which has some great healthy food, and Philly's Famous Chicken. If you are coming here to drink you should visit Kandela which has a wide range of alcoholic options, the unique Centrala bar, and Elektryk which specializes in craft beers.

Nocny Market

The Nocny Market was first established in 2016 and houses a large collection of ethnic foods. Visiting this spot is a whole new experience, with an on-site DJ, tattoo shop, and other activities for you to enjoy while trying some of Warsaw's street food. This market is the best place for a late night snack or for anyone who wants to experience Warsaw nightlife.

At this street food night market, you can drink from the Inne Beczki and Hopito breweries and treat yourself to a nice meal from one of the food vendors. On site, you will find El Camino which serves Arizona-style BBQ, Massita's Korean food, Włoski Strajk's Neapolitan pizza, or Bydło i Powidło, which is the perfect spot for meat lovers meals.

Fort 8

Fort 8 is a beautiful location to experience Warsaw's history and cuisine all at once. The goal here is to transform a historic building into a place where locals and tourists can gather to try unique food concepts and meet with friends.

This area, which dates back to the 19th century, has been transformed into a completely different complex where you can eat, shop and learn in the different workshops that are put on. The best eateries in this spot include Garo Sushi, Fort Bistro, Dziurka Od Klucza and Fort Whisky.

Night Market

You can find the Night Market at the Warsaw Central Train Station which serves as a great spot for food lovers to group up and try different meals. This event has some truly savory food available for you to try every Saturday and Sunday.

There are stalls selling meals suitable to every taste, so no matter what you are craving late at night this market should have something for you.

Breakfast Market

Have you woken up with a big hunger? Take a trip to one of the breakfast markets around Warsaw for a filling and satisfying meal. These very popular markets happen every weekend during the summer months and offer a wide range of breakfast and brunch meals.

The vendors here offer gluten-free meals, vegetarian meals and dishes made with organic products too. The best breakfast markets around Warsaw can be found in Mokotów and Żoliborz, although other districts host them as well.

Street Food Festivals in Warsaw

Meals on Wheels

A common occurrence in Warsaw are the Meals on Wheels festivals which happen regularly around the city. At these events, the best street food vendors from around the town gather to serve their best dishes in a friendly competition. Local and tourist attendees can sample different food and drink and the chefs with the best food are given awards by the local newspaper. Visitors can try anything like crêpes, burgers, Asian wontons and sweet desserts. And of course, the famous pierogi!

Warsaw Culinary Festival

You can learn a lot about food at the Warsaw culinary festival and try some great dishes as well. The event sets up different discussion panels with talks from experts, film screenings, demonstrations and workshops dedicated towards cooking and local street food. The topics usually discussed at these festivals include sustainability, healthy food choices and how to create a balanced diet.

Żarcia Na Kółkach

Żarcia Na Kółkach is one of the biggest street food festivals in Warsaw and is located at the National Stadium. The festival officially marks the beginning of food truck season, and usually over a hundred trucks are estimated to show up. Some of the vendors that make an appearance here include Pan Szama, Akita Ramen and Urban burritos, although there are more than just food trucks to enjoy at these festivals. If you are lucky there will be a guest chef appearance offering live cooking and tips.

Trying the Best Local Cuisine in Warsaw

Warsaw has some of the best Polish street food in the country and with such a huge variety of choices you can find something for the whole family to enjoy. Whether you want a vegan meal with fruits and vegetables like mushrooms, cabbage, berries, strawberries and potatoes or you are in the mood for a meaty meal of steak, pork, sausages, bacon or chicken, the street food in this city has something for you.

There are some amazing places to visit if you want to drink too, like the Night Market which has beer, wine and cocktails. You can even find a place for dessert if you have a sweet tooth, or you can meet a friend at a small cafe to grab a coffee. Make sure to stop by for some local produce while you are out on a private tour experiencing the Polish culture and participating in outdoor activities.

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