Where To Find The Best Street Food In York

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Crepes in York

Europe is an amazing place to enjoy street vendor food of all kinds, and York is one of the best places to head for this kind of experience. The street food in York is better than what you will find in many other places in the UK. There are many areas of the city where you can walk from a street food stall right to an outdoor coffee shop!

If you have headed to York to enjoy some retail therapy, you will also want to make sure that you have the right street food picked out. Make sure as well that you store your luggage in York safely so you can have your hands free to have some fun!

If you have stowed your bags, it's time to head out to get the best street food in York!

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Outdoor market in York

The Best Street Food Vendors in York

Shambles Kitchen

This location is one of the original places in York to be served amazing street food of all kinds. This is a place where everything could be described as just a mouthwatering sandwich, and there are vegan options to pick from as well. You can also feed kids with ease at this location since their kid's menu is varied and really well thought-out.

This vendor is located in the Shambles food court area near the vibrant Shambles Market, so there are lots of other really good food shop options here as well if you are not in the mood for a sandwich or vegan and veggie options.

This is one of the most classically York eating experiences that is on offer here and you really should make sure that you stop in here during your time in the area. You will be missing out if you don't give this spot a try and their menu is so interesting and complete that there will be something for everyone here no matter what kind of food they prefer.

The Dark Horse Espresso Bar

This shop is a great place to start your day. You can count on Aussie-style coffee and treats here that will really get your day off on the right foot. Enjoy your drink and your breakfast item at the Shambles Market seating areas, or stop in at the little shop and then walk on to your next adventure. This is one of the best locations for breakfast in the area and you will be missing out if you don't at least check out their menu.

This spot has gluten-free and vegan menu options as well as allpress coffee for your enjoyment. You can get a classic pick-me-up from an espresso or get a sweet coffee confection for anyone in the family. There are items for kids on the menu here as well, so no one in your family will be disappointed in this choice to get your day started on the right foot!

Brew & Brownie

If you have just arrived from York Station, you can head to Brew & Brownie to get delicious allpress coffee, and you can select from a homemade treat menu that covers all of the meals of the day with ease. Brew & Brownie fans will tell you that this is a place that serves exceptional coffee but that you can also get a yummy lunch here.

This is one of the best places for street food in York, and you can walk from here to the York Museum Gardens, food in hand. The location of this spot is key and it is also a really great spot to get your day started with some coffee and pastries. Brew & Brownie has been a local favorite for a long time and you will see why as soon as you stop in.

Bluebird Bakery

If you love a bakery item or have been wanting to pick up some fresh bread, this is a great place to visit. They offer everything from danishes to savory items like their spinach and chickpea rolls. This is a local favorite that makes it easy to get everything that you might have wanted to satisfy any appetite. The salted caramel slices here are really indulgent, and you will love that you can get one of their popular meat sandwiches along with a dessert to go.

You can plan a pretty unforgettable picnic when you stop in here, and there is something for everyone on the menu. Who doesn't love freshly baked goods? They also make a great option to take on one of the best hikes in York.

Henshelwoods Delicatessen

This food vendor is the place to get all the right ingredients for the perfect picnic. This location is right in the center of York's thriving market area, and you will be right by the York city centre. You can select your ingredients ahead of time and just drop in to this location to pick them up. Head out to West Bank Park for your picnic or wander a bit through Shambles Food Court before you find a place to enjoy your meats, cheeses, and desserts in your basket.

Picnic baskets are one of the most European food options that you can enjoy in your travels to York and you should make sure that you give yourself time to properly take part in this tradition. Picking up your meal that has a little bit of everything included is really special and taking the time to enjoy eating while you sit in the park is important. While you can choose to eat and shop or eat and walk, you will miss out on some of what makes the picnic basket experience special if you don't have a proper picnic.

Consider stopping in at Rowntree Park or another lovely outdoor location and just taking in the sights while you eat your lovely meal.

The Hairy Fig

This is a family-run York deli that is famous for its gourmet olives and cheeses, and this is one of York's food businesses that is nestled in the busy Fossgate area. There are many delicious food choices here to enjoy besides delicatessen snacks. There are all kinds of chances to shop local here and there are even family-friendly coffee stop options on this street as well.

This kind of shop has been the backbone of British shop culture for generations, and you will be delighted by the cozy and traditional interior of this lovely local favorite when you drop in. Sandwich shops and delis are almost like general stores here in York, and you will not find their equivalent in many other places.


If you love crepes and galettes, this is going to be your favorite place to stop in for some great food. Forget about a sit-down meal for breakfast! These crepes will fill you up with yummy goodness, and you can walk to the nearest green space or to Shambles Market with your breakfast in hand. This is one of the best places to have crepes, and you should not miss out on their food.

Crepes are a truly delightful food experience, and this is the right place to visit if you are passionate about this breakfast treat. You can get some other breakfast classics on the menu here as well, so crepes are not your only food option when you drop in here. There are few places that will make a crepe this good, and you will be so glad that you planned to stop in here.

Where to Find the Best York Street Food Spots

If you are not sure about what kind of food you want, but you know what general area you will be in during your time in York, you need to know where the best street foods are located. These areas are the best bet for finding a wide range of delicious foods when you are ready for a snack or a meal. The same delicious provisions that you have been enjoying in one part of the city might not be offered in others, so you will want to know where to head for the meal that you have been craving. And if you want to get a better idea of the various neighborhoods of York, check out our guide to where to stay in York.

Shambles Food Court

This area is located within the famous Shambles Market, and you will find everything from fresh and interesting salads here to delicious coffee and pastries. This is also a great place to enjoy the local charm of York without the hustle and bustle of some of the busier areas. You can eat alongside locals here and have some amazing grab-and-go food that you would not be able to get anywhere else.

Take a seat in the small outdoor seating area and enjoy your selected meal in the winter sun, or feel free to wander with your food in hand. Being free to wander and enjoy your food is part of the fun of getting street food for your meal.

Fossgate Street

This is one of the most historic places in the city, and this former Roman road is now a lovely place to look for lunch, breakfast, and a pint. There are pubs and food vendors all along this narrow and charming little street. No matter what time of day you decide to eat, you will find what you are looking for here with ease. This is also a quintessentially British location that will make you feel like you have gone back in time.

Fossgate is one of the best places to head at any time of the day, and you will find that your options are so varied here that it might be tough to pick your favorite one!

The Shambles

The entire length of The Shambles offers access to food stalls and places that sell drinks and coffee. You can get everything from pastries to a sandwich along the length of this street, and you will be right around the corner from places like Dark Horse Espresso Bar. Between Shambles Market and the other small but beautiful delicatessen areas on this street, you will not go hungry when you head here.

Street Food Festivals in York

If you time your visit correctly, you might be in town for the York Food & Drink Festival. This event takes place in the center of York, and you will be able to enjoy local bread, honey, cider, and all kinds of street food during this event. This festival takes place from the end of September through October, which is a lovely time to visit this beautiful city.

This is the biggest food event in the city of York and locals look forward to it all year. After a few years where it was not held, the festival is back better than ever for 2022. Being able to see what the local favorites are while they are on display is really fun, and the festival atmosphere is very contagious. This is a special season to visit York, and you will love that the entire town turns out for this special event.

York is An Amazing Place for Street Food!

If you are planning a trip to York, you need to make sure that you plan to enjoy some of the food on this list. There is no shortage of delightful street food on offer here, and you will be able to get any kind of meal that you wish when you drop into these lovely food vendor streets.

You can enjoy all kinds of fun activities with grab-and-go food in hand or elect to visit a park and just take in the sites. There is nothing not to love about ordering cuisine from these delightful locations during your stay in York. If you want to enjoy a really authentic European eating experience during your visit to the UK, food vendor stalls, need to be at the top of your list of things to try!

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