Wine Tasting in York: 8 Places You Have to Try

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Wine tasting in York

York is a historic city in the north of England that boasts a rich heritage and plenty of things to see and do. The city's narrow streets are lined with medieval buildings, including York Minster, one of the largest Gothic cathedrals in Northern Europe. History buffs will also enjoy exploring the Jorvik Viking Centre, which recreates life in the city during the Viking era.

Beyond its historical attractions, York is also home to a number of museums, art galleries, and other cultural institutions. The National Railway Museum is a must-visit for train enthusiasts, while those looking for something a little different can check out the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.

And if you're just looking to relax and take in the scenery, York's picturesque riverside setting is perfect for a leisurely stroll. And, there are some great shopping opportunities in York to get you spending your pounds.

Although it may not be the first thing that comes to mind, consider adding a wine tasting or two to your York travel itinerary. There are so many wine tastings that you can enjoy with friends or family when you are in York. York city tours are also excellent, so you can easily enjoy amazing wine-tasting events within the city center if you don't want to travel to your wine-tasting. From wine-tasting events that focus just as much on cheese as the wine to locations that offer full-service dining and a pub-like atmosphere, there are so many ways to experience wine in the city of York.

No matter what your wine-tasting plans are, keeping your bags safe is important. Put your luggage in secure storage in York with Bounce so you can have a great time while enjoying the wine country and wine-tasting room locations in this lovely city. You don't want to drag your suitcases with you on a wine tour or into a wine shop, do you?

Once your luggage is in storage, you are ready to make the most of your wine-tasting experiences in York. Having your hands free can make your entire vacation so much more enjoyable and less stressful, particularly if you want to be able to walk around the city and be spontaneous.

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Wine bars in York, UK

Best Wine Tasting Options in York

Wine Tastings With Emma the Wine Lady

If you want to plan a customized wine tasting in York during your stay, let Emma the Wine Lady take care of all of your planning needs! Emma is called the wine lady for a good reason, and she can help you access the finest wines, the most amazing locations that offer wine tasting, and even really great food like cheese tasting experiences. You will enjoy an amazing wine tasting in York with the help of Emma, who has globally recognised wine qualifications, and you will be treated to an experience that you cannot get by just dropping into a wine bar.

Emma's tastings are also always private, so you will enjoy full access to the Wine Lady and her skills for the cost of your booking. Plan to spend most of a day on this wine-tasting adventure to get the most out of the experience for your money.


Various, depending on your specific tour.

Pairings Wine Bar

If you are a certified wine lover, this wine bar is the right place for you to plan your wine-tasting experience. They not only can help demystify wine for those who haven't already learned about how to make the most of a tasting. They also offer fine wine varieties for experienced wine connoisseurs and some of the best cheese and meat platters in the city. You can count on excellent service here and access to a wide array of wines that you can try in flights or even enjoy by the glass.

This location is also a hop and a skip from the Jorvik Viking Center, which is well worth your time and might be the first thing that you do with your day before heading to a delightful wine tasting at Pairings.


28 Castlegate, York

Where to go wine tasting in York

Yorkshire Heart Vineyard

This lovely vineyard is not far from the heart of York, and it is one of the best places to head for wine tastings in York and for a really engaging and enjoyable vineyard tour. The location is also home to a brewery, so your friends and family who love beer will be in heaven when you come here for a wine tasting. Be sure that you make time to stop in at the local village of Nun Monkton, between Harrogate and York, when you are done with your wine tasting here. This is a lovely area of the UK, and you should not miss out on local hidden gems like this small but beautiful old town.

The Yorkshire Heart Vineyard also allows camping. Anyone who wants to backpack around the area near York or go to events in the surrounding cities will be glad they do. This is one of the best places to try various kinds of wines, and you will love everything about your experience here.


Pool Lane Nun Monkton, York

Cave du Cochon

This is a really nice restaurant if you want to try a wide array of wines alongside some fusion dishes and things like pizza. The menu here is varied, which can make this an ideal stop for those who are visiting York and want to try wines without having to sacrifice their meal plans at the same time. If you love wine and cheese, you will be thrilled with their starter boards, and you can also try some really great wines included in their suggested pairings to make your planning easier.

Enjoy your wine by the glass or ask about wine flights if you want to have more of a wine tasting experience rather than a dining experience. The staff here are very nice and helpful, and they can assist you in getting the right wines and the right food for your unique tastes.


19 Walmgate, York

York wine bars

2 Many Wines - Wine Bar Wine Shop

This location does it all, and you can come in here for a scheduled wine tasting with a guide or just to guide your own tasting while you have a delicious meal. You can also pop in just to buy a bottle of your favorite wine or champagne and then head back to your rented room to enjoy your drinks in a relaxed environment. This is a family-owned shop, and you will get great service here and access to many different wine varieties. There really might be too many wines to choose from on the menu here, but you can ask the helpful staff for advice about the right wines to go with your cheese and other snacks or your meal.

Some people also pop in here for coffee and breakfast on select days, so you might want to give this location a try to get your morning started before you come back at night for an unforgettable wine tasting.


3 Bishopthorpe Rd, York


This location offers really fun tasting events, and you can usually catch something of this nature when you are in town unless it is the dead of winter. You will be treated to pairings of delightful wines and sometimes even champagne, along with locally-sourced cheese and meat, and other snacks. This is also a really good place to pop in and just try out a bunch of wines on a whim as well. The staff here are helpful and very interested in their jobs, and you can easily try wines you might never have had access to before.

This location might open up a whole new world of wine that you have never been able to drink before, and you might find a new favorite blend or winery when you stop in. This location is open in the afternoon, and at night, so you can easily stop by or make a reservation for a private tasting during these hours. You might run into limited parking nearby, so you might want to just take a rideshare to get to this lovely little spot.


98 Main St, Fulford, York

Wine tasting tours in York

Love Cheese

For those who love cheese, this is the best place to head for a wine and cheese adventure. This location is nestled inside a beautiful little shop with a lovely traditional feeling, and the interior is cozy, comfortable, and inviting. The staff are incredibly good at their jobs, and you will be treated to incredible and unique cheese varieties and wine pairings made to go with them. While the cheese might be the star of the show here, the wines they offer at this location are excellent and perfectly selected for the cheese you will be trying.

If you don't want to risk missing out, make a reservation in advance here. There are few places in the city that will offer you access to these unique and rare cheeses, and you might also find that you have discovered a new wine or two to add to your own cheese and meat platters when you get back home.


16 Gillygate, York

Oscar's Wine Bar & Bistro

This charming wine bar and bistro is located a few minutes from York's Chocolate Story, which is another fun thing you might want to check out while you are in town. You can enjoy the tour and the chocolate at the Chocolate Story shop, then head down the way to have your lunch or dinner at Oscar's. This location offers you access to a cozy and comfortable space with great service and a really extensive wine list. They also have lots of great comfort foods on the menu, or you can go the healthy route and pick from an array of fresh salads to pair with your decadent wine choices.

If you are not in the mood for a full meal, just select from the meat and cheese starters and watch the world go by outside the shop as you sip your wine. This is one of the best little shops and restaurants in this part of the city, and you will not be let down by your time here enjoying wine and a great meal. You will also be a stone's throw from many of the best things to do in York, so you can choose when you want to put this lovely stop on your schedule during a fun day.


27 Swinegate, York

York city wine tasting tours


If you don't have a full week or more to spend in York, don't fret! You can easily have a great time in York over a long weekend. Check out our guide to 3 days in York if you want to make the most of your limited time in the city. Just remember to squeeze in at least one or two wine tastings into the schedule because if you love wine, you will have a great time in York. From tasting room locations to places that are made for those who love cheese, there is no shortage of unique and fun ways to make the most of your wine adventures in this city.

And don't forget that storing your luggage with Bounce first makes your whole trip a whole lot easier!

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