Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In York

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Shopping in York

Shopping in York is a really special experience. This is one of the oldest cities in England and it offers historical charm as well as lots of great shopping and food experiences to enjoy. This is a city that has survived many of the worst tragedies of English history as well as the ravages of the Second World War.

If you have come to York to visit and enjoy all that it has to offer you, make sure that you drop off your luggage in storage to keep them safe during your visit to York. This is one of the safest cities in England, but you do not want to be dragging luggage with you as you take in the sights and the high street stores of this lovely English city.

If you have stored your bags, you are ready to start your shopping adventure and there is a lot to choose from as soon as you start exploring.

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Street in York, England

Parliament Street

This lovely street is right at the center of York and offers you access to historical sites as well as gift shops and independent shops. This area is confined to foot traffic only, which makes shopping here really enjoyable and Parliament Street offers you full access to the city centre. Visit Marks & Spencer or enjoy a stop-in at stores and cafes of all kinds here.

Parliament Street is the high street in York and this means that the location is both historical and modern all at once. There is no shortage of things to see and do here and the food options are really convenient. There is something for everyone on this street and in this shopping area and you will be glad that you took the time to drop in here.

This is an area that lets you know that you are in the UK and you will love that you can get access to everything from luxury handmade chocolates to scarves and hats here. This location is near one of the best shopping opportunities in York as well, which we will discuss next.

Shambles Market

This shopping in York experience is quintessentially European. There are 70 or more stalls that offer the perfect retail therapy for those who are looking for the perfect gift and the right enjoyable winding streets and outdoor shopping centre feel. Come here to visit really fun local favorites like The Shop That Must Not be Named and independent businesses that sell everything from vintage clothing to handmade goods.

This is a wonderful place to visit specialist stores of all kinds and the free entry to the area is a really nice benefit of choosing this kind of shopping park experience. You can enjoy live music here as well as that high street feel that you have been looking for. Shambles is a really special location that also offers some really great street food and a fun and very European environment. The energy on this street is very local without being boring.

Grabbing a quick bite or a coffee and walking around this area can be really enjoyable and you will be wise to consider starting your day here if you want breakfast that you can take with you as you shop. This can be the perfect jumping-off place for your shopping adventures as well as your food adventures for the day.

Old street in York

Coney Street

This street is adjacent to Shambles Market and offers some bigger and more common retail brands for your shopping needs. This is a nice balance for your shopping needs if you want to pick up a unique gift as well as something that you can save a little money on. Coney Street is so close that many people consider this part of the Shambles Market shopping experience, but the tone of the two streets is definitely different.

Being able to get a few items that do not need to be custom-made can be simple when you stop into this side of the shopping area near Shambles Market. You will probably not need to go around the corner to check out Coney Street, but it can be good to know that there are some major retailers available for your needs nearby.

York Designer Outlet

This is a really lovely designer outlet that offers you access to quality shopping of all kinds. You can save as much as 50 or 60% when you shop here and you will love that you are able to access this 35,000 square foot mall within the historical city walls. This is a shopping park but it does not really feel like one.

This location has a really nice kid's playground, food options, and sometimes hosts special events as well. This is a great shopping location for big brands of all kinds and you will love that you can enjoy year-round shopping here too. The York Designer Outlet location is beautiful as well which is a really enjoyable addition to the shopping experience here.

Coppergate Shopping Centre

If you love the idea of little shopping alleys that are located near to the center of the city, you need to stop in here. This little alley hidden away within the streets in York offers access to art stores and other local shopping that you cannot enjoy when you are visiting high street favorites. You will love that you can shop for clothing as well as other kinds of retail here.

This is the home of the Jorvik Viking Centre where you can have a Viking experience and Old St. Mary's Church. Visiting the little boutiques here will feel like you have turned back time and decided to shop in the historical past of York. If you have made the time to stop in at Jorvik Viking Centre, the whole experience will make you nostalgic for the York of old!

Shopping here is a really special experience and you will be glad that you made the small trip to stop in here during your time in this beautiful part of England.

Street in York


This location is one of the most historical areas in the center of the city and it is a direct walk from York Station to get here. This city looks much like it always has and you will have easy access to explore the York Armory from here when you get done shopping. This location offers everything from Betty's Tea Room to boutiques that sell local wares and jewelry. This is also a great place to enjoy the best food that York has to offer.

You can use this stop as a warm-up before you head over to visit York Minster. This is a beautiful historical location that offers gifts and more and you will love that you can shop all day here and have a yummy lunch all in the same area. This location is packed with great things to do and you will love that there is a store for everything here.

Monks Cross Shopping Park

This is another large shopping mall-style shopping experience that offers you the chance to buy everything from accessories to clothing boutiques and more. There are some food options within the mall but you can also wrap up your shopping and head to the city centre for a delicious meal.

Mall shopping can be the perfect experience for some people and you will probably find every major retailer here for your enjoyment. This location is also near Vangarde Shopping Park and is known for its high-end shopping options. If you love major retail shops for your shopping needs, you will want to take the time to stop at both of these local favorites. And it's accessible by public transport if you're wondering how to get around York.

Street in York at night

Murton Sunday Market

This shopping opportunity is held at the York Auction Center. You will find that this is another really fun local buying experience and there are locals selling everything from handmade goods to antiques here. This shopping experience is located in one of the older buildings in the city and you will love the busy market fair experience here.

This is technically what UK residents call, "a car boot sale" which means that independent shops sell alongside locals just trying to get rid of their sofa that they don't need anymore. You will love that this atmosphere is both like Shambles Market and not. If you love meeting people who actually live in the city that you are visiting, this market is the place to visit.

If you want to explore a real farmer's market where you can buy vegetables and flowers as well as gifts, this is the perfect experience for your visit. There are many places in Europe that will offer you local shopping experiences like this, and you can always find special experiences like this if you are wanting to take them in. There are amazing shopping experiences like this in every major city in Europe, whether it is York or Venice that you are visiting.

Bishy Road

Bishopthorpe Road, referred to by locals as Bishy Road, is a local shopping location that you can opt to visit during your time visiting York. There are florists, butchers shops and more here, and you will be able to get everything from gifts to food and coffee here. This is a great place for local crafts and that at-home feeling that comes with shopping at most market locations.

While locals are more likely to know about this shopping opportunity than tourists, this is a great place to stop while you are in York to make sure that you do not miss out on the things that make this part of the UK so special. High street shopping is special too but there is something about taking the time to visit the shops here that is magical and lets you know just where you are.

Clifton Moor Shopping Park

This is a strip mall that offers lots of unique shopping that is more basic and more chain store-focused. You can get everything from home goods and hardware here to clothes and shoes. There are even fishing stores here and a music shop! This is a location that is not as easy to get to without a ride in a car, so consider getting a ride share or a cab to bring you over to this location.

This kind of shopping is not as unique as what you will find in other parts of the city but it can be very useful if you need some practical items and don't want to have to struggle to find them at local boutiques. You can also enjoy a movie here at the theater or go bowling if you want to break up your day with some classic fun.

Picturesque street in York

York is a City Full of Shopping Opportunities

From high street favorites to local car boot sales that offer access to craft goods, there is shopping for everyone in this beautiful city. York is full of history and beauty and it has the right shops for every kind of retail therapy need. You can choose to add local tourist experiences to your shopping day and you can trust that every little boutique that you stop in at will have handmade items that are made by York locals.

The country outside of London is just as special as the big city and you might even love your time here more than your time in the big city. York is a little-known gem in England and the shops are only part of what makes it so special. If you have come here, you will want to consider staying in one of the local B&Bs or hotels and really seeing all that York can offer you during your stay. You will not regret a moment of your time in this beautiful city.

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