Zürich Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich, located in the north of Switzerland, is known worldwide as a center of banking and finance. But there's a lot more to this pretty lakeside town than big business. As one of Switzerland's biggest cities, Zürich has a wealth of cultural institutions and attractions. Its Old Town is known as one of the prettiest in Switzerland. And the clear cold waters of Lake Zürich at the city's doorstep, not to mention the surrounding Alps, make it a great place for sports enthusiasts to visit.

Zürich has been occupied since Roman times, so there's plenty to interest history buffs. It also has some of the best restaurants and nightlife in the country. With excellent transportation links to the rest of Switzerland and to other European destinations, Zürich is a place well worth adding to your vacation itinerary. Drop off your heavy bags at a Zürich luggage storage service and start exploring.

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Zürich, Switzerland

8 Best Ways to Experience Zurich in 2024

With its reputation as a business destination, it is easy to overlook some of the tourist attractions in this city. Built on the banks of Lake Zurich, it has effortlessly managed to combine its historical roots with its modern infrastructure. 

Traversed by the stunning River Lammat and cram-packed with galleries and museums, you get to choose from indoor culture diving to outdoor exploration. Don't let extra luggage hinder your adventure. Bounce luggage storage facilities are convenient and affordable, so lose those bags and discover Zurich.

Best off the Beaten Track Tours – Wow Zurich

This is a company keen to expose their clients to parts of the city that they might not see on a more traditional guided tour. Whether it be walking the ancient cobbled streets of the old town, gliding on the river, or dangling from a cable car, Wow Zurich have found ways to amaze you that other tours simply don’t consider. Their local guides will show you the real Zurich and avoid the tourist bubbles.

Wow Zurich was tours both in the city and further afield and are happy to discuss customized tours to suit specific needs. Call them on 4176-6708-8880 or email them at tours@wowzurich.com

Best Day Tours of Zurich – Gray Line Zurich

With its own fleet of luxury coaches to carry you in comfort, this company has a range of tours for you to choose from. They offer full-day tours and city excursions, but they also have tours that will take you further afield so that you can explore some of that pristine Alpine countryside that Switzerland is so famed for.

Whether you want to join a regular tour or you prefer to put together something a little different, Gray Line Zurich is a company you should talk to. Email them on meier@meiertours.ch or call on 4144-3837-878

Best Financial History Tour – Gnomes of Zurich

A tour of a city’s financial district isn’t one that might pop immediately to mind, but when you think about it, in Zurich it makes perfect sense. This is a city famed the world over for its banking arrangements, and it stands to reason that there must be some fascinating stories behind both the banks and some of the clients that they support.

On this 90-minute walking tour, an experienced compliance expert will let you in on some of the financial world’s most fascinating secrets. To find out more and to book your place on a tour call 4179-4793-037 or email at sales@gnomesofeurope.ch

Best Bird’s Eye View of Switzerland – MountainoClock

This is one to get your adrenalin flowing. MountainoClock are paragliding experts who specialize in floating across the Swiss skyline. They meet their clients in Zurich and then whisk them off to destinations from where they can take to the skies. Under the right wind conditions, you might find yourself on a tandem flight over the city itself, but there are many other breath-taking flights to consider. 

If you are feeling fearless, call them on 4178-6743-844 or email them at info@mountainoclock.com

Best TukTuk Tours of Zurich – e TukTuk 

If you are looking for a fun way to explore this enchanting city, then the tuk-tuk is the mode of transport for you. These nippy little vehicles can carry four passengers and a driver, and they are happy to show you around Zurich. If you want a tour of Switzerland's famous chocolate factories, to dive into a food extravaganza, or just would like to experience the city in a unique way, eTukTuk can turn your adventure into one filled with laughter.

Book a tuk by emailing them at booking@etuktuk.ch or call them on 4144-5143-344

Best Historical Tours of Zurich – Der Nachtwanderer

It can be easy to associate Switzerland with banking and then overlook some of the hundreds of years of history that have taken place there. This is a city filled with cobbled streets and ancient fortifications and they all have a story behind them. Der Nachtwanderer are experts on Zurich, its history, and its architecture. Let them share their passion and guide you to the secrets of Zurich.

To find out more, call 4178-4009-075 or email them at sales@dernachtwanderer.blog

Best Swiss Hikes – Myswisspanorama

For the ardent outdoor enthusiast, even the delights of Zurich are sometimes going to be dampened by a desire to set foot into some of the stunning countryside that surrounds the city. When you book a hike with this company, you are placing yourself in the hands of an environmental expert who is happy to do all of the planning so that your hike is a perfect one. They can arrange private hikes and cater to all levels of fitness.

Choose hikes near to Zurich or let them take you deeper into the heart of the countryside by emailing them at tripadvisor@myswisspanorama.com or by calling 4177-5338-496

Best Matterhorn Tours – Amazing Swiss Trips

The Matterhorn is arguably one of the most famous mountains in the world. It also happens to be surrounded by stunningly beautiful Alpine countryside where you will experience real Swiss life and culture. This company can collect you in Zurich and then transport you high into the mountains where some of the most wonderful Swiss gems lie hidden.

If you would like a knowledgeable and amusing guide to open up Switzerland to you then call 4178-9008-737 or email at contact@amazingswisstrips.com

A weekend in Zurich

From the moment you arrive in Zurich, you will see what makes the city so special. The scenery is postcard perfect, and the old town exudes charm. A couple of days in the city will by no means exhaust everything it has to offer, but it will allow you to see some of the top attractions.

  • Lake Zürich is an attraction all by itself. Take a walk along the scenic Promenade of the east shore to enjoy views out over the dazzling water. Visitors to Zürich have been strolling this path since the nineteenth century, and many of the city's grandest buildings are along the waterfront, making for an incredibly scenic place to visit.
  • Zürich's Altstadt, or Old Town, is renowned for its beauty. Unlike most European countries, Switzerland has largely stayed out of the many wars that have shaped the continent, meaning its historic buildings are incredibly well-preserved. A walk through the Old Town is a stroll through centuries of Swiss history.
  • Get an unrivaled view of the city from Uetliburg. This mountaintop provides incredible views of the surrounding Swiss countryside and is easily reached via train from the center of the city. Drop off your bags at a Zürich luggage locker and scale this magnificent peak.

Zurich lockers

With its ancient city center and excellent transit links, Zürich is a city best explored on foot. You can make things easier on yourself by dropping off your unneeded bags at a Zürich suitcase storage before you go wandering. Knowing your belongings are safely looked after while you explore will be a load off your mind as well as off your back.


Zürich certainly gets plenty of tourists from around Europe and beyond. Everyone goes to the lake, the Cathedral, and up the mountain. But the city also has some lesser-known places where you can escape from the crowds. Try some of these underrated gems.

  • Take a hair-raising ride up the mountain of Adlisberg. A tiny train has been climbing the steep slope to a grand hotel since 1895. At times, the incline is almost 20 percent, and the journey can be a little nerve-racking. You'll be rewarded with sweeping views over the city.
  • Ancient meets modern at the church of Fraumunster. Founded in the ninth century, most of the building dates back to the twelfth and fifteenth centuries, although it is possible to access the crypt to see some of the original structure of the church. However, some of the windows in the church were designed in 1970 by artist Marc Chagall, combining the very old with the cutting edge of modern art.
  • Niederdorf, known as Dorfli to locals, is one of the city's most exciting neighborhoods. Cars are banished from the cobblestone streets, and it's an enchanting place to wander and drift in and out of trendy shops and businesses. At night, it turns into one of the city's top entertainment districts. It's the place to see how Zürich's young and trendy population live.
Lake Zürich, Switzerland

What to do alone in Zurich

Zürich is a great place to visit alone. Very safe and often frequented by business travelers, no one bats an eyelid at someone dining alone in a restaurant or visiting an attraction solo. Whatever brings you to Zürich, you'll find plenty to keep you occupied by yourself.

  • Take a cruise along the river Limmat that bisects the city. This is the best way to see some of Zürich's most impressive buildings, and a knowledgeable guide will explain the significance of what you're seeing while you sit back and enjoy the ride.
  • The Swiss National Museum contains exhibits and artifacts that tell the whole story of Switzerland from prehistoric times to the modern-day. You'll see some of the country's archaeological and artistic treasures in this grand institution, and you could easily spend a day or more wandering the halls.
  • Fans of soccer can't miss the FIFA World Football Museum. Opened in 2016, this state-of-the-art institution tells the story of the world's most popular sport. Interactive exhibits ensure you won't be bored for a minute, and even if you're not a soccer fan, you may come away with a new appreciation of the game.

The best souvenirs in Zurich

Zürich is a shopping paradise. The Bahnhofstrasse is the city's main shopping street and is one of the most expensive in the world. Prada, Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and other top fashion houses can be found here. You'll also find the famous Sprungli café and confectionery store, which makes a great place to pick up expensive but exquisite chocolates to take home. Of course, Switzerland is also famous for watchmaking, and Les Ambassadeurs on Bahnhofstrasse has an incredible selection. For something a little kitschier, visit Teddy's Souvenir Shop and pick up a cuckoo clock to remind you of your Swiss trip.

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