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Ragazze molto gentili e disponibili. Posizione ottima, se si vuole rimanere in centro

Marta PocciBounce usato presso Varsavia1 month ago
Photo of Warsaw

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Alexander Kruchkov
Bounce usato presso Varsavia20 days ago

Great place in the center of Warsaw, had a great experience with keeping our luggage there.

Julius Jorudas
Bounce usato presso Varsavia1 month ago

It went great! The wait was very minimal, the employee was very kind and sweet. The luggage is fine too, nothing bad happened. Would use it again!

Tony Barron
Bounce usato presso Varsavia2 months ago

The man was so nice and helpful! Highly recommend this place 👍🏽

Kelly Stec
Bounce usato presso Varsavia3 months ago

We had 11 bags among six of us trying to visit the Christmas markets before our flight, and the lovely counter worker made it all work despite a tiny storage room! Be aware that the elevator is a bit strange going upstairs, but I would use them again

Lucia Sánchez
Bounce usato presso Varsavia3 months ago

Localización muy buena y sobretodo la dependienta fue muy amable , recomiendo mucho este lugar

Jessica Tremper
Bounce usato presso Varsavia4 months ago

Very easy to get to and use, the staff was lovely

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