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Very great service. Luggage was stored safely. Definitely recommend

Darcy JonesUżyto Bounce w Singapur13 days ago
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8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Użyto Bounce w Singapur2 months ago

The staff were amazing and we’re ready for us when we got there to take care of our bags. Going to the restaurant on foot was not too bad a walk,but I’d take a grab if you have large suitcases. Getting back we were able to collect all our luggage with no issues at all. Thank you so much for the friendly hospitality.

Li Xin Khoo
Użyto Bounce w Singapur2 months ago

They will store your bags in a small room, looks safe to me but better have your bags locked. Shop is on the 4th floor but there are lift and escalator.

Użyto Bounce w Singapur4 months ago

Very easy process to drop off and collect later. Gave us a whole day without the worry of what to do with the luggage. Will definitely recommend to my friends

Cole Mino
Użyto Bounce w Singapur4 months ago

Friendly front desk guy. The storage is admittedly just a room full of bags with tags and a person at the front desk verifying, but it seemed secure enough for what it is.

Ryan N Barrett
Użyto Bounce w Singapur6 months ago

Easy, safe and efficient. Initially, we were a little concerned about leaving our bags in a small store room in a book store for 5 weeks, but the friendly staff assured us they would look after the bags and when we came back to pick them up 5 weeks later there they were as good as we had left them. Will definitely use Basheer Graphic Books again.

Guho Kim
Użyto Bounce w Singapur6 months ago

Really good experience! It is necessary to traveler like me. Thanks good service.

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