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The purple store was fun. All the staff was great. Super friendly and convenient.

Mike GallowayUżyto Bounce w Seattle13 days ago
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8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Lilian Nguyen
Użyto Bounce w Seattle1 month ago

Really easy, convenient, and the staff were really nice!

Aika Ota
Użyto Bounce w Seattle2 months ago

The staffs were so kind and nice! Thanks for everything

Alan Murray
Użyto Bounce w Seattle3 months ago

Amazing, saved my life, streets are slippery with ice and thankfully didn’t have to walk about with my suitcase. Would use again highly recommend.

Colton R Emel
Użyto Bounce w Seattle3 months ago

First time using the service, and it was better than I expected. Leaving my personal luggage somewhere seemed weird, but the staff at green tortoise put our luggage in a locked room with a bag tag. There are two flights of stairs, but it was very convenient and quick to drop off and pick up our luggage.

Conor Mckeown
Użyto Bounce w Seattle3 months ago

Centrally located. Easy check in and check out. First time using the service. Was a bit sceptical but it worked out really well.

Troy Hedrich
Użyto Bounce w Seattle3 months ago

Super simple procedure. Paid on line. Showed the cashier a pike grocery, he wrote my name on a piece of paper and stuck it to my bag . Hid my bag under a counter and whe i picked up the bag i showed him my i.d and he gave me my bag back.

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