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Your staff was excellent, and made my experience in your store so much better. Your staff deserve all the pay raises you can possibly afford, as their impeccable service and kindne...

Thomas R BluteUżyto Bounce w Seattle4 days ago

10 000+ sprawdzonych lokalizacji, w których Twój bagaż będzie bezpieczny

Maria Felix
Użyto Bounce w Seattle19 days ago

Great place to store bag. Right across from the needle. Walking distance to the market. Very friendly staff

Maria Villalobos G
Użyto Bounce w Seattle25 days ago

Tha staff was super friendly. Easy process to drop off/pick up my bags!

Tiffany L Frederick
Użyto Bounce w Seattle1 month ago

Easy and efficient drop off and pick up. A great location close to Seattle center. Friendly and helpful staff.

Barbara Sandoval
Użyto Bounce w Seattle1 month ago

Super easy and convenient!! And right next to Seattle center so you can enjoy some tourist attractions nearby

Gregory Baker
Użyto Bounce w Seattle1 month ago

Great location. Friendly staff. I felt safe leaving my bags here.

Kyle Lindstrom
Użyto Bounce w Seattle1 month ago

Chill spot to drop the bags with great access to downtown. They have a secure staff closet where they stash the bags. Two little 4 step stair flights to get up but they were no worries. The guy was laid back and helpful.

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Gdziekolwiek się znajdujesz - błyskawicznie wyszukuj pobliskie punkty, w których możesz zostawić swoje bagaże.