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I’ve left here my luggage for a week and I had no surprises when I came back. 24h place, nice people and perfect location

Giorgia De MolinerUżyto Bounce w Chicago12 days ago
Photo of Chicago

8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Anthony Coglianese
Użyto Bounce w Chicago19 days ago

Helpful folks who were really interested in Bounce.

Caitlyn Prentice
Użyto Bounce w Chicago23 days ago

Super friendly people! Bags were taken in the back in a secure location!

Nikyta Polyak
Użyto Bounce w Chicago1 month ago

Centrally located spot, really friendly staff and quick drop-off and pick-up process! Will remember the location for my next trip.

Melanie L Montemayor
Użyto Bounce w Chicago1 month ago

Great location to store my things at. They were very nice and quick with their service.

Caroline Plott
Użyto Bounce w Chicago1 month ago

Needed bag storage coming into Chicago union station but train station storage was out of service. This is close to the station, well priced, stored in protected area, and very fast service. Thanks for making our brief stay in Chicago lighter! Will use this service again.

Joaquin Peralta
Użyto Bounce w Chicago1 month ago

The people there are awesome, they are really kind and nice, they took care of the 🧳. For some people, it can look like a simple store, but the people there make a real difference to us 👌. Also, they have great chicago style 🌭.

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