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Friendly and professional staff. Clean and secure store. Checked all details thoroughly. Great location for shopping.

Lisa SmithUżyto Bounce w Manchester16 days ago
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8000 miejsc sprawdzonych pod kątem bezpieczeństwa Twojego bagażu

Heather White
Użyto Bounce w Manchester1 month ago

Quick & friendly service. Great location between Piccadilly and Victoria stations.

Octavio Nicolás Samonta
Użyto Bounce w Manchester1 month ago

Wonderful attention. They were worried because I arrived with an ominous mood (I was having a very very bad day) and later give some references to go where I want. Thanks

Miss L Reay
Użyto Bounce w Manchester2 months ago

Great safe service and so easy to use. Staff really friendly. Thank you!

Laura Parker
Użyto Bounce w Manchester3 months ago

Very efficient, very quick, no fuss, nice blokes running the shop. Would highly recommend this as it’s a v short walk from the train station - and much cheaper than the left luggage there, which is not working either

Justine Oregan
Użyto Bounce w Manchester3 months ago

Great concept. Easy process - certainly be using again!

Xin Xian Ng
Użyto Bounce w Manchester3 months ago

Extremely near Piccadilly Station and swift process

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