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Super easy to deal with these guys. Very friendly and professional. Some may find them a little hard to find, but I can assure you they are there on the lower level of the station....

Tomos LukerUżyto Bounce w Florencja3 days ago

10 000+ sprawdzone lokalizacje, w których Twój bagaż będzie bezpieczny

Deena Samir Dakroury
Użyto Bounce w Florencja2 days ago

They are very friendly and helpful highly recommended

Regine Abel
Użyto Bounce w Florencja3 days ago

What an awesome service. They safely kept our 4 bags while my cousin and I went traipsing around Rome for a few days and it took minutes to get our bags back in the same perfect condition we left them. Highly recommended

Sara M De Andres Agustin
Użyto Bounce w Florencja3 days ago

Super easy and fast, both for leaving the bags in the center of Florence, and for retrieving them.

Katrina Kubicek
Użyto Bounce w Florencja3 days ago

Totally professional and helpful! First time using Bounce and it was so simple.

Julia Tauskela
Użyto Bounce w Florencja4 days ago

So easy. So helpful. Even called a taxi for us. Very grateful for the great service. Highly recommend!

Lori Llarena
Użyto Bounce w Florencja4 days ago

Excellent location in the heart of Firenze. The staff was very kind and quick to store and retrieve our bags.

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Gdziekolwiek się znajdujesz - błyskawicznie wyszukuj pobliskie punkty, w których możesz zostawić swoje bagaże.