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Use of the Bounce tags would be helpful and more secure. Also having a better storage space (such as a locker) instead of placing bags in a common office room.

JobearUżyto Bounce w San Francisco7 days ago
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Ponad 9000 sprawdzonych punktów, bezpiecznie przechowujących Twoje bagaże

Lucas Ariel Saud
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco10 days ago

Everything was great. At first we went to other Bounce spots but we didn’t feel really secure. Then we found this spot at Hotel Caza and everything went great.

William Winter
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco11 days ago

I forgot something out of one of my bags. They got my bag back out for me no problem. Also let me use the bathroom. Thanks, Yotel!!

Vignesh L Vanchinathan
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco11 days ago

This was my first time using the bounce service, and these guys made it super easy. seemed pretty safe too

Bruno Fernandez
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco12 days ago

It was pretty simple. The hotel is near downtown so just be wary of people sleeping on 7th street. They were very fast and attentive.

Kate Armstrong
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco12 days ago

Really smooth process which made our day much easier

Benjamín Ramos
Użyto Bounce w San Francisco23 days ago

Friendly staff, and everything was perfectly stored. The store is only steps away from Muni stops, so this is a perfect spot to "bounce" your luggage and keep moving.

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