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Very kind staff and easy process, would leave my luggage here again.

Emanuel BarthUsou a Bounce em Tóquio1 day ago

+10.000 locais revistos para manteres a tua bagagem segura

Estelle Lancon
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio1 day ago

rapide et safe. J'ai laissé deux baggages dont mon ordinateur.

Sara Z Shulgach
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio2 days ago

Very friendly and helpful host! Very good sake too! Highly recommend!

Annika Herbig
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio6 days ago

Easy handling. With the description good to find.

Lauren M Lim
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio8 days ago

Directions were clear and hand off of luggage was easy! It was nice not having to worry about the extra luggage during the rest of our trip.

Cynthia L Stokes
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio8 days ago

Storage here worked exactly as advertised. I showed up several hours before my original pickup time and they had no problem with that. My only difficulty was that discerning which store this was (there are many) was hard for this non-Japanese speaker/reader. Use the Japanese name sent with the email to ask where it is if you can’t find it. The name isn’t printed in English at the store,and others in the building don’t know it by the English name given.

Filip Cygan
Usou a Bounce em Tóquio10 days ago

Everything went great, but it was very hard to find the shop...

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