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It was very useful, my items were stored easily and collecting them was easy too, they even allowed me to relax in the lobby briefly

Humzah ShaikhUsou a Bounce em Banguecoque7 days ago

+10.000 locais revistos para manteres a tua bagagem segura

Som Saichumdee
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque14 days ago

A little hard to find but the neighbours were a huge help, after that everything was very smooth and simple. Would use again!

Jocelyn Chua
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque28 days ago

Good service and friendly host. Easy to drop luggage and go. It is about a 5-7 minutes walk Phetchaburi station and 10 mins walk to Makkasan station that leads to the airport. Very convenient!

Pedro Manuel Gómez Gimenez
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque1 month ago

experiencia muy buena, la cafetería preciosa y los dueños muy atentos y confiables (:

Julian B
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque2 months ago

Easy to find and super friendly people :) also cute hostel

Adam Povey
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque5 months ago

Very accommodating and a pleasure to leave my bags in their trustworthy hands. Very close to train stations make it very handy!

Maria I Casas De Cano
Usou a Bounce em Banguecoque6 months ago

Cuidaron bien mi equipaje y la entrega fue rápida y fácil.

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