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No problems leaving and picking up my luggage, very helpuful service

Alberto J QuintanaВоспользовался Bounce в Калгари2 months ago
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9 000+ проверенных мест, чтобы твой багаж был в безопасности

Silvia Paulina Barrientos Medina
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари1 hour ago

Personal muy amable, la ubicación es bastante centrica

Lucy Goodman
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари7 months ago

Very friendly and helpful staff in Calgary. All worked fine.

Kris Kennedy
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари7 months ago

Convenient location close to downtown Calgary. Friendly staff. All round pleasant experience

Eileen Chen
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари8 months ago

Sew Passion Inc took good of my luggage. Thank you!

Solveig Hanson
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари8 months ago

Thank you for your prompt service and friendliness when I dropped off and picked up my luggage. I'm very glad Calgary has a service like this.

Simone Edwards
Воспользовался Bounce в Калгари9 months ago

Was really easy, convenient and whole experience was pleasant from start to finish. Would definitely recommend to others as it made our day much pleasant being able store our bags for the day. I would your google reviews as it made us skeptical this existed at all.

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