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Very easy to locate store near Northeastern Univ campus. Friendly clerks who allowed us to get items from bag and drop off souvenirs. Only issue is safety - the bag is in the back ...

Capital OnecustomerВоспользовался Bounce в Бостон9 days ago
Photo of Boston

8 000+ проверенных мест, чтобы твой багаж был в безопасности

Keith Walder
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон24 days ago

Great spot to drop luggage. Easy walk from hotels, south station, and many tourist attractions in Boston.

Heqing Wang
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон24 days ago

Hassle-free experience and excellent communication with the staff! Highly highly recommend

Joshua Paredes
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон30 days ago

Was very nice place and the employee was happy to take our bags to the back. Thanks!

Channing Starr
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон1 month ago

Everyone was super friendly. Easy spot to drop off and pick up :)

Shane Raber
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон1 month ago

I’ll admit I was skeptical to use this service but it went just as well as the other reviews said. Thank you.

Deac Roxana Virginia
Воспользовался Bounce в Бостон2 months ago

Everything was perfect! I left my bags for a couple of hours. I think it is the best location if you go to the airport, because it is 5min away walking from BBline station, but also from the subway. Unlike other storage places, I chose this one because it shows the location before paying.

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