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Что говорят наши клиенты

Great attitude. No problems to leave and pick up the luggage !!!

Leonids ReinholdsВоспользовался Bounce в Вена4 days ago
Photo of Vienna

8 000+ проверенных мест, чтобы твой багаж был в безопасности

Himanshu Aggarwal
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена9 days ago

Amazing location quick service & super safe. 24/7 option. Simply great.

Rachel Wu
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена10 days ago

It was easy to find, the staff was very friendly and it felt safe to leave my luggage there.

Bianca Mischiu
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена1 month ago

The personnel was very kind and helpful and my luggage was stored safely. I highly recommend this place.

Marta Kierylak
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена1 month ago

Luggage storage on point! Safe place and nice location!

Sergey Ankudinov
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена2 months ago

Great service. We had a chance to walk in Wien freely without luggage for several hours

Piotr Englert
Воспользовался Bounce в Вена2 months ago

Own lockers in a hidden room in a basement in a hotel. Everything perfect.

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