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I was a little hesitant to use this bag drop since they appear to be new on Bounce, but they were quick and kept our bags secure. Added bonus: they were open when others in the ar...

Chad SmithВоспользовался Bounce в Порту2 days ago
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9 000+ проверенных мест, чтобы твой багаж был в безопасности

Sanjay Sama
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту5 days ago

Very helpful staff here. Secure safe location too. A+

Dr Kerie Ann Francis
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту14 days ago

Small tour company, very easy to find, behind the fancy McDonald’s. Friendly employees. Spotless location. Highly recommend.

F Rossi Goncalves
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту19 days ago

Super easy, flexible and convenient location. Across the street from Trindade, was really a positive experience. When we picked up the bags we hung out at their lobby for a little bit while resting from the long trip.

Andres Palacio Trujillo
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту1 month ago

Excelente! Dueño muy muy amable. Recomiendo probar la torta con brigadeiro. Tiene muy buena comida!

Jana Meusel
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту1 month ago

Nice staff and great service. All went as expected and without problems.

Cody Candee
Воспользовался Bounce в Порту2 months ago

This place felt very secure. Super friendly staff.

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