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Where can I store my luggage in Honolulu?

Honolulu remains a beacon for travelers traversing the vast Pacific. It’s also Hawaii’s capital city and is steeped in history, profound beauty and even a bit of mystery, and true to its name, it is a sheltered harbor for all who come here. Visitors and locals alike love to visit its numerous beaches, historical sites and hiking trails. These elements, combined with its reputation of being one of the US’s safest cities, make Honolulu a very desirable stop off, indeed.

Within its 68 square miles are world-class eateries and entertainment offerings, vast arts and cultural offerings, an open-air shopping center, universities and of course, plenty of sandy beaches. Bag storage in Honolulu makes visiting the city a much easier prospect. As such, Bounce’s partner businesses provide myriad options for luggage storage in Honolulu, including near important historical stops, like Pearl Harbor, and recreational hotspots, like Waikiki Beach.

  • Luggage Storage Near Diamond Head

  • Luggage Storage Near Hanauma Bay

  • Luggage Storage Near Pearl Harbor National Memorial

  • Luggage Storage Near Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

  • Luggage Storage Near Waikiki

  • Luggage Storage Near Koko Head

  • Luggage Storage Near Nu'uanu Pali

How much does luggage storage cost in Honolulu?

Luggage storage in Honolulu costs only $5.90 on the Bounce platform for each bag or piece of luggage. 

Where is the nearest bag storage in Honolulu?

The Bounce platform offers dozens of bag and luggage storage locations throughout Honolulu. With 24/7 customer support and up to $5,000 in insurance for every booking, luggage storage in Honolulu as never been easier. 

Luggage Storage Near Diamond Head

Diamond Head crater stands towering above Honolulu, like an ancient sentinel that watches over Hawaii’s shores. In truth, though the crater is ancient, it’s a baby in terms of Hawaii’s geologic time. Scientists estimate that the Ko’olau Range on which Diamond Head sits is nearly three million years old, while Diamond Head itself has only celebrated about 300,000 birthdays. This landmark plays an important role in tourism, the military and island history.

Diamond Head State Park counts as the place to visit if you’re an avid hiker. Its summit Lē‘ahi offers hikers both a strenuous and steep hike. Once at the top of the summit, you can see the navigational lighthouse, as well as humpback whales playing in the seas below.

Diamond Head is a lush hike that’s best enjoyed with just a daypack, a bottle of water or two and a light snack. Even the most experienced hikers usually opt to leave their bags behind. That’s where we come in. Bounce has partners near Diamond Head who provide luggage storage in Honolulu near the crater, allowing you to fully enjoy your adventures, without being weighed down by your bags.

Luggage Storage Near Hanauma Bay

Hanauma Bay has always held a certain fascination with people who love the island. King Kamehameha and Queen Ka‘ahumanu used to host visitors and sponsor games on its shores. It also counted as a favorite picnicking spot among the locals here. Once the bombs fell on Pearl Harbor, the bay was a place for a bunker and barbed wire and military sentries.

Unfortunately, all of these activities took their toll on this beach. Three million visitors a year have given Hanauma Bay quite the pounding. However, conservation efforts by the city of Honolulu are bringing the “curved bay” back to its pristine condition. With its cerulean waters, coral reefs and technicolor marine life, many a snorkeling fan considers this part of the island a must-visit spot.

First-time visitors to the bay need to stop off at the marine education center to watch a nine-minute film that catalogs not only marine life in the bay but also what they must do to both stay safe and keep the bay safe. Marine animals here, including the corals, have a special status, and visitors must refrain from mistreating these creatures. First-time (and even experienced) bay visitors will also want to look into the options for luggage storage in Honolulu. Bounce partners are all around this area. Check your Bounce app to see which nearby businesses provide bag storage in Honolulu in this area of the island.

Luggage Storage Near Pearl Harbor National Memorial

The memorial at Pearl Harbor remains among the most popular tourist destinations in all of Hawaii. This site gives visitors a look at the state’s biggest natural harbor, as well as a view back in time, back to December 7, 1941, when the Japanese bombed the harbor and pulled the United States into World War II. The memorial at Pearl Harbor stands as a reminder of the brave men and women who fought and died that day.

A trip to the memorial wouldn’t feel the same without a visit to the USS Arizona Memorial, which visitors reach by boat. The boats leave every 15 minutes for the site. Expect to spend about three hours her in all, between the trip to the visitors’ center, the book store and at the site of the Arizona itself. Those who want to delve deeply into the history of Pearl Harbor can take a self-guided audio tour, narrated by Jamie Lee Curtis.

As with other World War II historical sites, like the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam, it’s best to experience this memorial when you’re not weighed down by your luggage. When you feel ready to visit Pearl Harbor, consult your Bounce app to find options for luggage storage in Honolulu near the memorial.

Luggage Storage Near Daniel K. Inouye International Airport

Honolulu International Airport, or better known these days as the Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, offers travelers a first entry point to the Hawaiian islands. It also happens to be very busy. More than 20 million visitors a year pass through its gates on their way to other islands or to the mainland. Hawaii’s only international airport has four active runways and three terminals at its disposal. This important transportation hub in the Pacific gets its name from Hawaiian Senator Daniel K. Inouye, a Medal of Honor recipient and the second-longest serving member of the Senate.

Numerous international carriers fly through this airport, including Air Canada, Japan Airlines, Quantas, and Philippine Airlines. As well, American carriers like Southwest and American Airlines land here, as do commuter planes that fly between the Hawaiian Islands.

If you have a stop on Oahu and want to explore during your downtime, consider searching for luggage storage in Honolulu in or near Daniel K. Inouye International Airport. Bounce’s partners make bag storage in Honolulu easier, whether you’re in Hawaii for just a couple of hours or whether you’re staying for weeks.

Luggage Storage Near Waikiki

With its year-round temperatures of 75° and 85°, crystalline sands and plenty of dining and entertainment, surf’s always up at Waikiki Beach. In its early days, Hawaii’s Royal Family kept beach houses on its shores. Nowadays, Waikiki Beach, aka “spouting waters” in English, counts among the world’s most-visited sites and is home to numerous hotels and condos set against the backdrop of Diamond Head.

And while it’s true that people flock to Waikiki during the day while the sun and the surf are up, they really gravitate to this Hawaiian hotspot at night. Fresh fish, succulent local fruits and other delicacies are always on the menu, with each eatery offering its own take on traditional Hawaiian recipes.

When Hawaii’s “spouting waters” call, you’ll want to find a place to stow your belongings. Bounce partners with just the kinds of businesses you’d see near Waikiki, like hotels, eateries and dry-cleaning establishments, which makes finding luggage storage in Honolulu near the beach simple and convenient. Just log onto our app to find a Bounce partner near the beach.

Luggage Storage Near Koko Head

A hike of a thousand steps awaits you when you visit Honolulu’s Koko Head. A stretch of railroad ties, first created in the days of World War II as a way to haul cargo up to military bunkers in the area, challenge even the most ardent hikers. But it’s more than just a stretch of railroad ties. It’s a place of nearly unsurpassed beauty, where wildflowers grow and views of the surrounding seas just get better the higher you climb.

If that isn’t enough beauty to fill you up, then a tour of the Koko Crater Botanical Garden might be in order. Rare and endangered plants transform this once arid landscape into a desert wonderland. Dryland palms, succulents, and wildflowers dot the countryside to form covered trails and open fields of greenery that attract visitors of all kinds, including wedding parties, mainlanders and others.

While you may consider yourself an avid hiker, even you may not want to lug your belongings up this adventure trail, and Bounce makes it so that you don’t have to. Our partners have drop points near Koko Head, which offer you plenty of options for luggage storage in Honolulu.

Luggage Storage Near Nu'uanu Pali

While Nu'uanu Pali may appear last on our list, it should be first on yours. The reason being? This densely forested peak offers visitors panoramic views of Oahu but not of the island’s cityscapes. Rather, the views here are of lush coastlines, forest trails, and misty, low-hanging clouds. It’s a place of local legends and myths and a popular stop for tourists, both those who opt to travel with a tour company and those who want to experience the mountain on their own terms.

Due to its height and location on the island, the wind chill makes traversing this peak quite chilly at times. Carry-along must include bottled water, a sweater or jacket and possibly even a thermos of Hawaiian coffee. Because the Pali Lookout has a reputation for strong winds, it’s best to leave any unnecessary items that might get blown away behind in storage. As with all major tourist spots on the Hawaiian Islands, Bounce has partners near Nu'uanu Pali that offer luggage storage in Honolulu.


Andie Haddad

Local Guide

Convenient to the Met, which does not allow luggage at coat check. Very easy check in and check out process, with lovely people at the front!

Ariel A

This was so cool!!!! Great service, extremely easy to use, and totally affordable! I didn't know where I'd leave my luggage while we explored San Fran, so I easily Googled luggage storage and found this company. At first it was a little odd dropping my bag off at a chocolate store, but the lady at the register was able to immediately pull up my reservation without any problems and then she put a lock on my suitcase and gave me a card to get it back with. She pushed the bag to the back of their storage room and I came back about 6 hours later to pick it up. Great service, I will definitely be using this again when I travel!

Hayley Hewitt

Local Guide

Can’t believe I haven’t used this service until now. So easy & convenient. I 100% recommend.

Isabel B.

I used Bounce during a recent trip to NYC, and I was pleasantly surprised at the ease and convenience of the process. To be honest, at first, I was very apprehensive. The thought of leaving your stuff at a random store, in a place where you are not from and you don't know whether is safe or not, it doesn't matter if anyone gives it a seal of approval, its difficult to be completely comfortable with the idea. However, I was very glad to be proven wrong. The place I chose was a great, clean bodega/deli in Soho and they were very responsive and the whole process felt very seamless. It was our last day in NYC and we had the full day before leaving the city, however our Airbnb was on the upper east side so we did not want to have to go back and forth. I would definitely recommend Bounce for travelers, especially when you need a place to just store your luggage for the day. The price could not be beat (since its for the whole day) and I will definitely be using this again!

Ciara C

Fantastic experience with Bounce! Stored a bag at the Grand Central location and on my last day at the 9/11 Memorial location. Both locations had friendly, efficient staff that were helpful and made everything very easy. Such a great option if your hotel isn't ready or you don't want the hassle of a bag in the city. Great, safe option. Thanks Bounce!

Ching Yuan Y.

Local Guide

Bounce is the best luggage storage service provider in the New York. I sent an email at midnight , and I got an email back in 10 mins. They are not only solve my issue but also provide solutions. You have to try Bounce !!