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10,000+ locations globally
from €4.30/day
Rated 4.9 by 563,980+ people

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10,000+ locations worldwide

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Powered by local businesses

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Up to $10,000 in protection

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100% free cancellation

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asked questions

  • Where can I find luggage storage near Tiburtina?

    To find a convenient luggage storage option near Tiburtina, use the Bounce app or website to tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage. We'll show you all of your options so you can enjoy your day near Tiburtina without your bags.

  • How much does luggage storage cost near Tiburtina?

    We charge from €4.30 per day (24 hours) for luggage storage near Tiburtina.

  • How does Bounce luggage storage work?

    We partner with local businesses around the world who have secure spaces to store luggage for travelers. Just tell us how many bags you have and when you need storage, and we'll show you convenient places you can keep your stuff safe while you explore.

    Booking online is super easy and only takes a couple of minutes. To keep our partners and your stuff safe, we'll show you the address of the store once you book online. When you're ready, head to the store and show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation so they can take your bags and securely store them right away. Then you can enjoy your day without having to worry about your bags!

    To pick up your bags, show the Bounce Partner your booking confirmation and they'll hand over your stuff. That's it!
  • Where is my luggage stored?

    We only partner with trusted businesses who have a dedicated, secure place to keep your luggage safe. Some businesses may store luggage behind a counter that's off-limits to customers, while others may have storage rooms or closets for your luggage. But no matter where you choose to leave your luggage, our partners will keep it safe.

  • What can I store with Bounce?

    Luggage, backpacks, gym bags, and more! Bounce is like having a personal storage facility for your stuff anywhere you go, so you can leave much more than just luggage with us. Whether you want to store your luggage after checking out of your Airbnb or want to drop off your work bag before hitting happy hour, we've got you covered.

    We don't charge extra for oversized items, but some special items might need to be approved before you can store them. For example, surfboards, guitars, car seats, bicycles, or skis take up a lot of space, so let us know if you have them. We can check with the Bounce Partner for you to make sure they have room for your stuff.
  • Is there hourly luggage storage near Tiburtina?

    Yes, but many companies charge per hour and costs can add up fast. We charge one price for 24 hours of storage, so storing your stuff is more affordable near Tiburtina.

  • How long can I leave my luggage with Bounce?

    Whether you need storage for a couple of hours or a couple of days, we've got you covered! Just put in the dates and times you need luggage storage and we'll show you all of the available locations on our map. For long-term storage lasting more than a week, reach out to us and we'll help you find a convenient location.

    If you're already storing your stuff but you need more time, you can add more time from your booking details page. Just make sure the store will be open and you can get your bags before your new pickup time.
  • How do I change or cancel my booking?

    Plans change, we get it! If you need to change or cancel your booking for any reason, the best way to do it is from your booking details page in the Bounce app. You can edit the dates, drop-off and pick-up times, and number of bags. You can also cancel your booking or rebook at a nearby store. If you can't find your booking details, check the email address you used to make your booking. You can change your booking by following the link there, or reach out to us if you need support.


About Tiburtina

Rome is a city full of tourist attractions and is one of the most popular spots to visit in the world. A city like this one needs a public transit system that can accommodate a large number of tourists, which has resulted in many bus and train stations. Tiburtina is the city's second-largest train station after Termini. 

Originally built in 1866, the station lies outside of Rome's historic center and is situated to the northeast of Termini station. While most foreign visitors arrive at Termini thanks to its rail connection to the airport, Tiburtina is often where you go to catch trains to the rest of Italy. It's a major stop on the Naples to Milan line and is used by over 50 million passengers each year.

Connected by train, subway, and bus to the rest of Rome's transit system, Tiburtina is easy to reach. Although its location outside the historic center means that the area is often overlooked by visiting tourists, that doesn't mean there's no reason to explore the area around the train station. 

For many people, Tiburtina and its neighborhood offer a glimpse of the real Rome, the sprawling modern city that surrounds the more well-known central district. While you explore Rome, whether near Tiburtina or in the more famous part of town, take advantage of our left luggage services to store your luggage while you sightsee.

Is there luggage storage at Tiburtina station?

Travelers won’t find luggage storage facilities at the Roma Tiburtina railway station or metro station, although there’s a luggage storage service at the nearby Tiburtina bus station. Keep in mind that you may have to wait in long lines to store luggage here, and they may run out of available space since lots of travelers use this station. 

A good alternative is to use our luggage storage service, which can be found in convenient locations all over the city. Unlike traditional storage lockers, we have no size restrictions and can always accommodate you. Use our luggage storage app to find a place to leave luggage near the station; our partners are found in local businesses all over town.

Is hotel luggage storage safe?

Some hotels help guests by storing their suitcases and luggage while they wait for their check in or check out time. This service isn’t always offered and will vary depending on which hotel you book with, but is generally a safe option for those who need somewhere to leave their belongings for a few hours. Keep in mind that some hotels will only store bags belonging to guests.

At Bounce, we’ve gathered a list of safe and trustworthy partner locations that can watch over your bags. Some of our storage locations are in hotels, as well as local shops, restaurants, and other businesses. Most are near public transportation hubs and tourist attractions. To see our extensive network of storage spots in Rome and to book online, download our baggage storage app.

Things to do near Tiburtina Station

Of the tourists who find their way to Tiburtina Station, very few stick around to explore the area. Most often, they’re just on their way elsewhere by train. But although the area around Tiburtina doesn’t have the same draw as the Coliseum or the Vatican, it does show a different side of life in Rome. Stick around to experience a more authentic glimpse into what life is like for people who live in the city today.

Via Tiburtina

Go shopping along Via Tiburtina. The Corso in central Rome may get more attention from shopping fanatics, but Via Tiburtina has a whole range of authentic and unique stores to browse. It’s also less crowded than the shops on the more popular side of Rome, and will have more than just touristy souvenirs to buy. Don’t miss the Mercato Di Campagna Amica, the open-air market on this ancient Roman road. It’s a 25 minute journey by foot to the market, which will feel like a short walk as you browse the shops along the way.

Musei di Villa Torlonia

Explore the lifestyle of Rome’s nobility at Villa Torlonia, the most recent of the city’s numerous villas. The building was purchased by Giovanni Torlonia in 1797 and was passed down through several generations before being bought by the Municipality of Rome back in 1977. Today, it houses a museum that allows guests to explore the many buildings and beautiful English-style garden found on site. You’re able to walk here from Tiburtina train station in just 22 minutes.

Musei di Villa Torlonia bag policy

Guests visiting the Musei di Villa Torlonia will be asked to leave bulky bags, backpacks, umbrellas, and other items that the staff deem unsafe in the cloakroom. You won’t want to drag your bags around the property anyway, and if you’re planning on doing more sightseeing afterward, book luggage storage with us to store your things for the entire day.

Parco di Villa Narducci

Parco di Villa Narducci is a greenspace that formerly housed an 18th century villa which was destroyed in a fire in 2001. Today, the 15,000 m2 space is a pleasant city park with a doge area, a healthcare facility, and connection to a sports center. Whether you want to get active or just need somewhere to relax for a few hours, this park is a nice place to be. It’s a short distance from the Roma Tiburtina station and can be reached in just 5 minutes by foot.

Airport travel from Tiburtina Station

Leonardo da Vinci - Fiumicino Airport

Often referred to as the Fiumicino Airport, this is Rome’s main airport and where large international carriers from Europe or overseas arrive. To get to Roma Tiburtina station from the airport, catch the REG train from the Fiumicino Aeroporto train station and ride for 10 stops. It’ll bring you straight to Tiburtina train station in just an hour's time, and tickets cost about €14.00.

Rome Ciampino Airport to Tiburtina Station

Although this airport is smaller, it’s still a viable way to get into the city and mainly services budget or charter flights. It’s easy to get to Tiburtina station from the airport since Flixbus offers a direct bus route that takes only half an hour. You can catch it from the stop at Rome Ciampino Airport and ride straight to the Rome Tiburtina bus station. The bus ticket should cost around €7.00, but check in with the Flixbus website to find the exact fare.

Getting around Rome from Tiburtina Station

If you find anything interesting to do around Tiburtina, you can also venture into the heart of Rome to access other attractions. Getting around Rome is easy and many of the city’s best sights are just a bus ride or metro stop away. There’s nothing stopping you from seeing both sides of the city.

Catacombs of Priscilla

See the catacombs of Priscilla. This important archaeological site was a burial ground for early Christians from the 2nd to 4th centuries. In that time, many martyrs of Roman persecution were buried here, including a couple of popes.

These catacombs are definitely one of the coolest experiences you can have in Rome, and they can be reached in just 30 minutes from Tiburtina station. Get on the next 135 bus from Staz.Ne Tiburtina. Hop off when you get to Somalia/Vivaldi; you’ll have to walk about 13 minutes to get to the catacombs. Tickets for this bus route cost about €1.50.

Riserve Naturale Valle dell’Aniene

Reconnect with nature at the Aniene Valley Nature Reserve. Although close to Rome, this nature reserve feels a long way away. With a gentle river running through its meadows and forests, it's a perfect place to recharge your batteries after the chaos of the Eternal City.

After spending days sightseeing, an afternoon in nature could be just what you need. This nature reserve is located 30 minutes away and can be reached using the 309 bus. Start by walking to the bus stop at Teodorico and ride for 19 stops. Get off at the Franceschini/Zanardi bus stop, and the nature reserve will be about 7 minutes away by foot. The bus fare is about €1.50.

Villa Borghese

Just to the north of the gate at Piazza del Popolo, the Villa Borghese is an art lover's dream. It contains several statues by Bernini and paintings by Raphael, Caravaggio, Correggio, Titian, and Rubens, among other treasures. Additionally, the sprawling gardens of the palace are one of Rome's largest public parks. Bring a picnic lunch to enjoy in the shade of the manicured trees, and you'll feel a long way from the crowds and bustle of Rome. 

Villa Borghese can be reached in just 14 minutes using public transit. The fastest route is by taking the 495 bus from Staz.Ne Tiburtina. Ride for 13 stops. You’ll arrive at S.Paolo Del Brasile, just a minute's walk away from Villa Borghese. The bus ticket will cost €1.50.

Luggage storage near Tiburtina

Close enough to the heart of Rome to be easily accessible but far enough away to be off the beaten path of the millions of tourists who visit the city, Tiburtina is a fascinating area that offers an insight into life in the modern city of Rome. The authentic vibe of the streets around the station is well worth experiencing if you get a chance. Drop off your oversized bags at one of our several locations for baggage storage near Tiburtina station and see a side of Rome many tourists never experience.

Thanks to its access to high speed trains, a metro line, and a bus stop, you can get anywhere from Tiburtina station. For more things to do, consider stopping by the Museum of Contemporary Art of Rome, also known as MACRO, housed in a former brewery. If you’re a sports fan, visiting the Stadio Olimpico is a must, and we also recommend going to see the adorable animals at Rome’s zoo, Bioparco di Roma.

If you’re someone who loves traveling, chances are that you’re already booking your next trip as soon as you’ve arrived in Rome. Dragging your bags around isn’t fun no matter where you are, which is why we offer luggage storage in cities around the world. At Bounce, we understand that security is important, and you can have peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe at any of our locations under our $10,000 BounceShield™ Protection. 

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