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Find luggage storage near you

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The Wien Mitte train station in Vienna isn’t as big or as busy as Wien Hauptbahnhof, but it’s still a vitally important railway station for tourists. Indeed, anyone traveling to Vienna International Airport will most likely end up in Wien Mitte shortly after landing. Located in the Landstraße district, Wien Mitte has a direct connection with Vienna International Airport as well as access to the U-Bahn Metro and local S-Bahn lines. On top of all that, Wien Mitte is home to one of the Austrian capital’s most popular shopping malls!

Since this station is such a significant transportation hub, Bounce now offers convenient luggage storage in Wien Mitte. For an affordable fee, you can leave your heavy bags with our trusted vendors for however long you need. Please take a look at the Bounce mobile app for detailed information on all of our professional luggage storage services in Vienna.

Things to Do Around Wien Mitte:

Not far from the Innere Stadt, Wien Mitte is a comfortable walk from many of Vienna’s most renowned tourist attractions. Below are just a few of the most iconic destinations you could easily reach from the Wien Mitte station.

• The closest attraction to Wien Mitte is the Wiener Stadtpark, which is the city’s oldest public park dating back to the mid-1800s. Measuring about 30 acres, this park is best known for its gold statue of the undisputed waltz king: Johann Strauss II. Waltz enthusiasts should take a trip to the southern edge of the Stadtpark to see the opulent Kursalon Hübner concert hall. Originally designed as a spa, the Kursalon Hübner was one of the hottest dancing venues during Johann Strauss II’s heyday. As you stroll through the Wiener Stadtpark, you’ll also run across impressive statues dedicated to other prominent Viennese composers, including Schubert and Bruckner.

It’s a great idea to research Bounce’s luggage storage in Wien Mitte if you plan to tour the Wiener Stadtpark. As you could imagine, it will feel a whole lot nicer walking around this grassy area without a bunch of bags over your shoulders. All of our partner vendors have been safety-screened, so there’s no need to worry about your valuables as you visit this charming park.

• Less than a mile south of Wien Mitte you’ll come across one of Vienna’s most breathtaking churches: Karlskirche. Instantly recognizable from its domed ceiling and imposing columns, this 18th-century masterpiece was largely based on the Roman Baroque style of Bernini. Inside, you’ll get to see heavenly ceiling frescoes, ornate sculptures, and a massive pipe organ. By the way, it’s believed Venetian composer Antonio Vivaldi was buried somewhere near Karlskirche’s property. If you’re lucky, then you might get to see a Vivaldi concert here while you’re in Vienna!

Before you walk or ride to Karlskirche, please look into Bounce’s bag storage in Wien Mitte. For just $5.90 per bag per day, Bounce’s partner vendors will take care of all your luggage storage needs. If you have more questions about Bounce’s luggage storage in Wien Mitte, then we encourage you to take a look at our comprehensive FAQ page.

• The Haus der Musik is arguably Vienna’s most impressive interactive museum. Even if you’re not a classical music buff, you’ll have a blast composing waltzes with friends and testing the physics of sound production in Haus der Musik’s hi-tech exhibits. Along the way, you’ll learn more about the lives of some of Vienna’s most famous residents, including Mozart, Haydn, and Beethoven. Anyone traveling with kids should definitely plan a stop at this family-friendly museum.

Don’t forget to drop off your luggage with Bounce before heading out to the Haus der Musik. With our luggage storage in Wien Mitte, you can easily leave your bags with one of our team members for safekeeping. To ensure your safety, Bounce provides all of our customers with a generous $5,000 in insurance.

• If you couldn’t already tell, classical music plays a pretty significant role in Vienna’s identity. One of the best places to take in an authentic live music performance is in the lovely Wiener Konzerthaus. Built at the start of the 20th century, the Wiener Konzerthaus now houses many of the city’s most prominent ensembles including the Vienna Symphony and Vienna Chamber Orchestra. You might even get to see the legendary Vienna Philharmonic inside this gloriously designed theatre. Fans of the fine arts should take a look on Wiener Konzerthaus’s schedule before their visit to the Austrian capital.

Are you planning on seeing a show at Wiener Konzerthaus? If so, don’t forget to drop off your luggage at Bounce’s bag storage in Wien Mitte. We promise to take great care of your luggage while you enjoy an unforgettable performance.

• If you only have time to visit one site while in Vienna, we strongly suggest traveling to the glorious Saint Stephen’s Cathedral. Originally finished in the 12th century, St. Stephen’s has weathered many turbulent times and retains its role as the center of Viennese spiritual life. For those who are brave, be sure to take a trip to St. Stephen’s catacombs for a ghoulish reminder of the Great Plague. Alternatively, consider taking a trip to the top of St. Stephen’s for a magical view of the “City of Music.”

Bounce would be more than happy to handle your luggage storage needs while you’re in Vienna. As already mentioned, Bounce now offers luggage storage in Wien Mitte, so it’s easy to leave your bags with us while you go exploring the city. For more detailed info on our services, please take a closer look at our website and official FAQ page.

• No trip to Vienna is complete without experiencing the city’s world-renowned café culture. Luckily for tourists, many of Vienna’s most historic cafés are within a short walk of the Wien Mitte.

Perhaps the most illustrious name on Vienna’s coffee scene is Café Central, which has been brewing up java since 1876. True to its name, Café Central served as a central meet-up for some of the 20th century’s most influential (and notorious) figures. Amazingly, both Leon Trotsky and Adolf Hitler dined at Café Central while in Vienna.

For those interested in Vienna’s cultural history, take a trip to Café Landtmann. Also established in the 1870s, Café Landtmann was a major haunt for both Sigmund Freud and Gustav Mahler.

Whatever café you choose to visit in Vienna, please know you can count on Bounce to watch your luggage. Bounce’s luggage storage partners are also more than happy to watch over any shopping bags you may pick up while touring Vienna.

Transit Options Section:

• Access to U-Bahn Metro lines U3 and U4.
• Local S-Bahn train services.
• Connections to other Austrian cities like Salzburg and Linz.
• Transportation to and from Vienna International Airport.
• Easy bus transportation
• Taxis and ride-share vehicles

Luggage Storage In Wien Mitte:

With direct airport transportation and easy access to Vienna’s metro, Wien Mitte is a significant station for tourists. Visitors in Vienna should know Bounce offers plenty of storage options in and around the Wien Mitte station. Please download Bounce’s hi-tech app for information on all of our luggage storage locations around the Austrian capital.

Find luggage storage near you

Find luggage storage near you

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