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Really easy to book, the owner was very accommodating and friendly. Very convenient. Only two doors away from the apartment that we had rented. Used for around three hours on two ...

Louise AldusUsed Bounce in Vienna11 days ago
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Elisha Tassano-smith
Used Bounce in Vienna8 days ago

Very happy with the service, felt my bag was very safe here

Maria Kroer
Used Bounce in Vienna12 days ago

10/10 experience, very helpful and friendly staff

Zachary Barton
Used Bounce in Vienna12 days ago

It was perfect. Extremely quick, and they have a nice lobby where I had a Coke as I waited for my train to arrive.

Mark Sciberras
Used Bounce in Vienna20 days ago

Great safe storage for your luggage no matter the size

Ali Yiğit Karaorman
Used Bounce in Vienna26 days ago

they were really helpfull. thank you for the service :)

Katharine Prudhomme
Used Bounce in Vienna1 month ago

Super efficient check in. So much easier than train station lockers.

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