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Kidexpo 2023

Kidexpo 2023 in Paris.

Oct 26, 2023 → Oct 29, 2023

Kidexpo Paris 2023
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Anyone looking for a family-friendly activity in Paris around the end of October should look no further than Kidexpo 2023. Held at the Porte de Versailles in the Parc des Expositions, this event is one of the best activities for families in France. It's basically a trade show of sorts geared towards families with options to experience new products, like toys, educational activities, and other leisure time options firsthand.

With all the events that take place, parents will have the opportunity to peruse countless exhibitors that cater to kids of all ages. From workshops to concerts to hands-on toy demonstrations, there's never a dull moment at this fun event.

Kidexpo Paris takes place in 2023 from October 26 to 29, and although it isn't free, the knowledge and deals available make the €18-20 admission for one child and one parent seem like a steal.

This event space gets very busy over the expo, especially on the weekend, and with your children to worry about, you don't want to be carrying extra bags with you. Instead, use a Bounce luggage storage facility in Paris to safely store your things. Then, you can truly enjoy the experience and carry new purchases, not suitcases.

About the Paris Kidexpo 2023

As mentioned, the Kidexpo 2023 is held this year at the Porte de Versailles trade center in southwest Paris in Hall 7.1. It's easily accessible via the Porte de Versailles Metro Station, which is on the doorstep of the convention center.

For 2023, the event is divided into three separate sections: Learning, Play, and Move. The learning area focuses on education and learning innovations as well as educational resources, the Play area is geared toward previewing the newest toys and games, and the Move section relates to sports and other activities that keep children moving in order to improve their health.

When you attend the event, keep Christmas in mind, as this is the perfect place to start your shopping if you haven't already. Just try and make your purchases in secret so that the kids will truly be surprised by Santa.

This event has international appeal, and it's not uncommon for families from neighboring countries to make the trip to attend. With that said, the expo center can get busy on the weekend, so if possible, try to visit on Thursday (26th) or Friday (27th) during the day. If you need to visit on the weekend, head here early to beat the crowds.

The Rugby World Cup 2023 has the final match scheduled for October 28 at 9 pm, so the city will be much busier than it usually is at this time of year. Booking hotels early is recommended, as the closer you get to this major event, the higher the accommodation prices will be.

The event's hours are from 9:30 am to 6:30 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and it closes at 6 pm on Sunday.

Before you choose the day to attend Kidexpo Paris 2023, make sure you check out the program. You don't want to miss the show staring your kid's favorite star or the cooking workshops if that's what appeals to you.

Before you leave, make sure you also explore the My Planet area that's dedicated to getting the family interested in protecting the environment. Kids (and parents) can also learn about French history, get involved in combat sports (safely), become a detective, make a masterpiece out of modeling clay, ride a horse, or even make something unique out of Lego. A lot of thought has gone into the program for Kidexpo Paris, so when we say that the entire family will enjoy it here, we mean it.

Another tip is to buy your tickets in advance online to save money. If you do this, the adult entry costs €13, the child entry costs €7, and if you combine one adult and one child, the price is €18. If you opt to buy tickets at the event, each option is €2 more.

The theme of the 2023 Kidexpo is superheroes, so kids can attend the trade show wearing their favorite costumes. Better yet, the whole family can get in on the fun and dress up. Superheroes dominate the shows, and you'll want to get a photo with the various mascots that wander around the show.

Luggage storage in Paris

One of the main features of Kidexpo Paris 2023 is the great deal you can get on many of the items exhibitors are showcasing. That means that you'll likely be walking around carrying quite a few shopping bags full of new and exciting products. Additionally, Paris is simply jam-packed with exciting and intriguing things to do. As you navigate the city before or after Kidexpo, you won't want to be laden down with bags. That's where our luggage storage services come in. You can trust us with the luggage for all your family vacation needs and events.

Bounce offers hundreds of luggage storage facilities throughout Paris and in neighboring cities, so it's always convenient to find a location that works for you. Our intuitive app makes it easy to book online, and you might want to book luggage storage when you book your Kidexpo 2023 tickets online to keep things simple.

In addition to the convenience of booking online and a bunch of locations, Bounce offers the $10,000 BounceShield™ guarantee for peace of mind, free cancelation up to your scheduled drop-off time, 24/7 support, and luggage storage for pretty much any size of bag. We also have an extensive vetting procedure for all our locations, which are typically local businesses. What more do you need?

The event does have a cloakroom where you can store smaller bags and items like coats and umbrellas. The cost is €2 per item. If you have many things, larger items, or prefer to store your bags in a more central location, Bounce is your best bet.

Things to do in Paris during the 2023 Kidexpo

Paris is a destination in and of itself. Even without the 2023 Paris Kidexpo, there's so much to do for families in the city. In the immediate vicinity, you can spend some time away from the event with the kids in nearby Parc Georges Brassens or the La Plaine Sports Complex. These two spots offer even more opportunities to burn off energy if the kids have any left over.

Do your kids like the water? If so, the Aquaboulevard Water Park might be just the place to take them. It's just down the street from the Porte de Versailles, but in October, it's only open on Saturday and Sunday, so don't go during the week, or you'll have some disappointed kids on your hands.

Since the Porte de Versailles is on the outskirts of the city, if families want to experience some of the best things to do in Paris, it's easy to hop on the metro and get to a more central location. Then, you can walk around from there. There's the Eiffel Tower, the Arc de Triomphe, the Champs Elysées, the Louvre, and really, too many more to mention.

In central Paris, some of the best kid-centric activities include the Museum of Magic, which is usually a hit with the kids, the Jardin du Luxembourg with the mini sailboat rentals, and Parc de Villette, which is also the site of CSI, the Cité des Sciences et de l'Industrie, otherwise known as Europe's largest science museum.

We simply can't talk about things to do in Paris with kids without mentioning Disneyland Paris. Yes, it's a little outside the city in Chessy, but it would be a shame to be so close to such an iconic park and not visit for a day if your itinerary allows. Plus, in October, the theme park hosts the Halloween Festival, which shouldn't be missed.

Paris is also home to many concerts that coincide with Kidexpo. These are mostly classical music concerts performed in beautiful churches and other atmospheric places, but if the family appreciates music by legends like Vivaldi, Chopin, Mozart, and Bach, these are great things to do.

See you at Kidexpo Paris 2023?

If you happen to be in Paris, France, at the end of October, grab tickets for the family to attend this amazing trade show at the Porte de Versailles Convention Center. If it's too late for you to plan for this year, Kidexpo puts on various exhibitions around the world, so just keep an eye out for future events.

As you leave the expo, you'll have some exciting new ideas for activities, food, education, and so much more that everyone will be anxious to get home and try everything out. This is a fantastic annual event to attend as your children's preferences change as they age. Why not attend in 2024, too?

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