Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Adelaide

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Adelaide, the capital city of South Australia, is brimming with culture, entertainment, events, and flavors. It boasts chic restaurants, a vibrant nightlife scene, and sandy beaches just minutes from the city center. And if you come here for some retail therapy, shopping in Adelaide is a delightful experience with plenty of unique boutiques, stores, and iconic shopping malls.

But did you know that Adelaide also has great coffee and a booming coffee scene? It has come a long way in recent years, with specialty coffee shops popping up in various streets and suburbs. It’s also home to some trendy micro-roasters and cafes in South Australia. No matter the time of the day or neighborhood you visit, there’s always a cafe brewing some coffee.

Apart from offering flavorful hot drinks, coffee shops in Adelaide provide a workspace for digital nomads, freelancers, and those who need a convenient setting to get some work done. You probably just can’t work from home or on a trip and need to open your laptop to send a quick email. The best coffee shops to work from in Adelaide offer a quiet and relaxing environment, free Wi-Fi, and delightful treats to keep you motivated.

Before stopping by a cafe, don’t forget to leave your suitcase at a luggage locker in Adelaide. Only bring your essentials to the coffee shop to work without a burden and with flexibility.

xchange Specialty Coffee

You’ll quickly be in work mode at Exchange Specialty Coffee with its laid-back and work-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff, providing genuine hospitality. It’s clean, simple, and relaxed, with comfortable seating and tables. And if you prefer to work in an open environment, there’s also a bright outdoor area to work from at the cafe. It’s a great spot to set up your laptop while drinking your favorite iced coffee on a hot summer day or savoring tasty filter coffee and light bites.

To fuel your brain and body, Exchange Specialty Coffee serves mouthwatering pastries, waffles, and sandwiches. For the sides, try smoked salmon, avocado, egg, roasted mushrooms, or gluten-free toast, so you have something to snack on while working. There are also veg and vegan options from its impressive menu.

Since its opening in 2012, Exchange Specialty Coffee has been brewing Market Lane coffee and selling its quality coffee beans. That’s why every cup of coffee you order as your work or study buddy is flavorful and rich.

Address: 12/18 Vardon Ave, Adelaide, South Australia

30 Acres Norwood

Located in one of the city’s most desirable locations on the eastern edge of the CBD, 30 Acres is the newest brunch cafe, bakery, and restaurant in Norwood Parade. It specializes in offering tasty cafe-style food, featuring fresh produce from the Adelaide Hills. Upstairs from its main dining area is an on-site bakery where you can get delicious food, like fresh croissants, danishes, sourdough, and other pastries and sweet treats, made from high-quality South Australian ingredients.

30 Acres Norwood is spacious, bright, and has plenty of tables, meaning you have a lot of room for work. It has long tables for groups and small ones for individuals or couples. It also features high ceilings, large windows, and well-lit areas contributing to its relaxed and cozy atmosphere.

This cafe and restaurant has an impressive food and drink menu, giving guests plenty of dishes and beverages to try. It can get hectic, so it’s advisable to reserve a table or come during off-peak hours.

Address: 233 The Parade, Norwood South Australia

Elementary Coffee

A coffee shop and wholesale coffee roaster in Adelaide, South Australia, Elementary Coffee gives you access to fresh coffee while working or studying in the city. It is housed in an open-plan warehouse, offering a light-filled space where you’ll feel inspired to work.

As soon as you set foot at the cafe, a warm and inviting staff will greet you, and you’ll marvel at the rustic and homey vibe at Elementary Coffee. The existing character of the building is accentuated by fine fixtures, lighting, hanging plants, greenery, and wooden décor elements. Plenty of small tables will give you enough space to complete your tasks and a long wooden bench is outside where you can relax while waiting for the crowd to subside.

The small menu includes a few sandwiches, pastries, and all-day breakfast menu options. For those who don’t drink coffee, there are smoothies for hot summers and hot chocolates for cold winter days.

Address: 9-17 Young Street Adelaide, South Australia

Coffee Branch

Found in the heart of the city, the Coffee Branch is a must-visit cafe in Adelaide if you’re looking for a place to work with comfortable indoor and outdoor seating. It opens as early as 7 AM, serving a hearty breakfast, fresh roasted coffee, and more. The indoor setting is narrow and may not be ideal for large groups, but the outdoor area will give you ample space to work.

Perhaps, the best thing about choosing this spot to work from in Adelaide is the free high-speed internet. It allows you to connect and finish your tasks without delay so that you can return to your leisurely day. Though it only has a few seats inside, it boasts a smooth, speedy service with a reliable staff handling the peak periods with ease.

Address: 32 Leigh Street Adelaide, South Australia

S's Cafe & Kitchen

S’s Cafe & Kitchen is a family-run cafe serving all-day breakfast and delectable made-to-order pastries. It is housed in what was once the site of locals Monday’s Coffee store in Prospect, an inner-norther suburb in the city of Adelaide. It’s easy to spot on the corner of Churchill Road with an open, airy space, old-school chairs, and a stained glass panel above the main door.

It’s a quiet neighborhood cafe where you can work in peace. You can set up inside with enough plugs for your laptop and comfortable chairs you can sit on for hours while you enjoy its delicious range of pastry boxes.

Since it opened in July 2021, it has become a new favorite brunch spot among locals and visitors flocking here to grab some locally roasted coffee and sample their fusion eats and yummy pastries. Choices include cheesecakes, tarts, flavored danishes, cakes, and more. If you have a sweet tooth, it’s the right place for you.

Address: 123 Churchill Road, Prospect, South Australia

My Kingdom For A Horse

This Wright Street cafe is kid-friendly, breezy, spacious, and open, with large windows welcoming natural light. It features small seating areas and communal tables you can use for group meetings and discussions. It’s a kid-friendly space with baby facilities and a kids’ menu and is highly accessible for those with mobility issues.

Overall, the cafe can accommodate up to 120 patrons in a convenient retro-Danish style cafe in the heart of the city. It means you won’t have to battle to find a table to set up and work. However, it can be pretty hectic during rush lunch hours. So make sure to come before peak periods to avoid large crowds and so you can enjoy a quiet work environment.

Besides the flavorful coffee roasted on-site, this colorful venue also serves food all day, including tacos, toasts, cereals, salad bowls, and other hearty meals. It also offers hot and cold drinks to go along with your dish. After work, you can always stay for some craft beers, creative cocktails, and wine.

Address: 191 Wright Street, Adelaide, South Australia

UR Caffe

Founded in August 2011, UR Caffe is a beloved coffee hangout with an eclectic food menu, including toasts, waffles, a few burgers, and homemade baked goods at a reasonable price. It is located in the Melbourne Street area in North Adelaide, just minutes from Adelaide CBD.

UR Caffe takes pride in its chic-rustic vibe and warm, cozy atmosphere attracting many locals and visitors alike. It’s an excellent alternative for digital nomads and students looking for a place to work outside of their homes or offices, with its friendly and helpful staff welcoming you like a family.

It’s a busy little cafe, but you can stop by for quick work or a short email reply while enjoying a delicious cup of coffee and light snacks. If you have any special dietary requirements, make sure to let the kitchen know, and they will make the necessary changes to cater to your needs. It also has outdoor seating for freelancers who wish to work in the open with the cool breeze.

Address: 117 Melbourne St, North Adelaide, South Australia

The Flinders Street Project

The Flinders Street Project is a trendy cafe specializing in excellent coffee and elegant comfort food made from quality South Australia produce directly sourced from local farms. It’s located on the main street in the central city, close to several buildings and businesses, and a short walk from Adelaide Park Lands. So while exploring the city center, don’t hesitate to stop by if you need a lovely, cozy space to work from while in Adelaide.

Though small, the indoor area feels spacious and cheerful, with lots of greenery and large glass windows. If you can’t find a chair to sit inside, there’s an outdoor area where you can sit comfortably while watching cars drive by.

In addition to the usual food and pastries you’ll find in a cafe, the cafe also incorporates various cultures into the menu. You can order an over-fresh Turkish roll, a tofu scramble with coconut or eggs, and more. For non-coffee drinkers, there are cold-pressed juices you can try, as well as breakfast cocktails and homemade sparkling cordial.

Address: 276 Flinders Street Adelaide, South Australia

Cafe Troppo

If there’s a coffee shop in Adelaide that screams green living and sustainability, it would be Cafe Troppo. It’s the green space that will connect you to nature, the city, the changing seasons, and Adelaide’s unique culture.

The raw wood materials spread throughout the cafe will attract your attention when you enter. There are local ingredients on the counter, exposed timberwork as décor elements, and rugged chairs and tables that add to the pastoral atmosphere. Sit and work outside, and you’ll be rewarded with the nice, cool winter breeze while sipping your coffee.

You’ll also get a view of Iparrityi, a natural oasis and one of the city center’s public squares. It’s a great spot if you’re looking to boost your productivity outside your office or desk at home and need a change of working environment.

Address: 42 Whitmore Square Adelaide, South Australia

The Coffee Barun

Are you meeting as a group or studying on your own? The Coffee Barun provides a pleasant space where you can work and study in a quiet and hospitable setting. It has two locations in St. Agnes and Sefton Park, a few kilometers northeast of the city. Each site offers lovely spots for a quick sit down while accomplishing your task away from your office or home.

This coffee destination has plenty of tables and chairs, so you won’t have to struggle to find a place to set up. It’s a famous shop so don’t be surprised to find lines forming and tables quickly filling on the weekend. But when you manage to snag a table, you’ll be in for a treat.

The Coffee Barun uses fresh, farm products from local South Australian producers, so food is always guaranteed flavorful and savory. For coffee lovers, you have plenty of options to choose from. There’s also a range of sweet treats and light meals to enjoy.

Address: 132a Tolley Rd, St Agnes; 219 Main North Road Sefton Park, South Australia

Tastiest Coffees and Best Atmosphere

Perhaps, you’re looking for a new environment to work in or a different study area outside your room. The best coffee shops in Adelaide provide the perfect setting to help you become productive while savoring delicious local dishes and a cup of coffee. Their comfy seating, warm and welcoming staff, and cozy atmosphere are perfect for an effective work session.

You don’t have to be a coffee lover to feel worthy of spending an afternoon at a cafe. Most Adelaide coffee shops also serve other hot drinks and fresh juices to refuel your body and brain while you work.

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