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The city of Adelaide is the capital of South Australia and home to about 1.2 million citizens. It received its name back in 1836 when it was named after the wife of King William IV, Queen Adelaide. Before this time the territory was occupied by the Kaurna Aboriginal Peoples until the European settlers arrived. Today, Adelaide is modern and beautiful with the Torrens River running through the middle of the city, which separates it from North Adelaide. The town serves as South Australia's business district but is also a popular spot for a vacation with lots of historic landmarks, tourist attractions and greenspaces.

Like all other cities, this one has lots of malls and shopping streets for you to discover and any fashion enthusiast will have a blast shopping in Adelaide. If you are looking for the best stores and areas to update your wardrobe or find souvenirs to bring back home then we recommend stopping by the places listed below. When your hands get full, leave your shopping and travel bags in a suitcase locker in Adelaide. Shop hands-free and pick your items up later!

Shopping Malls and Outlets in Adelaide

Rundle Mall

Definitely one of the biggest and most popular shopping centres in Adelaide is Rundle Mall. There are an astounding 700 retailers set up in this one area, which is a pedestrian street mall that is wide and follows an open plan. Here you can find department stores, unique boutiques, cafes for brunch or lunch, supermarkets and a total of 15 arcades with stores from international brands.

The building has recently been renovated to add even more stores and is looking great. However, you can still see the gorgeous Victorian stone work which dates back to the 19th century and has been well preserved and restored. This is your one-stop shop in Adelaide that has everything you could need, but it does get busy as it is the State's premier retail space.

Burnside Village Shopping Centre

This place earns the title of Adelaide's most luxurious shopping centre that is spacious and always kept clean to give you the best shopping experience possible. This place is suitable for even the most glamorous shoppers with more than 100 shops selling local and international brands.

Even if you don't want to buy anything you should visit the shopping centre since the building is beautiful on its own. Burnside Village Shopping Centre has glass ceilings that let in natural light, lots of cafes to dine at and two atriums to enjoy.

Adelaide Arcade

The Adelaide Arcade is full of small independent shops and businesses that, although they are not in big size, are definitely worth stopping by and can offer you products that can't be found anywhere else. Cafes and coffee shops are located nearby as well, so you can stop for a treat during your shopping spree.

The arcade is calm and quiet, especially compared to the Rundle Mall, and is great for people who want to take their time browsing. The building, which dates back to the 19th century, has iron and glass ceilings, archways, ornately decorated walls and beautiful tile floors that make it a great spot to spend an afternoon strolling through the shops.

Harbour Town

All bargain hunters should head to Harbour Town which is the best spot for outlet shopping. It is only a 15 minute drive away from the city centre and also close by to Adelaide's airport, so if you have some free time before your flight you can come here to shop.

It won't take too long to get here but you can spend hours browsing through the different shops. Aside from clothing stores, Harbour Town has cafes, supermarkets, homeware shops and stores selling sportswear.

Adelaide Central Market

This is one of the biggest undercover central markets in the Southern Hemisphere and definitely one of the best places to shop. As one of the largest fresh food markets in Adelaide, you have probably guessed that the stalls set up here sell things like farm fresh vegetables, meats, top quality beef, cheeses, baked goods, health foods and ready-made meals.

If you want to experience multicultural cuisine and fresh ingredients to make your own meals, this is the place to go. It can be fun to explore even if you aren't interested in buying anything, so make sure you stop by at some point during your time in Adelaide.

Westfield Marion

This is South Australia's largest mall and has several locations around the world. There are hundreds of stores to choose from including flagship stores selling designer menswear, women's fashion, children's clothing, shoe stores, specialty shops and food outlets as well.

This building was actually the first shopping centre to house three department stores as well as three discount department stores. Come here to find all the usual retailers in one place.

Designer Stores in Adelaide

Le Room

This place is different than your general retail stores and is suitable for any fashion savvy shoppers. Le Room has been in business for the past 15 years and is great for gift shopping, finding housewares, jewelry, accessories, kids' toys, bags, wallets and scented candles.

The colorful and inviting store is strategically designed to draw you in and if you pass by and happen to look through their window you will have a hard time not entering the shop. Come by and see what unique items from Australian brands they have in store!

Adelaide Hatters

Whether you are in need of a new hat or just someone who likes to accessorize, we recommend stopping by Adelaide Hatters. They stock everything from fedoras to tuques as well as colorful and delicate hats suitable for special occasions. This is the largest specialty shop of its kind in the whole State.

Come here to find the perfect hat for you, or even to alter and repair your old ones. The milliner has over 20 years of experience so rest assured that your hats will be well taken care of.

Blackeby's Old Sweet Shop

One of the city's best spots for any food enthusiast is Blackeby's Old Sweet Shop. A man named William A Blackeby first began making sweets and treats back in the year of 1883, and in 1916 this shop was opened.

You can imagine this store as a way of documenting the history of sweets since then, both including Blackeby's unique brand and international goodies. They sell everything from Pop Tarts, Reese's Pieces and other candy bars as well as soda drinks like Dr Pepper.

Lightbox Gift and Home

Lightbox Gift and Home offers a variety of housewares and accessories to decorate your property back home. Many people come here to find gifts but once you see their inventory you are probably going to want everything for yourself.

Some of the things that you will find include gorgeous carved wooden picture frames, concrete and clay pots, lamps and lighting pieces as well as design books. If you want to shop for yourself you can find clothing and jewelry from reputable brands.

Have You Met Charlie

This shop first began as a pop-up event in a laneway that was only supposed to last for six weeks, but after its great success and growing popularity they decided to stay for good. They have now owned a permanent location for three years and have recently just upgraded to a bigger store.

The now two-story space is more than just a store but also functions as a space for art galleries and an activity area for hosting workshops. If an event is going on while you are in town you can learn new skills like leather tooling and other handicrafts, all taught by local artists. As for shopping, the store sells lots of products from South Australian brands such as baby bibs, children's toys, organic teas, vintage clothing and scented candles.

Shin Tokyo

This is a specialty store that is the perfect spot to visit if you are traveling with kids or if you have an interest in gaming and related pastimes. They stock everything from DVDs, video games and consoles, Blu Ray films, graphic novels, collectibles and more.

Shin Tokyo is a great place to visit for anyone who is interested in manga, anime, comic books as well as old and new video games. Make sure to check them out when you have the chance.

The Tangerine Fox

This store in Adelaide is owned and run by a best friend duo and was first opened two years ago. It is a unique and quirky spot that displays artwork, accessories and items designed by local artists. They focus on handmade goods but also sell things from big name brands, like wallets and bags.

Other things that you can find here include nail polishes, resin brooches and knick-knacks crafted from places like Mexico, Japan or Russia. Come here to buy things from all around the world!

Popular Shopping Streets in Adelaide

King William Road

This shopping street is found on the southern edge of Adelaide and is one of the best spots for finding unique and exclusive clothing. The stores covering the area include designer boutiques selling men's and women's fashion, homeware shops and some amazing restaurants.

Although there are not any supermarkets or department stores this is definitely one of the best places to shop. If you want to spoil yourself you can get a treatment at one of the several salons or day spas.

Rundle Street

The shops found in Rundle Street are similar to those in Rundle Mall, so if you enjoyed your time in the huge mall then you can come here next. This place is not quite as busy as some of the others but houses trendy brands with modern clothing and accessories that can help you get ahead of the current fashion trends.

Here you can find high end retailers alongside local shops as well as bars, cafes, restaurants and pubs. If you need a break while shopping, you can stop for a movie at the Palace Nova cinema.

Jetty Road

Glenelg is a lovely suburb, and we give you more information on it in our Adelaide neighborhood guide. Jetty Road is located on the beach in the Glenelg area and is the perfect spot for shopping by the seaside. You can get here easily by taking a quick half-hour ride on the tram and this high street offers a bit of everything when it comes to shopping.

Whether you are looking for popular clothing brands, accessory stores, supermarkets or cafes, chances are that this place will have something for you. If you want to keep shopping you can make your way to the nearby Holdfast Shores which has more boutiques and restaurants. It is a picturesque location near Adelaide and is great for strolling along the shore after you are done shopping.

Norwood Parade

Not too far away from the city centre is an area called Norwood Parade which is one of the top tourist attractions and best places to shop in Adelaide. Aside from the over-250 retailers and popular brands located in the area, Norwood Parade features incredible dining options from pubs and bars to cafes and fine-dining restaurants.

When you are done here you can head to Magill Road which is just a couple of minutes away. It is another main street in Adelaide that is always bustling with people and life and is a fun place to just walk around and window shop. All of the stores and galleries here are independent and perfect for people looking for that one-of-a-kind item.

Buying Something New in Adelaide

Adelaide has many stores and lots of options for upmarket shopping. Discover stores selling high end fashion as well as shops selling second-hand clothing, antique furniture and other used items that are vintage but look good as new.

If you are someone who likes to shop you will have a great time in the major department stores, shopping malls and outlets. Adelaide's cafe culture is also astounding with some delicious gourmet coffee and baked goods for sale, so you can stop by for a bite during your shopping spree.

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