Van Gogh Museum Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

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Exterior of van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Not only is the Van Gogh Museum named after the grand master of the 19th century, Vincent Van Gogh, it also contains the biggest collection of his artistic works. Located in the center of Amsterdam in the Museumplein or Museum Square, the installation attracts over two million visitors annually, earning it twenty-third position on the list of the world's most visited museums.

The museum itself is a relatively new structure and didn't open until the early 1970s. It consists of two individual buildings – the three-story-high Rietveld building and the smaller Kurukowa wing. The former houses the permanent exhibits and the latter temporary ones. 

Browsing the artworks at the museum can take anywhere up to two hours or more and it's not a place you want to be dragging baggage around with you. To ensure you enjoy your visit to the maximum, deposit your bags with a luggage storage service near the Van Gogh Museum before you go.  

Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Bag policy at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

It's not possible to enter the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam with bulky luggage. Small handbags and child-sized backpacks are permitted. There are usually queues at the entrance due to the security bag checks, but they are frequently fast-moving as entrance times are allotted when you purchase your ticket and these are staggered to avoid crowding as much as possible. 

Small bags, outerwear, and objects like umbrellas can be stored at the cloakroom facility, but you may also have to line up to do it. Leave what you don't need in a luggage locker nearby the Van Gogh Museum and you'll have more time to view the incredible paintings.

Food policy at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

Visitors to the Van Gogh Museum are not allowed to carry any food or drinks inside. There are two cafeterias on-site and all food and drinks purchased there must be consumed in the facilities. At Le Tambourin you'll be able to get hot and cold drinks as well as sweet or savory snacks. The Espresso Bar is located in the entrance hall and is a place where you can grab a quick cup of coffee. There is nowhere at the museum to obtain substantial main meals, although you will find plenty of restaurants in the surrounding streets.

Camera policy at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

If you decide to take photographs inside the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, look before you click. There are only a few designated zones where photography is permitted. These include the entrance hall and at the selfie wall. Taking shots of the paintings inside the exhibitions is not allowed for either personal or commercial use. Any snaps taken in the entrance hall or at the selfie wall must be for personal use only and not include any member of the public you don't know unless you have their prior consent.

Rules at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

The Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam is a public building and there are rules set in place by the museum authorities that must be adhered to by anyone using the installation. Smoking is not permitted inside the museum. Running and raising your voice is also prohibited. No pets are allowed inside unless they are a working service dog. 

Using your mobile while viewing the paintings is frowned upon and should be kept to an absolute minimum. Anyone observed breaking any of the museum rules will be removed by security staff and not permitted re-entrance.

Lockers at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam

There are no luggage storage lockers at the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam. The only service for storing anything there is in the cloakroom and this will only accept small bags. They have no space allocated for large suitcases or bulky items. If you do arrive at the museum with a big bag you may be denied entry, so store it somewhere before you go.

Bounce has over twenty luggage storage sites in Amsterdam, several of which are near to the Van Gogh Museum. Bounce luggage lockers are ideal for big cases and rucksacks and an economical storage solution when you're in the city. 

Deposit your luggage at a Bounce suitcase storage facility and all you'll need to pay is a small daily charge per bag. The fee includes a security tag as well as insurance cover to the value of $10,000 so you can leave your stuff to go and browse the priceless paintings without having to worry about your valuables.

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