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What to do in Amsterdam

Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam
12 May

Rijksmuseum Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

The Rijksmuseum is the crown jewel of Amsterdam’s impressive Museum Quarter. Functioning as the National Museum of the Netherlands, the Rijksmuseum is home to priceless works of art from around the world, with a special focus on Dutch artists.

Exterior of van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam
8 May

Van Gogh Museum Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Not only is the Van Gogh Museum named after the grand master of the 19th century, Vincent Van Gogh, it also contains the biggest collection of his artistic works. Located in the center of Amsterdam in the Museumplein or Museum Square, the installation attracts over two million visitors annually, earning it twenty-third position on the list of the world's most visited museums.

Centraal Station, Amsterdam, Netherlands
3 May

Amsterdam Centraal Station Visitor Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

Amsterdam's Centraal Station is set in a magnificent building designed by renowned Dutch architect Pierre Cuypers. In addition to its architectural heritage, it is placed so close to the heart of Amsterdam that it makes it a great base from which to explore this delightful city.

Plane taking off at Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
17 April

Schiphol Airport Visitor Guide 2024: Everything you need to know

Schiphol Airport is the Netherlands’ main airport and where you'd arrive if you were heading to Amsterdam for a weekend visit. Once you’ve landed at Schiphol before going off to discover the cafes, canals, and museums of Amsterdam, you'd be just one of over seventy million passengers that use the airport every year.

Plane at Amsterdam Airport
28 March

Amsterdam Airport Visitor Guide 2021: Everything you need to know

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most unique and beguiling cities. Built on a network of canals, this  Venice of the North attracts millions of visitors every year. And many of them reach the city by passing first through Amsterdam Airport.

amsterdam canal
20 January

Amsterdam Visitor Guide 2024: Everything You Need To Know

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, is one of Europe's most popular tourist destinations. Its famously liberal policies are one reason for that. But there's far more to this beautiful city than the notorious coffee shops and the red light district. Take a walk along the many canals of this charming city or explore its impressive museums, and you'll find plenty to keep you occupied.

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17 July

9 must see parks in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a special city with a vibe that attracts visitors from all over. Parks in Amsterdam are another wonderful feature enjoyed by locals and travelers alike. Why not start at Park Frankendael, complete with an organic restaurant?

7 May

7 best hostels in Amsterdam 2024

Amsterdam is an exciting place to put on your travel bucket list, with unique things to see from start to finish. This list of hostels gives you places to stay, with some of them offering Bounce luggage storage.

Beaches near Amsterdam
20 April

6 beaches near Amsterdam: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

As well as the occasional city beach, beaches near Amsterdam offer a great way to explore more of this beautiful country and recharge your batteries at beach clubs and scenic coastal spots outside the city.

Amsterdam on a budget
1 March

Amsterdam on a budget: 6 travel hacks to save on your trip

Amsterdam is one of the most popular travel destinations in the world, let alone in Western Europe. Planning your trip ahead of time is crucial if you want to save money on things like lodging and travel. Here are our best tips to keep your budget in check.

Weekend trips from Amsterdam
23 February

6 easy must-do weekend trips from Amsterdam

The Netherlands is a small country, so there are tons of great weekend trips from Amsterdam you can take without traveling too far. Rent a car or hop on a train, and in no time at all, you can see other aspects of this fascinating country that you won’t encounter in the capital itself.

Romantic restaurants in Masterdam
22 February

8 romantic restaurants in Amsterdam for the best date night

You don't need to be stuck for date night ideas in the capital of the Netherlands, as there are almost as many romantic restaurants in Amsterdam as there are bicycles. Slight exaggerations aside, there's such an amazing choice of restaurants for a romantic dinner that you'll be hard-pressed to decide which one to go to. Use this list as your guide.

12 February

Is Amsterdam safe to visit? A comprehensive safety guide

Amsterdam is a bustling city with excitement on every corner. This guide lets you know if Amsterdam is a safe destination and also gives useful travel tips for both solo and group travelers.

20 October

Amsterdam Christmas Market: The Complete Guide

Christmas in Amsterdam is special and you'll enjoy a trip here at holiday time. Include the Amsterdam Christmas markets listed here in your itinerary!

25 September

Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Amsterdam

Amsterdam has plenty of coffee shops for those who like to work or study in a cafe. Take your pick from these terrific work-friendly spaces.

25 September

Rooftop Bars in Amsterdam: 8 Places to Drink with a View

Amsterdam is a city that is full of life. Admire the view of this bustling destination by visiting a rooftop bar!

24 September

Best Day Trips from Amsterdam

Imagine a day trip to Giethoorn or Rotterdam. This guide will tell you how to make a day trip happen!

24 September

What to Eat in Amsterdam: 10 Treats You Should Not Miss

Traditional food in Amsterdam means stroopwafel, bitterballen, and so much more. Read this guide for a taste of Amsterdam.

24 September

Wine Tasting in Amsterdam: 10 Places You Have to Try

Amsterdam has a lot to get excited about and that includes wine tasting. From wine shops to wine bars, you won't lack for places to try delicious wines.

Music festivals in Amsterdam in {{CURRENT_YEAR}}
3 May

Music Festivals in Amsterdam in 2022

Use this guide to find all the best music festivals around Amsterdam in 2022. From electronic music to hip hop to international sounds and classical, Amsterdam music festivals have something for everyone.

The best time to visit Amsterdam
3 May

The Best Time to Visit Amsterdam 2024: the Ultimate Guide

Amsterdam is a fun city at any time of year, but with many festivals and clear peak seasons, this guide will help you find the ideal time for your next visit.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
28 April

3 Days in Amsterdam: Everything You Should Know

With so many great things to do, you could spend a month in Amsterdam without seeing it all. But if you're pressed for time, here are the highlights of the Dutch capital.

A rainy day in Amsterdam
28 April

Amsterdam on a Rainy Day: 8 Things to Do

The Dutch city of Amsterdam certainly gets its share of rain. But with lots of indoor activities to enjoy, you won't miss the sunshine at all.

Restaurant in Amsterdam
28 April

Best Vegetarian Restaurants in Amsterdam

Looking to eat ethically in the capital of the Netherlands? His guide to the best restaurants for herbivores in Amsterdam.

Market stall in Amsterdam
20 December

Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Amsterdam

From high-end fashion to quirky vintage stores and open-air markets, Amsterdam is a paradise for shoppers.

11 December

Where To Stay In Amsterdam: The Ultimate Neighborhood Guide

The varied neighborhoods of Amsterdam mean is always someone new to explore. Find out where to stay with our handy neighborhood guide.

Canal in Amsterdam
11 December

How To Get Around Amsterdam

Whether you prefer tram, train, bus, or bike, the city of Amsterdam is yours to explore.

Amsterdam at night
11 December

10 Unmissable Things To Do In Amsterdam At Night

When the sun goes down, Amsterdam really comes to life. Check out the best things to do at night in Amsterdam here.

Restaurant in Amsterdam
11 December

Best Brunch In Amsterdam: The Definitive Guide

If you're looking for the best midmorning meal the city of Amsterdam has to offer, you've come to the right place.

Food in Amsterdam
11 December

Where To Find The Best Street Food In Amsterdam

Amsterdam is home to the best culinary scene in the Netherlands. Check out some of the city's most exciting places to eat.

Street art in Amsterdam
8 December

The Top 13 Free Things To Do In Amsterdam

Amsterdam isn't the cheapest place, but look below the surface, and you'll find lots of bargains in this fascinating city.

Playground in Amsterdam
8 December

11 Things To Do In Amsterdam With Kids

Traveling with the family? Amsterdam has plenty to offer kids of all ages.

8 December

The 7 Best Museums In Amsterdam

Amsterdam's museums rival those of any European city. History buffs and art lovers find for a real treat in the Dutch capital.

Hiking trail in Amsterdam
6 December

The 9 Best Hikes In Amsterdam

In this city of bikes and canals, you'll also find plenty of places to stretch your legs.

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