Wine Tasting in Amsterdam: 10 Places You Have to Try

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Amsterdam is the largest city and the official capital of the Netherlands. It’s known for its collection of great art, distinctive color and flavor, and impressive modern architecture that developed organically between its historical buildings’ facades. It isn’t a huge city, so most of its major sites are within close distance, making it a favorite stop among architecture enthusiasts. Museums are a hit too, including the intriguing Van Gogh Museum – it's a must-visit.

When it comes to its nightlife scene, there are plenty of things to do at night in Amsterdam. From attending dance festivals to exploring its bars, clubs, and restaurants, there’s always something to suit every taste and budget. Just drop off your bags at a Bounce luggage facility in Amsterdam so you can enjoy a perfect night out burden free and without worries.

If you want to sample authentic Dutch wine, you can attend an array of Amsterdam tours, food pairings, and wine tastings. Visit a winery, explore a tasting room, or go on a food tour to discover the unique flavors of Dutch cheeses, delicious food, and more. Besides wine tours, a wine tasting in Amsterdam can also be enjoyed at its numerous wine bars, offering local and international wines, small bites, and a great atmosphere to catch up with friends.

Bubbles & Wines

Bubbles & Wines is a wine and champagne bar located in a quaint lane in central Amsterdam. It’s a stone’s throw away from Dam Square, home to many top city attractions, making it an obligatory stop when touring the city center. It includes the Royal Palace, the 15th-century New Church (Nieuwe Kerk), and the National Monument, a work of art that stands out on the Dam’s eastern side.

At Bubbles & Wine, you can pick from over 55 high-quality wines served by the glass. It has an extended list of wines and champagnes, representing wines from old- and new-world countries worldwide.

Feeling overwhelmed with the options available or just want to sample a little? You can get a combination of three half glasses and enjoy an individual wine tasting in Amsterdam. They also serve delicious snacks to enhance your experience while savoring the delectable wines and champagnes.

Make your reservations online for up to six persons. If you’re visiting with more than six people or have special requests, the bar can make special arrangements to cater to your needs.

Address: Nes 37, 1012 KC Amsterdam


Chateau Amsterdam is a wine shop and an urban winery in the north of Amsterdam hidden among the industrial-style buildings in the area. It’s a go-to place for those looking for top-quality wines produced on Dutch soil. Here, you can pop in for a taste before buying a bottle or get professional advice on which natural wine will fit your dinner.

This winery is a true wine lover’s paradise, featuring a convenient tasting room where you can taste flavorful Dutch wines. Book a wine tour and an urban wine tasting in Amsterdam, and you’ll get to sample seven of Chateau’s best wines, red, orange, and white. To complete the adventure, the chef prepares a range of small dishes and delicious bites perfect for dinner and wine pairing.

If you enjoy great conversation, wonderful wines, fine dining, and an educational wine tour, Chateau Amsterdam is the right place to go. It’s conveniently located on the waterfront in Amsterdam Noord, just ten minutes from the central station by bike. Book a table at the urban winery and admire the large tanks, oak barrels, and amphorae filled with aging grape juice waiting to transform into excellent wines.

Address: Gedempt Hamerkanaal 139, 1021 KP Amsterdam

Wijnbar Boelen & Boelen

A three-minute walk from the Albert Cuyp Market, a bustling outdoor market in the city, Wijnbar Boelen & Boelen is a wine bar in the De Pijp district. It’s a busy neighborhood with narrow streets lined with cafes, old-school pubs, eateries, and restaurants with sidewalk terraces.

Wijnbar Boelen & Boelen is the oldest wine bar in the Netherlands, providing comprehensive wine knowledge and over 100 bottles on its heavenly wine list. If you want to sample luscious Dutch wine, it has no less than 35 wines on the glass for an exciting wine tasting. Don’t worry about arriving with an empty stomach, as De Wijnbar will treat you to French cuisine for an unforgettable dining experience.

Its open kitchen, spacious area, and large windows contribute to its informal and cozy setting. You can also chill on the large terrace in the summer while enjoying some classic French dishes and a tasty glass of wine.

Address: Eerste van der Helststraat 50, 1072 NV Amsterdam

Wijnbar Paulus Amsterdam

Drink, dine, and shop at a warm and inviting wine bar and shop located in the heart of Amsterdam’s Latin Quarter, Pijp. Wijnbar Paulus takes pride in its homey vibe and cozy décor. It continues to attract individuals and groups looking for a space to enjoy delicious food and sample international and local Dutch wines.

Their impressive collection includes wine from Italy, Spain, Germany, France, and more. They also have soda and strong alcoholic drinks, such as V2C classic Dutch Dry Gin, Cragganmore 12, and Flor de Caña.

If you’re here for a guided tasting, you can select three to six half-glasses, ranging from around $14 to $26. Every wine served comes with an explanation and stories from an expert sommelier. There are also marinated olives, a cheese platter, and tasty snacks to accompany your wine tasting.

Address: Ceintuurbaan 348, 1072 GP Amsterdam


A glass of wine, a delightful selection of delectable dishes, and good company - what else could you ask for when visiting Amsterdam? At the wine bar Paskamer, visitors can enjoy the best high wine experience with a selection of wine-food combinations. It’s located in the De Pijp neighborhood, one of the city’s most vibrant cosmopolitan districts.

Paskamer proves that excellent food and great wine should go together with its wine pairing and a full menu of local dishes, snacks, and drinks. It also offers wine tastings for all occasions, whether a friendly gathering, a company outing, a bachelorette party, or an afternoon with loved ones.

Plus, it collaborates with Amsterdam Wine Academy, offering courses and wine training. The wine bar serves as one of the course locations, and you’ll find some of its experienced sommeliers involved in the lessons.

Address: Lutmastraat 132, 1073 HB Amsterdam

Rayleigh & Ramsay

With several locations throughout the city center, Rayleigh & Ramsay ensure you get a taste of some of the world’s best wines. Unlike most restaurants and bars that offer limited wines you can try by the glass, Rayleigh & Ramsay has high-end wine dispensers, allowing guests to sample wines that aren’t usually available by the glass.

At Rayleigh & Ramsay, you can pick from over 100 wines by the glass to be enjoyed in a cozy atmosphere with wooden chairs and warm lighting. It’s a self-service wine dispenser, so you can serve the wine you want whenever you want it.

You need a Wine Card to use the dispenser, which can be personalized with your data. You can always recharge it if you want more, and if there are credits left at the end of the day, just return the card, and they will refund the amount in cash.

Address: Van Woustraat 97, 1074 AG; Van Noordtstraat 28, 1013 SM; Oranje-Vrijstaatkade 66, 1093 KS, Amsterdam


Nestled in the charming Jordaan neighborhood of the city of Amsterdam, diVino is a wine bar for a perfect night out. It’s a small, intimate bar with a lot to offer its guests. It serves drinks and a food menu that changes very often to match every taste. Dishes like fresh pasta, meat, bruschetta, and burrata are only a few food items you’ll find on the menu.

If you’re craving Italian dishes and wines, you’re in for a treat at diVino wine bar. But besides specializing in food from the Mediterranean country, its comprehensive wine list consists of bottles from Sicily and mainland Italy. It includes some popular names like Amarone, Pinot, and Brunello, along with wines sourced from small family farms.

Drop by for some good wine paired with fantastic food by Napolitan chef Paolo. You can also opt for a special wine tasting if you’re visiting as a small group and want to stop at the wine bar. It’s a great way to enjoy Italian cheese plates and charcuterie and learn about every glass of wine you try.

Address: Boomstraat 41-A, 1015 LB

Bar Parry

Tucked in one of the narrow streets of the Jordaan district, Bar Parry is a lovely cozy wine bar serving small dishes, Dutch cheese, and charcuterie with a nice glass of wine. It works closely with a well-known wine shop, Wijnwinkel, located on the 9 streets, where it obtains most products from the wine list.

Bar Parry boasts an excellent selection of sparkling wines, whites, reds, and Rosés to suit every taste and preference. It doesn’t require a reservation, so you can walk in anytime between 5 PM to midnight from Wednesday to Saturday and from 1 PM to 7 PM on Sunday.

Address: Eerste Looiersdwarsstraat 15, 1016 VM Amsterdam

Born to Taste Amsterdam

Born to Taste Amsterdam is your one-stop destination if you’re looking for award-winning Dutch wines, fine dining, and food tours. It’s a company that will take you on another level of culinary adventure in Amsterdam, from cooking classes and interactive food tours to private dining and wine and cheese tasting.

During the two-hour wine & cheese tasting, guests can sample a selection of authentic Dutch cheese and fine wines. You will be taken to the city’s elegant business district and enjoy a laid-back atmosphere in a beautiful setting within easy reach of the central city. You can also join a boat tour where you can savor unique cheese and wine while touring through the city’s historic canals.

Those looking to improve their cooking prowess can pick from a diet-friendly cooking class, vegan, and Mediterranean cooking classes. But if you just want to enjoy great food and pleasant conversation with other food enthusiasts, have an exclusive dining experience with chef Elaine.

Book the culinary journey you want to try at Born to Taste Amsterdam. It’s a great opportunity for locals and guests to connect over the city’s extraordinary culinary delights.

Address: Rosy Wertheimstraat 8, 1082 MZ Amsterdam


GlouGlou is a wine bar and shop specializing in high-quality natural wine. Its winemakers work without artificial fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides, so you can enjoy the fine taste of your drinks in the Oude Pijp neighborhood.

The atmosphere inside the bar is pleasant and friendly, with wooden tables, classy décor elements, and warm lighting illuminating the place. As soon as you enter, you will be greeted by courteous and knowledgeable staff who will suggest some good labels if you don’t know where to start. In addition to its impressive natural wine list, GlouGlou serves small plates and snacks.

The shop is small and intimate, but it currently doesn’t take reservations. Thankfully, there’s a large terrace where you can relax in the summer and enjoy your wine in an open and refreshing environment. Besides the local Dutch wines, you can also buy French wines to take home or as a gift or sample them by the glass.

All natural, organic, and additive-free wines are available every day. The shop is open from Monday to Friday between 3 PM and midnight and from 2 PM until midnight on Saturdays and Sundays.

Address: 2e van der Helststraat 3, 1073 CW Amsterdam

Amsterdam Tours and Wine Tasting

A wine tasting and tour is one of the activities you should include in your 3 days in Amsterdam. It allows you to discover the city’s gastronomic culture and provides an informal space to meet new people, gather with friends, and learn about the city’s wine culture.

Even if you have a week or an entire month to explore the Netherlands capital, filling your schedule with exciting events like wine pairing, cheese tasting, and wine tours guarantees a wonderful experience.

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