5 beaches near Athens: Where to go for sun, sand, and surf

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Beaches near Athens

If you have decided to head to Athens to enjoy history and culture, you might also want to visit a sandy beach (or two) during your trip. There are few places in the world that are as ideal for enjoying the sand and the sun. You can find locations with beach umbrellas and beach club spots, or you can even just head to a beautiful beach that is private and quiet. The Athens city centre area offers many perks that you will love, but there is nothing like a day lounging in the warmth with the sound of the waves in your ears.

Things like the Acropolis are well worth your time, and you will not be that far from the best beaches near Athens when you are in the city center. Heading out to sandy beaches is much easier than many people realize when they choose to visit Athens.

Before you pick a beach bar to head to or choose from the best beaches in Athens, you need to take care of your luggage. Head to a Bounce luggage service in Athens, and we can take care of everything while you explore the coast.

From lounging on sun beds to traveling the scenic coastal highway, there is a sense of adventure about heading to these beach locations that you can't replace with other activities. Greece is a little slice of heaven that many people dream of visiting, and much of the city's beauty is in its surroundings. That's where the best beaches near Athens come in. After all, that postcard-worthy sunset that made you book your trip was probably taken on one of the beaches in this guide!

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Vouliagmeni Beach near Athens

Vouliagmeni Beach

This is one of the most popular beach locations near Athens for a good reason. There are tons of things to do near this beach, and you can pick and choose the way that you want to experience your time here. While this is not a soft sandy beach, you will not mind wearing flip-flops when you walk along this lovely part of the coast. Also, water shoes are definitely recommended.

Vouliagmeni Beach travel distance from Athens

You can drive to this lovely beach in about forty minutes. Public transit from the Athens Train Station will take you to Vouliagmeni in an hour.

Our activity recommendations

Vouliagmeni’s Akti Beach is where to head for water sports or to use volleyball courts. You will probably miss the sandy beaches in Athens here, but not once you see that you can head to a beach bar, play at the sports facilities, or even learn to waterski, you will want to add this spot to your itinerary.

Many people also go for a walk in the hills to see the beach and the water from a new perspective. If you have the time to stay over the weekend, you can pick places like Astir Beach to stay in style right on the water. Astir Beach is lined with beach club locations that offer you access to all the amenities you could possibly want.

The summer is a great time to visit this beach, but you can also head here any time of the year. The beach bar locations are open year-round as well.

Beaches in Athens

Voula Beach

While this area is largely residential, this means that the beach scene here is quiet and calm. This is a great place to relax and unwind and take part in a peaceful bar scene that is very different than Astir Beach. While there are some beach bar locations you can head to here to have fun, this is a great place to lounge in the sun, eat a nice meal, and maybe even go shopping.

Voula Beach travel distance from Athens

It takes 30 minutes to get to this beach and about 45 minutes using public transportation, which involves the metro and Line 171 bus.

Our activity recommendations

The Thalassea Beach area is the best lounging beach in this area and often the place where people plan to spend the day getting sun and swimming. There is also a canteen here so you can get water, drinks, and snacks. This is one of the best places for swimming spots, but people who love the beach bar vibe might not enjoy this location as much.

Voula Park is a lovely green space that many people head to in order to enjoy some peace in the shade, and you can easily walk here and listen to the ocean. This area is also adjacent to the eateries and places to go shopping near the beach.

This beach is a year-round location, and the beach bars stay open throughout the year. Since this is a great place to head to have a bit of a party, you can also count on fairly stable prices year-round here. Some of the other beaches in this guide might have a low and a high season, but the places that offer beach bars and beach club access are typically similar in price all year.

Glyfada Beach near Athens

Glyfada Beach

This is one of the best beaches in Athens, and there are lots of beach bar places to head to here. This sandy beach is great for lounging, great for sipping a cocktail, and perfect for swimming. This is a white sandy beach which is typically what everyone wants when they head to the beach in Athens.

Glyfada Beach travel distance from Athens

This beach is half an hour away from Athens by car and about an hour by public transportation. You'll need to use both the metro and the bus to get here.

Our activity recommendations

Head here for free beach umbrellas, loungers, and the soft sand that makes you want to walk in the surf. Many of the beaches in Athens will make you pay for your sun loungers, but not this beach. This popular beach is affordable, and you can easily get snacks and drinks from the nearby city center area before you head to this location to relax.

Glyfada offers you access to local shops and lots of lovely coffee shops and cafes. When you head here, you will feel like you are at a private beach, particularly in the early morning hours. While not a secluded beach, the vibe of this location is very mellow and fun.

June through August is the best time to head to this beach location. These are the warmest months here, but that makes them ideal for beach time and for enjoying what this area near Athens has to offer.

White sand beaches near Athens

Votsalakia Beach

Piraeus locals love this beach for its soft, white sand, the fun activities that can be enjoyed when you visit, and the lovely weather. The proximity to the city centre is another attraction, and the beach park locations near the beach itself make this an ideal place to head with kids.

Votsalakia Beach travel distance from Athens

This lovely beach is just ten kilometers from the city centre. This means that you can easily hop down to this lovely beach spot without even having to hit the coastal highway in some cases. This is one of the closest beaches to the heart of the city, which might make it an easy choice if you don't want to spend an hour on public transit or you don't have a car that you have rented for your time in Athens.

Our activity recommendations

Play volleyball on the beach here, or just walk the long sandy beach and enjoy the sound of the waves and the lovely warm weather. This is the most walkable of the beaches, and it is definitely one of the best beaches near Athens.

The architecture of the Kastella neighborhood is lovely, and many people take a break from their water sports and sunbathing to visit this part of the city. You can also enjoy shopping and dining in the nearby town of Piraeus if you need a little break from the sun.

This is also a really great beach for swimming, so if you love swimming in the ocean, you should head here to enjoy the Aegean Sea. Not every beach near Athens offers good swimming conditions, so take advantage of it while you can.

Akti Iliou Beach near Athens

Akti Iliou

The one downside to heading to this beach is that you will be charged a fee to enjoy it, but the tradeoff is that this is easily one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. The sand here is so soft it feels like a pillow, and the water is clear, blue, and swimmable. You will feel like you have walked right into a dream or a postcard when you head here, which is worth the small amount of money that it costs to get access to the beach.

One of the biggest reasons that paying to access the beach here is worth it is that most of the local restaurants right along the water will be happy to bring your drinks and food while you lounge near the water.

Akti Iliou Beach travel distance from Athens

It will take about 20 minutes to drive to this beach and about 45 minutes on the metro and bus to get to Akti you Iliou Beach.

Our activity recommendations

The beach bar and beach club scene are huge here, and this is a great place to head for sun beds, drinks, and lovely food. If you love dancing and you love the beach, then Akti Iliou is for you. Bolivar Beach Bar is the best club located along this stretch of sand, and many people come to visit this beach just to enjoy this venue.

There are many delightful places just back off the beach where you can have a fancy meal with a view of the sunset over the ocean. Shopping is not far away here either for those who love retail therapy.

This is also a great jumping-off place if you want to book a dinner cruise and make the most of the sunset. From water sports to relaxation, there are tons of things to do at this lovely beach. April through August are the best months to enjoy this location along the Aegean Sea.

Best beaches near Athens


If you are worried about being able to afford to enjoy sun beds and water sports at these lovely beach locations, you need to check out our guide to visiting Athens on a budget. Beaches are great ways to make your travel dollars stretch further. If you don't need a lounger or an umbrella, most of the beaches around the city are completely free. All you have to budget for are your refreshments and the transportation cost to get there. Plus, it's super easy to spend a whole day at any one of these spots, saving your budget for other worthwhile attractions.

You might also have the budget to enjoy Athens for more than a few days. If this is the case, consider taking a weekend trip from Athens to really make the most of your time in Greece. These beaches are only a small few of the ones available near Athens. Take the time to go island hopping to see even more or venture further along the coast, and whatever you do, don't forget your sunscreen and your bathing suit.

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