13 Things To Do In Athens With Kids

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Are you ready to visit Athens to teach the family about one of the oldest cities in the world? Athens is thought to be the second oldest city in all of Europe and it is truly a great destination. Get ready to see major attractions in Athens – both older kids and younger kids can enjoy everything from food tours to day trips outside of the city.

The Museum of Greek Children’s Art, filled with masterpieces by Greek children, is a wonderful place to start. Of course, the Goulandris Museum of Natural History is another popular attraction for families and is filled with exhibits designed to make you think and use your imagination. What better activity for your busy crew?

Looking to spend lots of time outside? Beat the summer heat and take advantage of the fantastic Mediterranean sunshine. Explore several parks and allow the kids to run. Once you've looked around Athens, end the day playing water sports on the Athens Riviera. Remember, drop off the kids' heavy backpacks at an Athens bag storage spot before heading to a fun activity. Hands-free is always the best way to go.

No matter if you are exploring Athens with younger children or teens, you will find plenty to keep you all occupied and making memories that will last a lifetime. Check out our list of 13 things to do in Athens with kids. There is so much to do here!

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13 Things to Do with Kids in Athens


Located on a hill that overlooks the city of Athens, Acropolis is one of the best monumental complexes of ancient Greek architecture that is still in existence. The first walls surrounding the complex were built in the 13th century B.C. It was not until the 8th century B.C. that the religious sect of Athena came about.

During the 5th century B.C. the Propylaia, Parthenon, Erechtheion, and Athena Nike monuments were built. Many believe that it was at Acropolis that the ideals of philosophy, democracy, and freedom of speech and expression were born. These monuments have survived over 25 centuries and stood strong through natural disasters and war.

Today, you and your kids can make it an adventure, soaking up the history of Acropolis and standing in the shadows of some of the most amazing monuments of ancient Greece. While you are here with the whole family make sure you stop by the new Acropolis Museum.

Acropolis Museum

Located at the foot of the hill, the Acropolis Museum is a modern building that looks a bit out of place among the ancient monuments of Acropolis. Here you will get up close and personal with several ancient Greek statues and artifacts. Expect to spend between two and three hours fully exploring all of the Acropolis Museum.

There are professional guides available who speak Greek and English. You may want to hire a guide so you do not miss anything important. Sit down and watch a short video on the history of Acropolis and if you are lucky, there may even be a live musical or dance performance.


Located in Acropolis, the Parthenon is the epitome of ancient Greece. These historical ruins are best known for the white marble columns and almost perfect symmetry of the monument. The Parthenon is part of Greek mythology and was dedicated to Athena Parthenos and is considered the most well-known and beautifully designed monument from ancient Athens on Acropolis.

Be sure to block off about three hours to spend at the Parthenon and Acropolis. You will stroll through history beginning in the 400s B.C. when the Parthenon was built and continue through the preservation of the monument that occurs today. 

Karavi at Schinias

Be sure to pack your swimsuits, beach towels, and suntan lotion in the family backpacks because you and the kids will want to spend a sunny afternoon at the beach. Kavari at Schinias is one of the most popular public beaches near Athens and is a must-visit for lovers of the ocean.

This sandy place of beauty has several amenities that make the day just a little more comfortable including an on-site restaurant, beach volleyball court, athletic courts, beach bar, and even a windsurfing school. Park yourself under a shady beach umbrella or stretch out on one of the sunbeds to work on your tan while the kids play nearby.

Playground at Golden Hall

The vibrancy of the Playground at Golden Hall will draw you in and make you want to pull up a chair. Let the sun warm your skin while the gang spends an hour or two playing games and making new friends. The playground is surrounded by nature and there is even a small sculptured fountain next to it.

You can hit a few of the shops nearby while your kids play or sit and watch as the children are entertained by live shows and other activities designed especially for them. The jungle gym is a big draw and a great place to snap some silly photos of your family. Afterward, get your Athens shopping fix before heading back to the hotel.

Museum of Greek Children’s Art

Located in the Plaka neighborhood of Athens, this fun attraction is one of the most unique art museums filled with works of art created by children, mainly Greek children. The artists range in age from 4 to 14 years and have made some amazing masterpieces. The whole family will love strolling through the museum.

Roam through and see 3D art pieces, drawings, paintings, and even ambitious and lovely sculptures and pottery.  There are over 7,000 different pieces of art and the mission of the art museum is educating about art and art history through hands-on workshops and contests. Sign your kids up for a workshop while here for an entertaining afternoon.

Allou! Fun Park

Head to Rentis, a neighborhood in Athens, for a day at one of the most popular family-friendly places in the city. Allou! Fun Park is an entertainment mecca for kids and filled with a wide variety of games that your kids will love playing. Visit the 4D gate for an intriguing and unique experience. Even young kids will have a blast here.

Send your kids on the Crazy Mouse and the Big Apple for a thrilling, spinning good time or watch as they raft at La Isla. Tiptoe your way through the House of Fear and its scary rides and ambiance. For a more relaxing time, visit the Carousel, Youpi Tower, or Bloom Bloom boats. The inflatable rides and games are also a marvelous time. This venture is sure to make everyone hungry, so plan to seek out the best Athens street food pronto!

National Garden of Athens

Designed by Friedrich von Gaertner, a German architect, in 1863, the National Garden of Athens was originally called the Royal Garden as it was Queen Amalia’s idea to create such a space. The garden can be found from Irodou Attikou to Amalias Avenue and is a relaxing place to catch your breath for a bit.

Kids can wander along the paths and learn about the different plants as well as spend some time on the playground that is filled with seesaws, jungle gyms, and swings. The children’s library is also a favorite when you have the little crew in tow. Sit and feed the ducks that make this green space their home.

Children’s Museum

The city of Athens runs the Children’s Museum which is a popular spot for families with young children. The exhibits are designed to encourage critical thinking skills, imagination, and cooperative play. Exhibits here are all hands-on and kids are encouraged to dive in and have fun.

Shop at the make-believe market, count out the money, bake cookies in the kitchen, climb to the attic and jump through a wormhole that sends one back in time. The activities are all designed to be fun, educational, and exciting for the kids and you will love watching them as they unleash their imaginations.

Athens Happy Train

All the family will be smiling when they hop aboard the Athens Happy Train, a sightseeing tour that takes you through the historical districts of Athens. The bright red Happy Train is a cool experience for older kids who are especially into learning more about the history of Athens.

The tour will begin in Syntagma Square. It then winds through the streets of downtown Athens, up Acropolis hill, down past the Acropolis Museum, and finally hopping off at Monastiraki Square. This 90-minute tour also includes the Temple of Zeus, Theater of Herodes Atticus, Ancient and Roman Market, and Hadrian’s Arch.

Museum of School Life and Education

When you are in the Plaka neighborhood visiting the Greek Children’s Art Museum, stop by to explore the Museum of School Life and Education. The museum is on the oldest street in Athens, Tripodon Street, in a building that was constructed during the 19th century.

Be sure to look up when you visit this museum. The painted ceilings are absolutely awesome! The mission here is to showcase the school system in Athens throughout the years and see how things have evolved. Drop by the gift shop for some original and unique souvenirs the whole family will love to bring home.

Goulandris Natural History Museum

Head to the Athens suburb of Kifissia and visit the Goulandris Natural History Museum. The main mission of this museum is to conserve, protect, and study the natural environment in and around Athens. Athenian schoolchildren will most likely visit here at least once during their school career.

Your family can plan an excursion and spend an afternoon learning about the balance of various ecosystems, animals and plants that make these ecosystems work, and how to protect those ecosystems that are currently endangered.

Cultural Park

Grab the kids and head to Mesogeia near the Athens airport and plan a day at Cultural Park. This attraction is perfect for kids of all ages and includes several art workshops for young kids, older kids, and even for the entire family to take together. Hit some of the shops and street vendors making handmade jewelry and worry beads. 

Learn more about Greek folklore and how Greek culture has been influenced by foreign nations. Cultural Park is also home to the Museum of Greek Ethnography and a fun way to spend an hour or so. View the interesting exhibit on retro bicycles, a charming train, and even a place to plant herbs and care for live animals.

What Are the Best Family Activities in Athens?

Finding family-friendly activities when you have young kids in tow can be a bit challenging if you do not know where to look. Finding activities when you have older kids can also be quite tough. But, never fear, Athens has several exciting activities safe and fun for kids of all ages.

Best things to do with younger children:

Playground at Golden Hall

The perfect place for young kids to run, shout and play while the adults relax at this large shaded playground or do a little shopping.

Allou! Fun Park

Kids will run and burn off energy, exploring all the various games and hands-on activities available.

Children’s Museum

Filled with interactive and hands-on activities that promote learning and imagination, this museum is ideal for young kids.

Athens Happy Train

Jump on the Happy Train and take a 90-minute trip through historic Athens. The open-air cable car train is a favorite for younger children.

Best things to do with older children:


Take a trip back to ancient Athens and meander through some of the most amazing monuments still standing.


Over 25 centuries old, the Parthenon is an absolute must-see and older children will love exploring this monument.

Karavi at Schinias

A trip to the beach is a great way for older children to enjoy fun in the sun while hanging out with the entire family.

Cultural Park

With shops, workshops, a museum, and several other interesting things to explore, older kids will love hanging out here.

Free things to do with kids:


Visit an island-like portion of Athens and spend a few hours breathing in the fresh air and exploring this area filled with old-world charm.

Changing of the Guards

Head to Syntagma Square and watch the Changing of the Guards ceremony which occurs every hour during the weekdays and each Sunday at 11:00 a.m.

Street Art in Psirri and Gazi

Stroll through the neighborhoods of Psirri and Gazi and take in the colorful, vibrant murals created by street artists.

National Gardens of Athens

This oasis is located right in the middle of downtown Athens and is a terrific spot to spend a few hours and have a picnic with the family.

See the Greek Capital with the Kids 

Your gang will have a blast visiting Athens especially when you find the perfect activities to keep the whole family entertained. Learn a little bit about Greek history and the ancient world. Find a family-friendly place to stay and jump right into local culture to make this city break one of your best family holidays!

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