Barcelona on a budget: 7 travel hacks to save on your trip

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Barcelona on a budget

Barcelona is a very memorable place to visit, but it isn't exactly one of the most affordable places to travel to if you are on a budget. Top top tourist attractions, like touring some of Gaudi's impressive buildings and the Sagrada Familia, can easily break the budget if you're not careful. Luckily, visiting Barcelona on a budget is easier than you might think, and walking tours, along with free Barcelona attraction visits, can save you lots of money.

Eating out can be expensive when you are traveling across Europe, but Barcelona offers you access to excellent places to get libations or to have a filling meal that you can afford on a tight travel budget. The restaurants generally offer things like the menu del dia (daily menu) that are excellent bargains. Being able to save money while you visit Barcelona is easy with a little planning, and this guide will show you how to make the most of your time in this amazing city while sticking to your budget.

Before you head out to enjoy what Barcelona has to offer, you need to make sure that you store your bags safely in Barcelona with Bounce. There's nothing worse than trying to explore a new city while dragging luggage behind you. This way, you can head out to make the most of your time in this memorable city full of affordable things to see and do.

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Cheap hotels in Barcelona

Cheap places to stay in Barcelona

The cost of your hotel can be one of the bigger expenditures when you are traveling to any place around the world. Being able to save money on your hotel is a must when you are traveling to Barcelona on a budget. If you can find a cheap flight and an affordable hotel, you will have the money that you need to be left over to make memories.

If you are not sure which of the various neighborhoods you want to pick a hotel in, you need to look at our guide on where to stay in Barcelona for more information.

Hotel Jazz

This really cool hotel is located at Pelai 3, 08001, and you will love that this location is right at the heart of the city. This hotel makes it simple to walk to most of the main attractions, like the Gothic Quarter, which is about ten minutes away on foot. You can get to a metro station in less than a minute from this spot as well. There is Wi-fi here, city views, a rooftop pool, and much more.

The average cost for a night at Hotel Jazz is $100, and you can splurge on extras if your budget allows. Enjoy a comfortable bed with amazing views without breaking the bank when you choose this hotel for your time in Barcelona.

Affordable accommodation in Barcelona

The Corner Hotel

This boutique hotel is located smack dab in the middle of the Historic District at Mallorca 178. The hotel is in the Eixample district, which is one of the more recently renovated and improved areas in the older part of the city. You can head to the Gothic Quarter from this budget hotel, or maybe you will want to pop over to Park Guell. You will enjoy cozy and contemporary rooms along with beautiful views over the city from the hotel pool. The neighborhood is full of quaint old industrial buildings, shopping, and cafes, so there is a lot to do right in the proximity of your hotel.

This hotel will cost you a bit more than Hotel Jazz, at about $150 a night, but you will be in an ideal location to navigate the city on foot and head to lots of the best attractions. This location is about a ten-minute walk to public transit lines, but there are buses that pick up and drop off right by the hotel.

Generator Barcelona

If you are willing to stay at a hostel, the Generator Barcelona is the right choice for you. Rooms are dorm-style, and most of them sleep eight people in a room when at max capacity. You will spend only about $40 a night here, and you will get access to fast wi-fi and a cute little bar area to hang out and meet new friends. This spot is right by bus lines and the metro station, and the helpful staff can provide suggestions for ways to navigate the city while saving some money.

Being able to head to the Gothic Quarter or Park Guell is easy from this location, and this is a great way to visit Barcelona on a budget while also making new friends. Budget hotel options are a great way to visit Barcelona on a budget, and hostels are some of the most ideal ways to save money on your Barcelona trip.

Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Cheap things to do in Barcelona

Finding activities to do on a budget is not hard in Barcelona. The main tourist areas are quite walkable, and it feels like there are exciting things to see and do around every corner. Free walking tours are everywhere, and you might also end up saving money by popping into museums on free days or two for one days.

Rent a bike

It is really easy to rent a bike in Barcelona, and you can actually pedal all around the city to see the sights. This is one of the best ways to access all of the various older parts of the city without having to walk around on a free walking tour, and you can cover a lot more ground this way than you can on foot. Bike rentals are offered through numerous companies throughout the city, and you should have no trouble getting a bike to use for the day.

Consider heading out to the beach for a few hours or pedaling along the beautiful Passeig de San Joan. Bike rentals in Barcelona usually start at €7,95 an hour, but you can rent by the day for around €16.

Visit the Maritime Museum

Museums can be spendy in this city, but the Maritime Museum is just €5. This is a very cool permanent collection that offers you access to a ton of information about the maritime history of this city while saving money. This location is also free after 3 pm on Sundays, so you might want to plan to visit on Sunday to save even more money. You can wander around the old city walls in this area, and you will find lots of shops and eateries nearby as well.

Visiting Barcelona on a budget is all about making sure that you take advantage of the free or cheap tours that you can enjoy. This location can keep you busy for half a day if you wish, but you can see the main exhibits in about two hours.

Check out the CCCB

The Centre de Cultura Contemporania de Barcelona is a great place to head if you like festivals, workshops, and learning about the culture of a city. You will love the various special events that take place here throughout the week, and you can visit permanent collections as well as join debates and other kinds of interactive experiences when you visit.

Entrance to the CCCB is just €6 for an adult, and you can sometimes get special deals on groups who want to come to visit at the same time. Sundays also offer free admission during certain times of the year. 

Affordable places to eat in Barcelona

Cheap places to eat in Barcelona

If you love good food, Barcelona is the place for you. There are many tasty street food options in this city, but you can also sit down for a meal without making your wallet cry.

Croq & Roll

This lovely little shop is located near the Joanic metro stop on Travessera de Gracia. You need to head here for delicious veggie-friendly meals and to try a Spanish specialty- the croqueta. These delicious plates can be made with ham and cheese in the traditional way, or you can pick from other kinds of fillings to make your own unique croqueta meal. These are really filling, but you might want to add a few side dishes for sharing with your traveling buddies.

You can get a really good meal here for just €6.

Mercat de la Boqueria

Street markets are always a must-visit place to get a meal when you are traveling due to the wide array of things to choose from and the affordable prices. Head to this Mercat just off La Rambla to try Catalonian and Spanish cuisine. You'll find that things like fruit cups can be as affordable as €1, and you can enjoy pintxos, which are like tapas, for about €5 a person.

The Good Burger

Despite being a chain of restaurants in Spain, this is a great place to get a filling meal that will not break the bank. The burgers are huge here, and the fries come in large baskets. The food is also really good and quite fresh, making this feel like an upscale eatery and not a fast-food joint. You can plan on spending about €4 a person here, and there are 2-for-1 deals on specific days of the week which can help you to save even more money.

Cheap bars in Barcelona

Cheap bars in Barcelona

Heading out for drinks when you are traveling can seem like the last thing that you will have money for, but you can still travel on a budget and grab a pint or a cocktail. These cheap bars will make sure that you can have fun at night in Barcelona, even on a budget.


Located in Raval, this bar is central to the square, and it offers a really mellow atmosphere. You can get cozy in vintage furniture and order a pint or a cocktail, or you might want to head over to the bar and just hang out meeting new people. Cocktails are €5 on average, and beer will run you about €4. This is a popular place for the younger crowd, which means it can be a good way to meet people and get to know someone new.

L’Ovella Negra

This bar can be found in two locations in Barcelona, one of which is minutes from La Rambla. This is a local student favorite, which means that the crowd is young, and there are often backpackers and those staying in hostels hanging out here. You will enjoy a German pub atmosphere here with long wooden tables and sports on TV. Drinks like a beer can be as cheap as €1.20, and cocktails will run you about €3 to €5.

L’Antic Teatre

This is a hidden gem that is located by Palau de la Musica. This spot doesn’t look like much more than a hole in the wall, but on the inside, there is a cute garden space and some cozy tables and chairs to sit at. Beers are €2 here, and cocktails and wine will run you about €5. This is a lovely spot that is known mostly by locals, which means that it will be quiet and chill no matter what time of day you drop in.

How to explore Barcelona on a budget

Bonus budget tips for Barcelona

Free museum days

One of our best money-saving tips in Barcelona is to head to museums on free days. You can check out the free admissions hours and days that are offered for each site on the website that is associated with the location. There are also sometimes combined tickets that can be purchased through ticket sellers to get to see a bunch of attractions during your stay for an affordable price.

Use your feet

Make sure that you consider just walking the various zones of the city to take in the beauty of the city at a leisurely pace. You can easily head to the older parts of the city and just wander, taking pictures, snacking on street food, and immersing yourself in the culture of this amazing place. Places like Barcelona Port are very walkable and offer lots to do, as well as great shopping and dining. Locations like Park Guell and Santa Maria del Mar are great areas to walk around for free, and you might want to plan to tour Barcelona with these kinds of locations in mind.

Watch your stuff

Another thing that every traveler needs to be aware of in Barcelona is that there are pickpockets in the various popular tourist areas. Don't put your money in a pocket or a purse where it might be readily accessible. You should have no trouble with these people if you are attentive to your possessions and you make sure that you are not presenting as an easy target. However, if you are traveling on a budget, this is a good tip to keep in mind when you are in crowded places.


Visiting Barcelona and trying to save money can actually go hand-in-hand. You can use these money-saving tips to make the most of your time in this lovely city. Visiting Barcelona is a great way to make lots of memories. Between free walking tours, free museums, other fun free things to do, and delicious, affordable food in the city center, you can explore Barcelona and save money. Our money-saving tips will help you to spend just a few euros at some of the major attractions around the city as well. Barcelona is full of amazing opportunities to make memories, and with a little planning, you can have the time of your life, even on a strict budget.

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