15 Things To Do In Bari With Kids

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Amusement parks for kids in Bari

If you are heading to southern Italy, Bari needs to be on your itinerary. You will love that there are so many things to do with kids in Bari, from Bari tours to seeing the Adriatic Sea and much more. There are amazing museums to visit in this coastal city as well as some fun free things to do. People of all ages will love everything about the city of Bari, and you can enjoy delicious food as well as adventures every day you're in town.

If you have flown into the city or if you have arrived through some other means of travel, you will be immediately able to find enticing things to do with your kids. You will want to stow your bags at a Bounce luggage storage in Bari before you head out on the town. Once your bags are stored properly, the whole family is free to enjoy all that this city has to offer.

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Things to do with kids in Bari, Italy

15 Things to do with Kids in Bari

Castel Del Monte

This 13th-century city in southern Italy is a Unesco world heritage site, and it's entertaining to enjoy with your kids. The castle was built by Frederick II, and it is one of the most exciting museums in the city. Bari museums are almost all housed in buildings that are just as special as the collections that are housed in them. This location is very magical with kids, and you will love taking them to see an actual castle.

Scavi Di Egnazia - Museo

This historical site dates back to the Roman empire, and it's an old historic city center that really must be seen when you are in Bari. You will love taking your kids here to see the wonder that they feel about the location and all that it stands for. Seeing a place that is a ruin of a former city center can make an impression on children who have never seen anything like this before.

Norman-Swabian Castle

Kids love to play at being knights and princesses, and this exciting location is historical but also offers your kids the chance to play dress up and use their imagination. Impersonating knights and damsels is really fun for children and the Norman-Swabian castle can be just like a giant playhouse for your kids. You will appreciate the history of the site as well.

The Norman-Swabian Castle is a great all-ages stop on your trip and the architecture is very impressive and unique. Norman-Swabian is just one of the fairytale castles in Bari. If your kid loves the romance and excitement of castle locations, they will be so excited to stop here.

Miragica - Terra di Giganti

Miragica amusement park is a really exciting place to take your kids to ride adventurous park rides. Miragica offers events like color parties, and there are tame rides as well, like a carousel. There are rides for kids of all ages here, and you will love seeing your kids smiling from ear to ear as they ride the rides. This is also an excellent place to visit at night. The glow of the lights really adds to the whole experience.

The Underground City

Kids will love visiting the mysterious tunnels under the city. This adventure will tap into their love of fairytales and adventure, and adults can get more out of the historical information that is shared during the tour in this area. Kids often say that they feel like Indiana Jones as they explore the tunnels under the castle and learn about hidden artifacts. Taking a guided walking tour here is recommended. The underground city is a big draw for people of all ages, so adults will feel just as engaged as kids during this experience.

Beach days in Bari, Italy

The Old Fish Market

Located in Old Town, frequenting The Old Fish Market is an experience that kids will love. The fish sellers shout at people to buy their wares and display them with verve and excitement. The Old Fish Market is a noisy and chaotic place that kids will be so excited about. Old-fashioned marketplace experiences are exceptional to visit, and this is the benefit of coming to Bari, Italy. The sellers here throw fresh fish, shout to one another, and have a grand time.

Castello Normanno Svevo

This castle is located near Old Town and kids will be so excited to tour a location that is absolutely breathtaking and makes them think of a fantasy castle. Each turn opens up more intriguing things to see and interact with, and all the marble and the artifacts are incredible to see. There is also a great view of the beach here, and the courtyard offers its own delights.

Bari Cathedral

Bari Cathedral dates back to the 12th century, and it's one of the most memorable places to visit in Old Town. The cathedral is a delightful location that is a great example of Romanesque architecture that the whole family will enjoy. The Old City is unique, and you can actually feel the city's heart and the beat of its history just below the surface when you visit this spot.

Bari Cathedral is quite large, and kids, especially older ones, will likely enjoy touring the various nooks and crannies around the church. This is one of the best examples of Romanesque architecture that you can see anywhere in the world. Your kids will be amazed at the scale of the place and how huge and spacious the interior of this building is.

Visit the Beach

Apulian Beaches are an amazing place to have fun in the sun. Let the kids loose to play on the sandy beach or in the crystal clear water. There are not many beaches that are as lovely as Apulian Beaches, and you will have so much fun here with your kids. Bari, Italy is a great place to go just for the weather and the beach, and this often tops lists of free things to do in Bari.

The beaches in this part of the world are famous for their soft sand, their perfect temperatures, and their lack of harsh winds. It is so simple to just set up an umbrella, spread a towel, and just relax. You might think that you have been to beautiful beaches in other places, but the Adriatic Sea coastline boasts some of the most famous beaches in the world for a reason.

Piazza Mercantile

The Piazza Mercantile has been the commercial center of the city since the 14the century. This location and the Bari Harbor are some of the oldest parts of the city and places where you and your family can have so much fun. The Piazza Mercantile offers you the chance to shop from local traders and pop-up markets. Your kids will have fun taking in the sights here, just like you will.

The Piazza Mercantile was the hub of the economy and the center of the city all the way through the 19th century. This is a city that made its life from its connection with the sea, and the Piazza Mercantile shows you just how much this is true. Maritime cities have fascinating histories, and you and your kids will love learning about all the parts of the past in this area just by visiting this historical square.

Exploring Old Town Bari with kids

Old Town

The oldest part of the city is well worth a visit. There are leftover buildings from the Roman empire here that families can experience together. The Russian Orthodox Church is also worth a visit, and if you haven't already stopped in at Bari Cathedral, now's your chance. You can make an entire day out touring Old Town, and you and your kids will be steps from great food and fantastic activities no matter where you are in the oldest part of the city.

There are so many winding streets and old buildings to enjoy in this part of the city. The land-side is the Murat Quarter from the 19th century. The sea-side is the old part of town that dates back to the 12th and 13th centuries. You will be able to enjoy both pieces of the town's history in this part of the city, which is uncommon, even in Europe.

Bari Vecchia

The Basilica of San Nicola is located here, and this is one of the places in the city where historical buildings are around every corner. Bari Vecchia is mostly about sightseeing but your kids will have fun in this part of Bari, Italy just as much as the water parks and other adventures that you can go on.

Bari Harbor

Bari Harbor is critical to Bari, Italy. It is the heart of the city and it has been the historical center of the city since the beginning. Just like the Piazza Mercantile, this part of the city is very memorable and shows the history of the city clearly. You don't need a local guide to experience this glimpse into maritime history, but a walking tour may not be a bad idea to really soak up the information.

Polignano a Mare Kayak Tour

For active families, kayaking is a great way to spend a day outside. Consider a day trip to Polignano a Mare to do some kayaking. The cliffs and beaches make for interesting paddling, and you can get out to have a picnic by the sea or do some swimming and sunbathing. Polignano a Mare is a charming village with scenic views, so try and set some time aside to explore on foot as well.

Acquapark Egnazia

This spot is a great place to cool off, get some sun, and swim. Acquapark Egnazia has water slides, a wave pool, a children's floating space, and so much more. The entrance fee is reasonable, especially when you consider everything you're getting.

The park is actually in nearby Capitolo, less than an hour by car from Bari Harbor along the coast. It's a nice drive, so the time will fly by. If you have the time, consider making this one of the day trips you do on your Bari vacation.

Things to do as a family in Bari

What are the best family activities in Bari?

There are lots of great family activities to enjoy in this amazing city. No matter what part of the city you are exploring with your kids, there is sun, amazing architecture, and fun adventures around every corner.

Castel Del Monte is a really perfect location to visit with your kids and you should also put plans like the Acqupark Egnazia into your schedule as well. Kayak tours and other active adventures are great for kids that need a balance of things to do that are both intellectual and engaging. For young children, the Apulian Beach is a great choice, and there are museums in the city that have exhibits for young children as well as adults.

Being outside in the lovely weather can be just as fun as planning more complex adventures. You can easily just walk around the city and see what comes your way. There are always lovely surprises waiting for you.


If you have been planning a trip to Italy, Bari needs to be on your list of things to do and see. You will be able to do everything in the city of Bari, and there are adventures around every corner that are appropriate for all ages. You can enjoy tunnels under the city, see real castles, or go kayaking if you want.

Make sure that you put your luggage in secure storage before you start navigating around the city. Being free of any worry about your belongings can make your day with your children so much more enjoyable. Bari is a great choice for a destination to have tons of fun with your kids and make memories that will last a lifetime.

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