Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Berlin

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Berlin is the capital city of Germany as well as the largest city in terms of population and area; the city has nearly 4 million inhabitants, making it one of the most populous cities in all of Europe. Aside from being a major tourist destination in the region, Berlin is also regarded as a top global city for politics, science, media and culture. As well, Berlin’s economy is highly driven by its service sector and tech firms, covering a wide range of creative industries.

Because of its innovative energy and advancements, the city has become a playground for creators such as digital nomads, freelancers, tech entrepreneurs, and start-up types that are looking to be inspired and productive. Gone are the days of people working exclusively in corporate offices; Berlin has seen an increase in the popularity of co-working spaces and spots where these creators can work.

In fact, Berlin’s café scene has also become more popular due to the growing freelance community in the city; camping out in a café has become the norm for some workers and several coffee shops in the city cater to their needs. Whether you are a digital nomad looking to get some work done or you simply need a change of scenery from your home office, you’re spoiled for choice when it comes to work-friendly cafés in the German capital. When is the best time to visit Berlin, to try this lifestyle for yourself? Read our guide here.

To make your life easy, we’ve put together this list of our favorite coffee shops to work from in Berlin These places are all laptop-friendly, have fast and free WiFi connections and plug sockets, and serve good coffee. But don't bring unneeded items to the coffee shop. Leave your bags at a Bounce luggage locker before heading out for a hassle-free time.

After getting some work done, you may want to take a break and do some retail therapy. If so, check out our comprehensive guide to shopping in Berlin and find out the best areas to shop in and which spots you shouldn’t miss.

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St. Oberholz

Founded in 2005, St. Oberholz is one of the most popular cafés in the city that specifically caters to creators and working-type customers. In fact, the coffee shop has three locations across Berlin, all of which attract start-up entrepreneurs and digital nomads that are looking to be productive while enjoying a cup of coffee. St. Oberholz has an impressive selection of brews and non-coffee drinks such as juices and teas. Additionally, the café serves a selection of treats. Try a delicious pastry (croissant, brownie, or cookie) or sample the sandwiches and breakfast bowls.

The original branch, which is located in the Rosenthaler Platz, has three stories that house a café on the ground floor, a co-working space on the second floor, and a beer hall on the top floor. St. Oberholz boasts fast and free internet across three floors; however, if you want a quieter working spot, you will have to pay for a day pass to access the co-working space on the second floor.

Address: Rosenthaler Str. 72A, 10119

Michelberger Hotel

Located within the lively Warschauer Strasse area, not far from the Berlin Mitte borough, is the Michelberger Hotel, a trendy accommodation that houses one of the best cafés in the city for working customers. Frequented by creatives and artists in Berlin, the hotel’s coffee shop opens early in the morning and offers free wifi for guests; regulars come here with their laptops and spend hours working while sipping on a cup of joe.

Aside from coffee, the café also serves juices, tea blends, and some non-alcoholic mocktails. For food options, Michelberger Hotel offers light bites such as salads, cakes, toasties and soups as well as a few vegetarian and vegan options for their plant-based patrons. Note, however, that the spot transforms into a wine bar during the evening and becomes extra lively as the weekend approaches. It's the ideal spot if you like wine tastings. But if you want some peace and quiet, the best time to visit would be during the morning.

Address: Warschauer Str. 39-40, 10243


Perhaps the most well-known coffee shop on this list, and one of the favorite places for remote work in Berlin, is KAFFEEMITE. Located in Weinmeisterstrasse in the Mitte district, this café is known for serving great coffee, particularly its selection of lattes, along with tasty sandwiches and cheesecakes. The coffee shop also has a reliable wifi connection; there’s a good chance that you’ll see various customers typing away in front of their laptops and working at KAFFEEMITE.

For those looking for a hearty meal, KAFFEEMITE also serves brunch platters, which include guacamole, fresh pesto rolls, hummus and fruits. Because of its popularity, the café can get really crowded, especially during the weekends and rush hours. Therefore, if you plan to work here, the ideal time to visit would be during the morning hours on a weekday.

Address: Weinmeisterstraße 9a, 1017


Westberlin’s location is enough of a reason to visit; the beloved café is situated within walking distance from Checkpoint Charlie – once a crossing point of the Berlin Wall and one of the city’s most iconic and historic landmarks. Despite the area being heavily crowded by tourists, Westberlin provides a quiet space for creatives and remote workers who are looking to be productive.

The coffee shop boasts a fast internet connection and a great atmosphere that’s conducive to working. Westberlin is famous for its selection of specialty coffees, too; their bestselling drinks include classics like an espresso to more crafty brews such as the flat white. For non-coffee drinkers, the café also serves freshly-squeezed juices for that much-needed energy boost.

Address: Friedrichstraße 215, 10969

Schankwirtschaft Laidak

The Schankwirtschaft Laidak, or simply Laidak, is a lovely coffee shop found in the hip district of Neukolln. Situated along Boddinstraße, the café features a nice atmosphere and super cozy seating inside; the drinks sold here are also quite cheap but still of high quality. Unlike some cafés in the city, Laidak opens mid-day, making it the perfect venue for late risers who are looking to get some work done to start their day.

Laidak is a laptop-friendly café that offers freshly-brewed coffee, fast internet and a peaceful ambiance, making it a popular choice for remote workers. However, it is a relatively social spot and it is common for strangers to share a table; if you are not used to working with another person nearby, then this might not be the ideal place for you. At night, Laidak slowly converts into a bar, where locals come to get enjoy a beer or two.

Address: Boddinstraße 42/43, 12053

Bonanza Coffee Roasters

One of the pioneers of the Berlin’s rising coffee movement, Bonanza Coffee Roasters is one of the best cafés in the city. The coffee shop, which has various locations across the city, promises to offer the “best flat whites” in Berlin; their signature drink is even available in vegan-friendly variations made using oat milk. More than their famous flat white, Bonanza also offers great espresso and other coffee blends.

The café is also praised for its super friendly staff that will go out of their way to assist you. Their most popular branch is the one in Kreuzberg, which features a minimalist theme with plenty of beautiful plants and woodwork. Bonanza is a laptop-friendly venue; the café offers reliable wifi and has sockets where you can charge your laptop while working.

Address: Adalbertstraße 70, 10999

Fine Bagels (Shakespeare and Sons)

Shakespeare and Sons is one of Berlin’s most popular bookstores and is also home to an excellent coffee shop called Fine Bagels. As its name suggests, this café is known for making delicious New York-style bagels along with other pastries. What was meant to be a small addition to the bookstore became a destination in itself; Fine Bagels has gone on to become a popular co-working space in Berlin with its free internet and cozy seating.

Fine Bagels prides itself in using locally roasted Five Elephant beans in their coffee blends; they also serve other non-coffee beverages such as teas, fresh juices, kombucha and local soft drinks. However, the main attraction here is the pastries; other than the bagels, the café also sells treats such as Danish, brownies, cookies and banana cake, to name a few. Take a moment to read about what to eat in Berlin when you take a break!

Address: Warschauerstrasse 74, 10243

Nah am Wasser

Open from early morning to evening, Nah am Wasser is a great place to work in Berlin. You can literally stay here for hours to get some work done while consuming some amazing food and drinks. Located in the Neukölln district, this coffee shop is known for its amazing brunch selection and creative brews; they have a dedicated breakfast and lunch menu comprised of healthy bowls, sandwiches, soups and more (with plenty of vegan-friendly options).

Nah am Wasser has a lovely atmosphere that is ideal for getting work done. They also offer guests access to free internet, although some say that the wifi here is a bit slower compared to other cafés in the area. Nonetheless, it is a good option if you want to have a laid-back ambiance and excellent food while working.

Address: Kiehlufer 55, 12059

Neumanns Café

Neumanns is a family owned and operated coffee shop in the charming Friedrichshain quarter. What was once a hidden gem has now become one of Berlin’s most well-known cafés and a famous co-working space for digital nomads and freelancers. Neumanns serves an array of coffee drinks that can keep you awake for hours and give you that much needed caffeine kick to boost your productivity.

However, the real star here is their homemade sourdough with goat’s cheese and braised fennel and the ultra-soft cinnamon swirl coming in a close second. The café itself is quite spacious and has fast internet, making it an excellent work spot.

Address: Gabriel-Max-Str. 18, 10245

Oslo Kaffebar

Situated in a cobbled street near the Nordbahnhof station is Oslo Kaffebar, one of Berlin’s most Instagram-worthy spots and a good working space option for freelancers. Founded in 2012, the café opens as early as 8:00 AM on weekdays and has plenty of space for guests who want to get some work done. Oslo Kaffebar is known for its freshly-roasted espresso and filter coffees as well as its selection of cakes and cookies. The relaxed atmosphere also adds to its appeal; even though it is popular, the café is hardly ever noisy, which means you can work without much distraction.

Address: Eichendorffstraße 13, 10115

Hallesches Haus

Another popular spot in the Kreuzberg area, Hallesches Haus is a multi-purpose building that houses a general store, event space and café. The industrial-style space features a light interior that makes it appealing for freelancers and digital nomads looking for a relaxed working space. Hallesches Haus serves a fine selection of drinks, including coffee, tea, beer, natural wines and other spirits.

They also have a limited brunch menu comprised of dishes such as breakfast bowls and salads. Do note that it is common to hear some electronic, house or hip-hop music playing in the background so if you easily get distracted, Hallesches Haus may not be the best choice for you. Otherwise, it’s an excellent working space that has everything you need for a productive day.

Address: Tempelhofer Ufer 1, 10961

Coffee Shops for Working in Berlin

Whether you are a digital nomad that is looking for a place to work remotely, a freelancer looking to be more productive, or an entrepreneur that's looking for a new environment, these Berlin coffee shops can make for an excellent working space that has everything you need to get some work done.

If you are tired of staring in front of your laptop and would like to get away for a bit, pay a visit to some of the best museums in Berlin and escape from your work temporarily. Or visit the Berlin Wall near Alexanderplatz.

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