Wine Tasting in Boston: 12 Places You Have to Try

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You've definitely heard of Boston, Massachusetts, one of the United State's most historic cities. Lots of important events have happened in this city, like the famed Midnight Ride and the fateful Boston Tea Party. But did you know that that the city was named after a town in England that has the same name? Many of the city's first settlers came from there and instead of thinking of a new name they just kept it the same! However, Boston has been a leader for lots of things and is the hometown of the USA's first chocolate factory, first subway system and the very first Thanksgiving holiday.

Are you someone who likes tasting wines? Boston doesn't have many local vineyards but there are some nice restaurants and wineries where you can go and try wines. We've put some of the best on a list so all of you wine lovers can get ready to go on a wine tasting adventure in Boston!

These activities should keep you busy during the day but you might need more ideas about what to do when the sun goes down. We've got you covered with this list of things to do at night in Boston! Before heading out for a wine tour or a night of partying, stop by a Boston luggage storage facility. They will keep your belongings, shopping finds, and anything else getting in the way, safe while you are busy.

The Boston Wine and Food Festival

If you are a real wine enthusiast you might want to consider visiting the city for the Boston Wine and Food Festival. This celebration has been an annual occurrence for the last 30 years although what began as a simple festival has evolved into a twelve week program where all sorts of fun events are put on!

Wine tastings, seminars, lunches and dinners are scheduled during the entire period as well as Visiting Chefs Series. This is a great way to try not only Boston wines but drinks from around the whole world. They also put on pop-up events throughout the year. Check out their website to see when things are happening next.

The Boston Winery

When it comes to wine events in Boston, Massachusetts, The Boston Winery is the place to go. Most of the wine-related activities happen here and it is definitely somewhere that real wine lovers vacationing in Boston will end up visiting at some point. Their activities are great for meeting up with friends or when you need an idea for date night.

Interested in stopping by The Boston Winery? Some of the things that you can do here include wine tastings and tours as well as classes on pairings of wine with a bunch of different foods. Keep them in mind if you want to see what wines pair best with cheese, quesadillas, Italian-American comfort food, calzone, pasta, charcuterie and ravioli, just to name a few! It is the optimal place for foodies to try new foods while sipping on fantastic wines.

Address: 26 Ericsson St, Boston, MA 02122

The City Winery Boston

One of the best places for wine tastings and events in Boston, Massachusetts is The City Winery Boston. If you visit them you can shop their selection of wines and if you don't know which one to buy, sign up for a tasting with an experienced expert first. The tasting room is open from Thursday to Sunday between 4 pm and 7 pm. The winery is sometimes used as a venue space so it is not uncommon for small concerts to be happening.

The City Winery Boston also has a wine club that you can join. It costs about $25 for one bottle per month or you can get two bottles for around $45. Those of you who want to take your wine experience to the next level should take advantage of their wine making services. Not only can you create your own bottle label but you can be present in every step of making your own barrel of wine.

Address: 80 Beverly Street, Boston, MA 02114

The Urban Grape

One of the top places to try wine in Boston's South End is the Urban Grape. Visit them to shop for a variety of wines like rosé, reds, whites, or sparkling. They also sell spirits, sake, beer, cider and cocktails. It is the perfect spot for anyone who loves to drink.

The Urban Grape puts on free wine tastings three times per week so if you aren't very experienced it is a good place to start. Bring some friends and explore a whole new world of wines! You can also sign up for a variety of themed tastings.

Address: 303 Columbus Avenue, Boston, MA 02116

Charlesmark Hotel & Lounge

For a fun and affordable evening, consider heading to the Charlesmark Hotel & Lounge. It is one of the most popular destinations for wine tasting in Boston so you can be confident that you are signing up for something worth your time. Not only will you be treated to some fantastic wines but they will be serving you tasty appetizers from a nice local restaurant called Ora Trattorizza at the same time.

This wine tasting event will only cost you around $25! This is an attractive price considering that you will have the opportunity to taste 6 different wines. As a bonus, you will be treated to martini shots from the same restaurant as well. These tastings usually happen on the 3rd Wednesday of each month but you should check their website to be sure.

Address: The Charlesmark Hotel & Lounge, 655 Boylston St, Boston, MA 02116

Tasting Counter

Tasting Counter is one of the best places to sip on wines in Boston, although that is not all they do. They like to focus on low-intervention or completely natural wine, meaning that the glasses that they serve you will be made from organic wines made from grapes without any additives, hand harvested, and fermented with an all-natural yeast.

Come visit them for a tasting dinner or to discover their wine bar which is open between Wednesday and Saturday beginning at 10 pm and on Tuesday at 5 pm. Their wine bar offers a wide selection of flavors. If you get hungry they can be paired with small plates of food as well.

Address: 14 Tyler St, Somerville, MA 02143

Boston Wine School

Are you interested in learning more about winemaking, wine pairings, and the overall process of owning wineries? Take a trip to this wine shop! The Boston Wine School offers lots of activities and experiences that further your knowledge and since they have been in business since 2000 you know that they can teach you a lot.

It was a man named Jonathon Alsop who founded the school and he is a pretty well known writer and critic for wine. You don't have to have any previous experience to attend the classes here and their tastings are a great place to start. In most cases, you will get to sample around 6 glasses of wine and you can decide if you want dinner to be included or not.

Address: 336 Washington St, Brookline, MA 02445

Mayhew Wine Shop

Your next stop for wine tasting in Boston is the Mayhew Wine Shop! Like most of the other places on this list, this store sells some great wines and other types of drinks as well. They have alcohol suited to all sorts of tastes including craft beer and spirits. When it comes to wine you can shop by style, variety, country, or region, and their selection is quite impressive!

While you are here shopping you should also check out their wine club. You can choose from three different subscriptions depending on what you want. The Estate Level costs about $50 per month and is best suited to those who are trying to further their knowledge and palate for wine, the Cru Level costs around $100 monthly and is for semi-experienced tasters who still have more to learn, and finally the Premier Cru Level is best suited to those with experience and costs about $150 per month.

Address: 20 Melcher St, Boston, MA 02210

The Wine Bottega

Ready for some more wine tasting in Boston? If you stop by The Wine Bottega on a Friday night between 5:30 pm and 8:30 pm you will have the great opportunity to try some clean and natural wine. You can grab a glass in confidence knowing that the wines were made with no chemical additives.

They offer a large number of wines to choose from and if you buy the bottle that you tried in the tasting then you will even get a discount. Enjoy 10% off the price for one bottle or if you buy 3 bottles you can get 20% off. If you like what you've tried, think about joining their wine club as well; it only costs about 80$ for 3 bottles per month and approximately $100 for 6 bottles.

Address: 341 Hanover St, Boston, MA 02113

Now Pouring Wine Bar

The Now Pouring Wine Bar is found at the Hub Hall along with a great craft beer bar. It is your one-stop shop for all types of alcohol and the perfect place for meeting friends for drinks. Their menu changes regularly so you will get the chance to try new flavors.

If you ever get tired of wines, which probably won't happen, change it up and grab a beer or cocktail instead! Come admire their stock and take your pick from a great selection of drinks.

Address: Hub Hall, next to the TD Garden at 80 Causeway St, Boston, MA 02114

Piattini Wine Cafe

At Piattini you will find a fantastic Italian restaurant with a very nice wine menu. The goal of the restaurant is to bring the flavors and passion of Italian food and drinks right here to Boston, and all of their guests will agree that they have succeeded! You will learn a bit about the wines at the same time as you try them since each glass is accompanied by a small card that will tell you a bit about it.

Sometimes you just want to try wines without the commitment of a wine club or tasting, and this is a very nice spot to do that. Order a meal to eat while you savor your glass of wine chosen from their extensive menu. You will get to select from lots of rosé, sparkling, Bianco, Rosso, riserva, or sangria. Come visit them for lunch or dinner while you are in Boston!

Address: 226 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116

Sip Wine Bar and Kitchen

The Sip Wine Bar in Boston is a nice place for both grabbing a bite to eat and sampling wines. You will get to pair the wine with food yourself by choosing from their selection of plates like sushi, tapas, and other entrees.

When you choose your wine you will also get to decide how big of a sample you want to try; they have 4 size choices all ranging from a small sip to an entire bottle of wine. The perfect solution for when you want to try more than one wine!

Address: 581 Washington St, Boston, MA 02111

Wine Lovers Paradise in Boston

Boston has a surprisingly good amount of wine bars, wineries and restaurants serving wines which makes it a terrific place for all wine enthusiasts to visit. The best way to learn more about the topic is to sign up for classes, meet with passionate winemakers and take tours. This way you can experience first-hand how to choose the best wine pairings and how to determine the difference between different types of wines, and they make great activities for dates as well.

If you are going to be in town for a while we suggest that you check out this itinerary for 3 days in Boston to find other things to do (try the Boston Aquarium) when you aren't out trying wines!

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