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Where can I store my luggage in Boston

Store Your Luggage in Boston

As one of the oldest major cities in the United States, Boston is chock-full of both historic and modern sites begging to be explored. Its red-brick buildings and brownstones give the quaint feel of a storied, cozy town, while its narrow streets invite locals and visitors alike to traverse its charming neighborhoods by foot. You’ll be hard-pressed to find natives with more pride for their city than those of Boston, and after spending time here, it’s not difficult to see why. If you’re navigating your way through Beantown and need to store your things for a few hours or a few days, book confidently with Bounce.

For Locals

Are you a local who needs to temporarily store your things so you can hop from one activity to the next without being held back by extra weight? Drop off your work bags, gym bags, and whatever else with a Bounce partner for bag storage in Boston.

For Tourists

Heading to Boston for work or play? Perhaps you have only a limited time to explore the city, or you’re planning on going directly from the airport or train station to a point of interest. Gain the freedom to experience the city without lugging your things about with Bounce luggage storage in Boston.

Luggage Storage in Boston

As urban dwellers and frequent travelers, we created Bounce since we learned that convenient, affordable options for short-term bag and luggage storage were few and far between. We’re proud to offer Bounce as a solution for all of your bag storage needs in Boston. Simply locate a Bounce partner near you, drop off your things, and enjoy New England’s most popular city with your hands and shoulders free.


Boston, Massachusetts, is a city that’s steeped in American history. European settlers initially occupied the land that would become Boston in 1630, making it one of the oldest cities in the United States. Since then, Boston has evolved over the centuries to become a city that welcomes all. And, one that learns from its past to better its future. Those efforts include protecting its citizens and its visitors from criminal activity.

Boston ranks 17 on the National Crime Index. A ranking of 1 represents the most dangerous city in a nation, while 100 represents the safest. The National Crime Index reports that, out of a population size of nearly 700,000 people, 1 in every 153 Bostonians may experience violent or physical crime, while 1 in every 46 Boston citizens may experience property-related crime. Overall, you can safely visit Boston if you exercise caution and good judgment. We suggest using Bounce's luggage storage service to keep yourself and your property safe while visiting the city.

Frequently Asked Questions

“What’s the best way to get around Boston?”

  • Out of all the New England states (Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut, Maine, Vermont, and New Hampshire), Massachusetts is the busiest. One of the reasons why is Boston’s immense popularity. The “City of Champions” attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. In our opinion, the best way to navigate through Boston is by car. You can either rent a vehicle, hail a cab, or use ride-sharing services like Uber or Lyft.

“Is public transportation in Boston safe?”

  • Yes, so long as you stay alert and exercise caution. Boston’s public transportation system consists of buses, taxis, trains, and trolleys, all of which are easy to access and very affordable. Most of the people you’ll ride with have used Boston’s transit system for years. When in doubt, follow their example to stay safe.

“What’s the best neighborhood to stay in Boston?”

  • Boston’s Back Bay is one of the city’s safest neighborhoods, according to various crime databases. The area between Boylston St and Clarendon St reports very low volumes of violent or property crime. 

“What are the best museums to visit in Boston?”

  • Boston is home to several fantastic museums, each with something for everyone. There is the Museum of Fine Art, Boston’s leading collection of art and art history. As well, the Boston Children’s Museum and the Institute of Contemporary Art are must-see attractions. Boston also has several unique, one of a kind exhibits - such as the Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum attraction. 

“What's the best time of year to visit Boston?”

  • Boston is typically busiest during the middle of the year. Between April and September, Boston is filled with large crowds and tons of festivities. If you want to experience the “City of Notions” at its liveliest, you’ll want to visit during the spring, summer, or fall at the latest. Boston is also a great place to visit for Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.


Abigail Brown

My very first time using a service like this, and I have to say I was very impressed in Boston. Online reservations were fast and easy, pricing was reasonable and the people at the dropoff location were very courteous. Our luggage got tagged with security tags, we got pictures of the bags/tags before we left to sightsee for the day, and there was not a single doubt that our luggage will be safe. Definitely recommend this service, and will definitely use it again wherever it’s available. What a brilliant idea!

Everleigh Morris

The area seems sketchy as hell, but don't let that deter you. The staff was friendly and professional, and your luggage is safe in a walk-in cage in the back of the store. I'll use these guys again next time I'm in Boston!

Martin Keller

This service was still a great experience. We adjusted our schedule a little and made it work in Boston. The staff was kind and patient while my group asked 300 questions.

Frequently asked questions

  • Where is the best places to stay and eat while in Boston?

    The most popular restaurants to visit are Cheers, Union Oyster House, and Hard Rock Cafe. Additionally, the highest ranked hotels within Boston are Omni Parker House, Fairmont Copley Plaza, Boston, and The Midtown Hotel. When traveling on a budget, the best hostels in Boston are Airbnb, Backpackers Hostel and Bar, and Friend Street Hostel.

  • Where are the best parks and nature attractions in Boston?

    Boston offers several scenic parks including Boston Common, Boston Massacre Site, and Boston Public Garden.

  • What public transportation exists within Boston?

    When flying to Boston, you're likely to pass through Boston Logan International Airport. You're likely to pass through Harvard Square, North Quincy Station, or South Station Bus Terminal if arriving by bus and South Station (MBTA), Broadway (MBTA), or Andrew (MBTA) if arriving by train. Popular metro stations like Airport, Chinatown, or Back Bay can be used for transit within Boston

  • What are the best museums and historical attractions in Boston?

    If you're looking for a good museum in Boston, we recommend Paul Revere House, Bunker Hill Monument, and Boston Tea Party - Ships and Museum. If you prefer to be outside, you can give yourself a walking tour and see some of Boston's most popular historical attractions including Bunker Hill Monument, Asa Gray House, or Edward Dodge House and monuments like Bunker Hill Monument, Benjamin Franklin Statue, or Soldiers and Sailors Monument. Lastly, you can enjoy the local ruin of Franklin Park Overlook Shelter Ruins or Old Bear Dens.

  • Where can I store my luggage in Boston?

    We've partnered with local Boston businesses around the city who offer a dedicated storage room or a designated area that's off limits for customers.