What to Eat in Brisbane: 13 Treats You Should Not Miss

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Brisbane, the capital of Queensland, Australia, is known as a sunny city with a lively personality and authentic culture. It is not as well known as some of the country's other cities but it should definitely be on your radar when you are planning your next vacation down under! There is lots to see in terms of sightseeing in Brisbane CBD and beyond, and thanks to its warm climate and agreeable weather (the city gets over 280 days of sunshine every year!) you will have endless opportunities for outdoor activities.

Aside from tourist attractions and nice weather, lots of people like to visit this city for its food. Are you looking for the top vegetarian restaurants in Brisbane? Or maybe you want to get your hands on the best street food in Brisbane. One thing is for sure, you won't go hungry here! There are even some signature dishes that call Brisbane home and you won't want to miss your chance to try them.

Brisbane has terrific food and also fabulous sights to see. Spend the day touring the city and take the time to try the dishes we list below when you get hungry. Before you stop to eat, find somewhere to keep your bags. Head to a Brisbane luggage storage locker and then enjoy Brisbane flavors.

Brisbane Food: Breakfast Carbonara

Our first entry on the list of amazing food in Brisbane is Breakfast Carbonara. Who said that pasta had to be reserved for lunch or dinner, anyway? The best place to try this delicious meal is a local restaurant called Morning After and you can find it in the West End of Brisbane City.

The ingredients in this dish work together perfectly; the bacon and eggs from the carbonara make the meal feel like it is meant to be eaten for breakfast. You will get another satisfying taste of meat from the guanciale, and the pappardelle noodles are there as the much needed source of carbs.

Brisbane Food: Grilled Cheese Sandwiches

You might be wondering why grilled cheese is on this list; it is a pretty simple dish that isn't exactly exclusive to Brisbane. But if you go to Melt Brothers, which is a popular restaurant in the city, you can try this classic dish with a twist! Get ready to have your mind blown, you've definitely never had a grilled cheese sandwich like this before.

Their whole menu is great but if you want to taste the best we suggest that you try the M.C. Cheesy. You will be served a sandwich made with macaroni and cheese, aioli, a combination of aged cheddar and mozzarella as well as a smokey BBQ sauce and, the best part, maple bacon. It's a Brisbane classic.

Brisbane Food: Barbecue Platter

Sometimes you just want to stick to the basics and you can't go wrong with a Barbecue Platter! This city knows how to do it right and one of the best places to eat in the Brisbane region is a restaurant called Barbecue Mafia. They serve more than just platters so there will be something for everyone to enjoy, and they often have live music playing while you eat. Even your furry friends are welcome since the restaurant is dog friendly!

One of the highlights of this dish, other than the tasty food itself, is the house sauce that they serve with it. When they bring your food to the table you will find juicy slow-cooked meat like a delicious smoked brisket, a savory pulled pork mac n' cheese as well as sides like fries and bread rolls. If you are looking for something else to order don't overlook the double smash cheeseburger!

Brisbane Food: Duck Ragu

Ragu is a sauce that is often served with pasta but the way that it is done in Brisbane is a bit different. There are two restaurants that have perfected the dish; Julius Pizzeria and its sister-restaurant Beccofino. Stop by either one of them and you will see why all of the Brisbane locals are crazy about it!

The best way to try this treat is with pappardelle. This flat ribbon-like pasta is delicious on its own but gets even better when you try it with the tomato and Duck Ragu that is served with it! They also make a fantastic pizza if that is what you're craving.

Brisbane Food: Gonuts

If you have a sweet tooth then you will love this next Brisbane treat! Chances are that you've never had Gonuts, so this is your chance to try them. A popular place to order Gonuts in this city is a small shop called Flour & Chocolate which is located off of the main road. They have some other desserts for sale as well so grab a couple to go! You can't order this treat on just any ordinary day, you will have to wait until Thursday which is when the shop owner bakes these pastries fresh.

To put it simply, Gonuts are sort of a mix between croissants and doughnuts and the finished result is absolutely scrumptious. The chef makes layers of delicate pastry and then fries them until they are perfectly crispy. The finishing touch is the generous topping of pistachio and white chocolate, although sometimes they are filled with vanilla custard instead.

Brisbane Food: Tonkotsu Ramen

If you like ramen then the Tonkotsu Ramen at Brisbane's local restaurant called Taro's Ramen is sure to be your new favorite. The food served here can't be topped since the noodles are handmade right there in the restaurant. You can't get any fresher than that!

The main star in this dish is the Bangalow sweet pork bones which need to be slowly simmered for two whole days. This is how Brisbane ramen makers create a rich and cloudy soup for the ramen. Served with the soup you will get two slices of tasty char sui pork, nori seaweed, a soft egg cooked in soy, and finally, they add in pickled ginger. If you are craving something hot we suggest trying a bowl of Fire Tonkotsu which is made with four different types of chili.

Brisbane Food: Croissants

If you enjoyed the Gonuts then you are going to love the unique pastries sold at the Brisbane shop called Christian Jacques Bakery. They bake more than just your ordinary croissants and once you take the first bite you will automatically want to come back for more. They are made using high quality French butter and you can order all sorts of delicious flavors, so grab a few!

Locals tell us that some of the best choices include a honey, bacon and goat's cheese croissant, or the raspberry, classic ham and cheese or kouign-amann alternative. You won't find croissants like this anywhere else so give these bad boys a try!

Brisbane Food: Bee Sting Wings

If you are a fan of wings then you will absolutely want to try this next treat. It is such a fun food and can be done in so many different ways, so while you are in Brisbane you shouldn't settle for just any basic wing! One of the best restaurants to try unique wings is actually a food truck called King of the Wings. They should be easy to spot in their bright orange van and the upbeat music that they play transforms the entire surrounding area into a street party!

They host a weekly event called Wing it Wednesday where you can find them parked in from of the Green Beacon Brewing Company. A local favorite is their Bee Sting Wings which are made with sesame and chili, and are absolutely covered in honey. They have other great flavors as well so order a few kinds as takeaway!

Brisbane Food: Duck Tacos

You've definitely had tacos before, but we bet that you've never had tacos like the ones in Brisbane. Folks that call this city home often head to Red Hook when they have a craving for duck tacos. Their famous Duck Tacos are a mix of Asian and Mexican cuisine giving you the best of both worlds. They serve some American-style drinks and dishes as well so treat yourself to a beer with your food!

When you order your tasty meal you can expect to receive a taco made with Peking duck, fried shallots, slaw, and hoisin sauce to pull it all together. It tastes even better when you pair it with smoky mayo and their delicious crispy waffles fries, so treat yourself to a feast!

Brisbane Food: Spider Roll Sushi

A great thing about Brisbane's dining scene is that there are so many different cultures and kinds of food available. Travelers who like seafood should make it a priority to stop by Sushi Kotobuki, a local restaurant in East Brisbane that serves all sorts of yummy meals. Just pick anything off of their menu!

Whether you want sushi or sashimi, you can find it here. If you don't know what to order we recommend the Spider Roll. It is a type of sushi roll made with soft shell crab, cucumber and crab meat. Their rice bowls are also great.

Brisbane Food: Kale Salad

Everyone can enjoy a good salad now and then, even if they aren't vegetarian. There is a restaurant in Brisbane called Botanica and they serve all sorts of tasty and healthy meals. They advertise themselves as a fast food restaurant but they are much more than that; you won't find your basic burger and fries combo!

The food that they make is good for your body and your mind, and they even have options suitable for vegetarians and vegans as well as those who need to eat gluten-free meals. The food that you get will be fresh and delivered fast! Their whole menu is great but for us, a favorite is the Kale Salad made with parmesan and loaded with crispy croutons.

Brisbane Food: Gnocchi

When you are trying to think of what to eat in Brisbane don't skip over Gnocchi. The city has adopted this Italian dish and it is the perfect warm snack on a chilly day. There is a restaurant called 1889 Enoteca that makes this meal perfectly; in fact, it has been their most popular dish for years now. Come see what it is all about!

Their Gnocchi is handmade with expertise and keeps everyone coming back for more. This hearty pasta is folded with truffle and parmesan cream, and stuffed inside you will find delicious pork sausage with fennel. It pairs perfectly with a nice glass of wine. It can be a filling meal and you will want to eat every bite, so we hope you come hungry!

Brisbane Food: Breakfast Platter

Instead of going out to eat at night, why not dine out first thing in the morning? There are lots of places to eat breakfast in Brisbane and if you go for the platter at Dandelion and Driftwood it could be the only meal that you need all day. You might want to bring a friend to share it with, it can be hard to finish this feast on your own!

On a Breakfast Platter typical in Brisbane, you will get eggs, bacon, potato rosti and corn fritters. But that's not all; the dish also includes waffles with vanilla ice cream and caramel fudge, perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth! Your choice of coffee or tea is included as well.

Eating Your Way Around Brisbane

The fun thing about eating out in Brisbane is that you can find food from all over the world. It is a multicultural city that has created its own unique cuisine with inspiration from every country and you can try a wide range of dishes that you might not have had the opportunity to taste before.

Whether you are looking for a three-course meal in one of the fanciest restaurants in the city or just want to go out for a drink in a local bar, we are certain that the food will be some of the best that you have ever had. After eating so much it is normal to feel a bit heavy and slow; why not check out some of the best hikes in Brisbane to get yourself moving again?

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