Wine Tasting in Bucharest: 10 Places You Have to Try

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Romania is one of the world’s largest wine producers, with viticulture and wine-making traditions dating back over 6000 years. Its wine industry once struggled due to prioritizing quantity over quality under the communist regime. But its wine production now involves a mix of indigenous and international grapes, resulting in a premium wine variety.

As the country’s capital and largest city, Bucharest offers some of the best yet inexpensive Romanian wines. Wander around the historic city center, and you’ll find numerous wine bars and shops. It’s one of the things to do at night in Bucharest, allowing you to sample delicious local wines like Budureasca Premium Tamaioasa Romaneasca and Avincis Cramposie Selectionata.

For wine lovers looking for extraordinary wine tasting in Bucharest, we recommend visiting wineries, vineyards, and wine cellars on a wine-tasting tour. You’ll be assisted by sommeliers, surrounded by picturesque scenery, and enchanted by unique flavors and delightful tastes. It can be part of your day trip from Bucharest, providing you with the opportunity to explore Romania’s renowned wineries and witness the intricate wine-making process.

It’s an adventure like no other, whether it’s a wine tour or visiting the city’s famous wine bars. Once you stow your bags at a safe Bucharest luggage locker, you’ll be on your way to a brilliant night with great food, tasty Romanian wine, and unforgettable experiences.

Abel's Wine Bar

Abel’s Wine Bar is one of the few places in the heart of Bucharest to enjoy wine tasting and sample some of Romanian’s exquisite premium wines. It is located in the historic Old Town, a short walk from Stavropoleos Monastery Church, one of the capital’s most gorgeous religious monuments from the early 18th century.

The wine bar houses an impressive selection of Romanian wines you can savor by bottle or glass. If you choose a wine flight experience, an experienced guide will tell stories and unveil the secrets and legends of the vineyards and winemaking process. It’s a great way to immerse in Romanian tradition and culture and gain insight into its wine production process.

In addition to local wines, Abel’s Wine Bar offers over 100 wine labels from the Old Continent and New World, including Australia, South America, New Zealand, and South Africa. It guarantees exceptional service and high levels of hospitality in a cozy setting where you can relax and drink wine with friends and family.

If you want something else, you can also order delicious coffee or take advantage of Sunday Aperitivo with good music and a warm atmosphere. Book a spot for the weekend or stop by during the week from 10 AM to midnight.

Location: 10 Nicolae Tonitza, Bucuresti

LOVA Wine Bar

LOVA Wine Bar is where unexpected friendships are developed and wine lovers meet. It is situated in the heart of Bucharest, a one-minute walk from the Romanian Athenaeum, the concert hall in the city center. It’s also close to other cultural attractions, like the National Museum of Romanian Literature and the Theodor Aman Museum, making it an ideal stop to taste the country’s best wines while touring the capital.

Invite your friends and meet the sommelier, who will introduce a premium selection of wines from numerous wine regions worldwide. It frequently hosts wine tastings in its intimate setting, perfect for a dreamy evening. It also serves cold cuts, cheeses, and fruits to accompany your Bucharest wine-tasting adventure in a lovely atmosphere.

Location: Strada Benjamin Franklin 9, București 030167

Wine Bar 1000 de Chipuri

Whether you’re a first-timer or a wine connoisseur, 1000 de Chipuri is an excellent destination for a personalized Bucharest wine tasting experience. It’s the city’s first wine bar, nestled in the historic city center between Patriarchate Palace and Carol Park, a public park named after Romania’s King Carol I. You can also find this wine bar inside Caro Hotel, an easy drive from its central location.

No matter which venue you prefer, 1000 de Chipuri always delivers positive experiences to its guests. Its cozy atmosphere makes customers feel welcome and relaxed while savoring international and Romanian wines. It is inviting and intimate, suitable for a romantic evening or private parties.

You can choose from over 500 wine types, including reds, whites, and sparkling wines from over twenty countries worldwide. If you plan to organize a special event or a party, you can also book the venue for wine tastings and food pairings.

Its wine tastings involve stories and information about the winemaking process, wine descriptions, and other essential details provided by a specialist from the winery. For a full wine experience, they can also organize tastings of premium wines on a private tour at the winery at Urlați.

Locations: Strada 11 Iunie 17, București 040171; Str. Barbu Văcărescu, No. 164A, Sector 2, București – inside Caro Hotel

Corks Cozy Bar

Corks Cozy Bar is a small, lovely bar with great music, friendly service, and a wonderful atmosphere. It’s located in the heart of the grand Old Town, just a stone’s throw from the capital’s cultural center, ARCUB, and close to New St. George Church, a Romanian Orthodox church consecrated in June 1707.

Just like its name, Corks Cozy Bar has a classy yet comfortable atmosphere that allows guests to chill and unwind after a long day. Most importantly, it has an outstanding selection of wines and delicious dishes you can try.

Pick from 100 wines served by the glass and pair them with cheese or perfectly cooked salmon and prawns. You can also order flavorful cheesecakes while listening to music by an excellent resident DJ. This place can get pretty busy, especially on weekend nights, so booking a spot is recommended to avoid disappointment.

Location: Strada Băcani nr. 1, București 030065

Grapes - The Wine Bar

A quiet, tranquil, and exotic atmosphere awaits you at Grapes Wine Bar. As you enter, you’ll immediately notice its walls with open shelves full of bottles of local and international wines, with over 300 labels from Romania, South Africa, Moldova, and more.

This spacious wine bar offers a beautiful spot to enjoy good wines and food with friends. The chairs in different shades of purple add pops of color to the space, giving it a bit of personality. There’s also an outdoor area and a lovely chill-out space inside, where you can hang out in style or zone out while enjoying your glass of Romanian wine.

Grapes serve local and international cold cuts, crackers, dried tomatoes, olives, flavorful cheese selections, and fruit jams. You can also order champagne, beer, cocktails, spirits, and even coffee and tea. If you’re in the area during one of their wine tastings, be sure to book a spot. You don’t want to miss a chance to sample new flavors and taste your classic favorites.

Location: Bulevardul Mărășești 2B, București 040254

Industry Wine Bar

Located in the center of Bucharest, in the beautiful Old Town, Industry Wine Bar is a must-visit destination for wine lovers. It has a rugged wine cellar feel with a nice outdoor area to soak in the warm summer sunshine. It is close to numerous shops and boutiques and a minute walk from one of the capital’s oldest churches, the Biserica Sfantul Anton - Curtea Veche, founded in 1559.

Industry Wine Bar is a favorite meet-up spot among locals and tourists sightseeing and strolling the city. Whether you’re new to the magical world of wine or discovering new flavors, this bar won’t leave you disappointed. It is employed by knowledgeable staff who will pour you the perfect glass that pleases your taste buds and serve the best food items that go well with it.

Location: Strada Șepcari, București 030167

Ethic Wine

Founded in 2008, Ethic Wine is a wine store in the popular Dorobanți neighborhood, offering premium wines at reasonable prices. It works closely with reputable suppliers to provide a wide variety of quality Romanian wines and a fine selection of wines from around the world.

Next door to the store is Ethic Wine’s tasting room, boasting over 800 labels from the store. Here, you can try different wines by the glass and feast on tasty dishes made from local, natural, and seasonal ingredients.

Its wine list is extremely versatile, so visitors are sure to find the best glass that suits their taste. There are also delicious seafood, tuna, tuna tartare, and cheese to go with your drink. Salads, meat, pasta dishes, and desserts are also available to satisfy your cravings.

Location: Strada Banul Antonache 55, București 014192

Romanian Wine Tour and Tastings

After trying some wines at the bar around the city’s historic city center, it’s time to visit Romania’s winemakers and venture out of the capital. By embarking on this incredible journey, you’ll not only learn about the country’s wine history but also discover Romania’s past, traditions, geography, legends, and more. Many of these are only within an hour-and-a-half drive from Bucharest, a quick and easy trip from the city.

Budureasca Wine Cellar

Nestled in the heart of the Dealu Mare region, Budureasca Cellar is one of the region’s newest and largest cellars and one of the country’s most modern wine cellars. It opened in 2013, featuring three main units and a storage capacity of approximately three million liters of wine.

In addition to its central units, the wine cellar takes pride in its convenient office spaces and tasting areas that can hold up to fifty people. Visitors can also see the barrels storage chamber and purchase different Budureasca products from the in-house shop, including personalized wine accessories and wines.

Make a reservation to book your personalized wine tasting and tour. It’s a great venue for private parties, company tastings, corporate events, and family gatherings. Remember to book your event at least two days before your desired date.

Location: No. 472 Gura Vadului, Prahova County, 107300

Basilescu Winery

Basilescu Winery takes pride in its over a century of wine-making tradition. So when you visit and sample its wines, you’ll be tasting more than a hundred years' worth of wine history and culture. You can explore the vineyards and the winery to get an insight into its intricate wine-making process. Then, the knowledgeable guide will take you to the laboratory room and the cellar to taste delectable white, red, and dessert wines.

Wine tastings for groups are available at the winery for ten to eighteen people for an hour and 45 minutes. It’s a great chance to taste four to six wines while hearing beautiful stories and witnessing breathtaking scenery, just a little over an hour from Romania’s capital.

Location: Str. Valea Nucetului, nr. 23, Urlaţi, jud. Prahova

Lacerta Winery

Unmatched experiences are waiting for you as you visit Lacerta Winery, about 100 kilometers northeast of Bucharest. Visitors are welcome for a grand wine tasting along with a cellar tour to see where its delightful wines are made while they marvel at the spectacular vine estates.

It’s a feast to the senses as you enjoy the luscious scents and delightful wine flavors. Then you’ll be treated to a stunning sight of the surrounding hills and the fantastic architecture. You’ll also learn about the Lacerta wines and the wine production process.

You can choose from a first impression or intensive tasting. The former allows you to pick three out of twenty available wine varieties, while the latter includes six wines. Book in advance, and remember to include the number of people who wish to come and visit the winery.

Location: DJ205 434, Fințești 127392

Take a wine tasting tour in Bucharest

It doesn’t matter if you have an entire month, a few weeks, or only 3 days in Bucharest. One of the best ways to immerse into its culture and tradition is by tasting its food and sampling exquisite Romanian wines. So make sure you stop at one of the wine bars for memorable wine tasting sessions or discover the country’s wine-making regions through a private tour or a winery visit from Bucharest.

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