Best Brunch In Budapest: The Definitive Guide

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Restaurant in Budapest

Budapest is most often associated with its wonderful architecture and fascinating place in history. But food is an equal part of the equation here. Being one of the most important cities in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Budapest enjoys a diverse palate of culinary influences. Authentic Hungarian food is the most common, but German, Czech, and even Ottoman influences are present throughout. Obviously, Budapest is a modern city. And after its independence from the Soviet Union, a vibrant culinary scene that sprouted up is feeding tourists and locals some of the most delicious food in the world. 

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Brunch is a relatively modern invention, and it’s certainly a newcomer in most European cities. But Budapest has a distinctive and rich cafe heritage that influences most of its delicious brunch offerings. Here is a list of some of Budapest’s best brunch places and cafes:

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Brunch restaurant in Budapest


Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 4:00PM Monday - Sunday

Located in the bustling Jewish Quarter neighborhood of Budapest’s bustling District 7, this bistro and coffee roaster serves an all-day brunch every day of the week. In their own words: they “work hard, brunch harder.” Their menu certainly backs this up. Classic brunch favorites like an English breakfast, Eggs Florentine, and a New York Lox and Bagel will set you right. Surprisingly, there is a full menu of Mexican-inspired brunch dishes including avocado toast and Huevos Rancheros. Even more surprising, these Hungarian chefs actually pull it off! For those needing a pick-me-up, Cirkusz roasts its own beans under the popular Bagira Coffee label. Cirkusz has some of the best Budapest baristas, a delicious breakfast menu, and one of the best locations in the city. What more could you ask for? 

Villa Bagatelle 

Orbánhegy - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 6:00PM Saturday - Sunday

This bistro and cafe are located in an actual renovated villa on the pleasant slopes of the Buda side of the city. Their bakery, located on the ground floor, offers homemade pastries, bread, and other casual bites to take away or munch on with a coffee. Their restaurant and cafe are located on the first and second floor and there is ample space for a full family to spread out and enjoy a nice breakfast. The Eggs Bagatelle headlines their stellar brunch menu, with toasted homemade sweet bread, bacon, and poached eggs covered in a rich cheddar cheese sauce. Other hearty favorites and lighter fare on the menu are all amazing brunch options. 

While Villa Bagatelle is slightly off the beaten path, the surrounding scenery’s beauty and the restaurant itself are well worth the 20 or so minutes it takes to get there. Locals will vouch for the restaurant’s quality, so securing a reservation ahead of time is recommended. 

STIKA Budapest 

Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 8:00AM - 4:00PM Monday - Sunday

Situated in the heart of District 7 near some of Budapest’s best sights and a number of amazing museums, STIKA Gastropub brings a modern flare. This sleek brunch spot would not seem out of place in New York or Los Angeles, and its brunch menu offers an amazing value. If you like eggs benedict, you’re in heaven at STIKA. Almost the entire menu consists of poached eggs paired with some form of benedict toppings. Salmon, cured ham, and Florentine options cover all the bases. Their Monsieur STIKA is an interesting take on the Croque Madame, and will excite foodies and surprise purists. All of these are offered at mid-range prices, especially given the upscale setting. STIKA is situated in one of the best areas in the city, being a short walk from Deák Ferenc tér. 

Restaurant in Budapest, Hungary


Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Weekends 

This tiny restaurant is located in a cobblestoned courtyard and serves breakfast all day. The charming, cozy interior offers a few quiet nooks for a small group to enjoy a coffee and some delicious breakfast staples. Because of some gushing reviews of the trendy breakfast menu, millennials have overrun this restaurant in search of the “can’t-miss” healthy options like avocado toast, grain bowls, and excellent specialty coffee. 

Portobello Coffee, Brunch & Wine 

Inner City - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 5:00PM Monday -Sarurday - 10:00AM - 3:00PM Sunday

The name says it all…This upscale restaurant is located near Vaci Street (where you can find some of Budapest’s best shopping) and serves exactly the purpose its name states. This is one of the hippest restaurants in Budapest and might feel out of place on a cobblestoned quiet street. The bright interiors and wafts of freshly-ground coffee beans will greet you at the door. Portobello’s expert baristas serve up some of the best coffee in the city, at extremely reasonable prices. 

Their breakfast menu isn’t massive, but it makes up for quantity with quality. The Turkish Breakfast (eggs with spiced yogurt) is one of the more interesting items, and undoubtedly the most delicious. If you decide to stick around post-brunch or stumble upon this restaurant in the afternoon, try a glass of natural wine from their wonderful selection. Many of these have been sourced from Hungary and the surrounding regions, and all have been carefully curated. 

Gozsdu Bistro

Inner City - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 5:00PM Monday -Sarurday - 10:00AM - 3:00PM Sunday

This restaurant is nearby the Gozsdu Udvar Food Court, but this restaurant has its own space for excellent brunch and dinner bites. The rotating menu has everything from goulash soup, to BLT sandwiches, to your brunch favorites. This place is known for its friendly service, tasty dishes, upbeat energy, and outstanding cocktails. Be careful, if you stay long enough after a late breakfast, you may end up encountering an all-night DJ set… 

Restaurant in Budapest

Déryné Bistro

Krisztinaváros - $$$$$ - 8:30AM - 4:00PM Saturday - Sunday

Located walking distance from Buda Castle, this stalwart brasserie has been the anchor of one of Budapest’s coolest neighborhoods. The vibe here is upscale, but hip. This is where younger diners will celebrate a special occasion and where well-to-do neighborhood residents will go for a trendy experience. This restaurant represents the changing nature of the Buda part of the city and is often a first port-of-call for veteran travelers when exploring the areas outside the city center. 

Each week, Déryné hosts a “Sunday Brunch Party” that welcomes customers with an a la carte menu with champagne, prosecco, and live music. Their breakfast plates lean indulgent, with a Benedict that’s topped with duck liver, melty gruyere toast, and a selection of casual steak dishes. There is an in-house bakery preparing fresh bread, pastries, and other confections. 

If you are there for lunch or dinner, you will find authentic Hungarian classics throughout the menu. Hungarian breakfast staples like Túrógombóc (cottage cheese dumplings), goulash, schnitzel, and other hearty fare can be consumed while sipping on a locally-brewed draft beer. 

Budapest Bagel 

Palace District - $$$$$ - 8:30AM - 5:00PM Saturday - Sunday

Like any good bagel joint, Budapest Bagel is situated right near the city center. The location is far from this casual breakfast spot’s best qualities; the food is delicious and the vibe is both eccentric and energetic. This hip eatery uses the New York playbook to offer the city’s best menu of bagels. Load your bagel up with your favorites like smoked salmon, avocado, deli meats, and a few surprises off the menu. Look for their other locations in Buda and District 7. If you see a Budapest Bagel location, you know you've found the right neighborhood to stay in.

Fekete Cafe

Inner City - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 3:00PM

This cozy cafe might be hard to find, but it's worth the effort. Located in a courtyard right off the bustling Múzeum krt, the infinitely hip Fekete Cafe serves pastries, amazing coffee, and a rotating menu of delicious brunch items. Their quick bites like quiche, gluten-free options, granola, and freshly-baked pastries are especially delicious. You can find Budapest institutions like shakshuka. The menu is rotating, so prepare to be delightfully surprised! 

The space is small, but there are a number of seating options, including communal seating for solo travelers and bookish locals. The brightly lit interior is as charming as they come, with vintage light bulbs and leafy plants hanging off of shelves of cookbooks and vintage cookware. There is a Los Angeles vibe that pairs well with the outdoor seating and natural light. In a city of a lot of twists and turns, finding this cafe is certainly worth it, especially if you find yourself sipping espresso in their shaded courtyard on a summer afternoon. 

Breakfast place in Budapest

Úri cipő - Kaptafa

Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 3:00PM

Walking through this charming gastropub, you can tell the space was used for something more productive than brunch before it was repurposed. Truthfully, Úri cipő - Kaptafa used to be a shoe repair shop, and fortunately, the proprietors have only made this bistro more welcoming. The space is comfortable, and the food is hearty and satisfying. Their massive breakfast sandwich on a crusty French roll is jam-packed with scrambled eggs, cheese, and crispy bacon. You’ll find local favorites Turkish Eggs as well. The “Defibrillator” savory French Toast is a dish topped with bacon and melted cheese. The name refers to this dish’s ability to “revive” a hungover diner from the dead. Their Croque Madame has been known to have the same effect on those who’ve overdone it the night before. 

Kuglóf Bistro

Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 9:00AM - 4:00PM on Weekends 

At this charming and popular brunch restaurant, great coffee comes first. Their beans are roasted especially for the Kuglof cafe, and these expert Budapest baristas specialize in everything from third-wave slow-pour to a classic Turkish coffee. Once you’re sufficiently caffeinated, pore through their menu of delicious breakfast specialties. Homemade pastries, cakes, juices, and other casual items are all delicious. Their scrambled eggs are prepared with parmesan cheese, wild mushrooms, and other locally-sourced produce. 

Restaurant in Budapest

A la Maison Grand 

Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 8:00AM - 5:00PM on Weekends 

Located in the middle of Budapest’s bustling city center, A La Maison Grand is a brunch restaurant that lives up to its opulent name. The restaurant is situated on the ground floor of a 1900s art nouveau building, and with stunning glass mosaic and elegant natural light, A la Maison Grand certainly resembles a setting from an old movie. 

The friendly staff at this upscale bistro serve breakfast and brunch all day. Continental classics like Croque Madame, English breakfast, eggs Florentine, pancakes, and plates of Hungarian breakfast meats with poached eggs are to be expected. But A la Maison Grand also offers modern options like acai bowls, avocado toast, and smoothie bowls. They know their audience because the mimosas are certainly flowing at this luxurious eatery. Because of the upscale appearance and stellar reputation, tourists pine for a table here, so reservations are recommended. 

Double Shot Partisan Coffee 

Inner City - $$$$$ - 8:30AM - 8:00PM

This hip all-day breakfast restaurant and cafe seems almost intentionally hard to find. With the snarky attitude and abrasive branding aside, the baristas and staff at Double Shot are incredibly kind. Look for reliable favorites like avocado toast, granola bowls, and a selection of quiche and pastries. Whatever you do, don’t ignore the coffee, because Double Shot serves some of the best coffee in a city that is known for world-class coffee. So order a pick-me-up and enjoy the energetic environment and a delicious brunch. 

Budapest cafe


Rózsadomb -  $$$$$ - 8:30AM - 8:00PM

Located in an upscale 2nd district neighborhood, this charming restaurant resides atop a hill overlooking the Danube. The walk uphill to this gorgeous minimalist cafe isn’t super arduous, but it might give you an appetite for hearty International favorites like a Cuban sandwich, English breakfast, and huevos rancheros. Törökméz also functions as the neighborhood’s best wine bar, with a thoughtfully-curated list of natural wines from Hungary and around the world. 

New York Cafe 

Jewish Quarter - $$$$$ - 8:00AM - 4:00PM (Closed on Sundays) 

Located within the Anantara New York Palac Hotel, this iconic brunch restaurant is one of the most luxurious places you can eat in Budapest. Its interior resembles the ornate theatre it's associated with, with brass finishes, vivid colors, and classic continental furnishings. While the setting is gorgeous, the brunch menu has a dignified simplicity. Expect Hungarian breakfast staples prepared well. Prices are high, so this restaurant should be reserved for special occasions. Booking a reservation is generally the only feasible way to expect a table because this restaurant is as popular and famous as they come. 


Budapest’s history can be found at just about every corner. Its classic architecture, world-class museums, and historic sites line its charming boulevards and cobblestoned streets. And yet, there are cafes, restaurants, and shops popping up all over the city. The culinary and coffee scenes in Budapest are absolutely thriving and certainly worth experiencing. So drop your bags with Bounce, and grab a quick brunch before heading out to explore Budapest’s elegant past and vibrant future. 

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