Best Coffee Shops to Work From in Budapest

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Situated on the banks of the Danube River in Hungary is a colorful and vibrant city called Budapest. It is the country's capital and was once three separate cities that merged together to become the one that we know today. The city does not only have a naturally attractive surrounding landscape but is also home to incredible buildings that follow an art nouveau architecture, giving it a certain beauty and striking personality.

A trip to Budapest is not soon forgotten and you should jump on the opportunity to visit if you ever get the chance! Wandering through museums and shopping in Budapest are just two of the terrific pastimes while here.

Sometimes it is hard to find the time for a vacation and you might have no choice but to do a little bit of work while you are in town, but always working from the same hotel room might not be the most productive. Fear not because there are lots of Budapest cafés to work from and you will get the chance to taste your way around the local coffee scene as well!

Below are some of the best coffee shops to set up and work in so keep them in mind the next time that you are in the city. You will need room on your table for your laptop and notepads so why not leave your bags at a place to store luggage in Budapest?

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Lumen Café

One of the best places to work in Budapest is Lumen Café. The space is clean and airy with lots of plants that really give it a fresh feel. Setting up here should boost your productivity right away! The friendly staff will make anyone feel welcome and it is common to see people dressed in all sorts of alternative clothing frequenting the coffee shop. Feel free to be yourself and get comfortable for as long as you'd like.

They have good coffee that is affordable and will help to keep you focused and on track. If you get hungry they can help you out with some tasty dishes, many of which are exclusive to Hungary. Come get a taste of the local cuisine! There are lots of available outlets for your laptop or electronic devices as well.

Address: You will find this Budapest café at Budapest, Horánszky u. 5, 1085 Hungary.

Massolit Books & Café

When it comes to getting work done what better way to surround yourself than with books, coffee and other people to help keep you focused? Massolit Books & Café provides the perfect atmosphere to stimulate work and productivity. The walls are lined with English-language books that you are free to read if you feel that you need a break! They can also provide you with strong coffee and yummy bagels to keep going. Try ordering something sweet from their wide selection of cakes.

The shop is a bit small and is popular among students so it is possible that all of the tables are occupied when you arrive. However, the people in the store strongly believe in their table-sharing policy so you are free to grab any empty seat that you see! If the weather is nice we suggest taking a spot at the tables in their outdoor garden. Be aware that the wifi signal can be weak from outside.

Address: You will find this shop at Budapest, Nagy Diófa u. 30, 1072 Hungary.

My Little Melbourne Coffee

Thanks to its location in the tourist area of Budapest, My Little Melbourne is a hotspot for international students and travelers who need to get some work done. They have seating both indoors and outdoors, although you are not allowed to work on your laptop at the outdoor tables. The second floor inside of the shop is great for working in, however!

This Budapest coffee shop has some great drinks that can help you stay awake until you get your work done. Whether you want a traditional coffee or a double shot espresso, they've got you covered. The prices are a bit steeper than in some of the other places around the city.

Address: Their full address is Budapest, Madách Imre út 3, 1075 Hungary.

Espresso Embassy

Come work at Espresso Embassy! They have everything that you need to get work done; from a cozy atmosphere and friendly staff to delicious drinks and pastries to snack on. Order a tea or specialty coffee while you work and reward yourself with a cheesecake or pain du chocolat when you finish!

If you need to sit down for a few hours on your laptop you will fit right in and there will definitely be more people working here with you. Once you visit Espresso Embassy it will soon become your new favorite place! You can work online with strong and steady internet access and there are a few power outlets available throughout the shop. This place is great for early birds and we suggest that you try to arrive before peak hours to secure yourself a seat.

Address: To get here head to Budapest, Arany János u. 15, 1051 Hungary.


As one of the first specialty coffee shops in the city, Madal knows how to do it right. This peaceful shop offers comfortable seating, vegan food, excellent coffee and calm music that will help you stay on track. You are welcome to meet up with friends as well which makes it a great spot for group projects or meetings.

Madal has several locations throughout the city and one of them even has a barista academy in the basement so if you have free time you can learn how to make latte art yourself! Take a seat by the window to take advantage of the natural light and get that work done. There are three coffee shops around Budapest and each one has its benefits.

Address: The first location is at Budapest, Ferenciek tere 3, 1053 Hungary. They have another shop at Budapest, Alkotmány u. 4, 1054 Hungary, and the last shop can be found at Budapest, Hollán Ernő u. 3, 1136 Hungary.

Dorado Café

One of the best cafés to work at in Budapest is Dorado Café. They are often underrated which makes them a sort of hidden gem that is never too busy and the optimal destination for digital nomads or freelancers to set up. They even have a great long communal table which seats up to 10 people where you can go if you want to meet up with others. Small individual tables are also available when you need to tune everyone else out.

Aside from a great atmosphere, Dorado boasts a fantastic but not overpowering batch of brew coffee and teas that taste great and will help keep you focused. Another bonus to this place is their fast wifi which is almost as strong as their coffee! If you get hungry they always have freshly baked pastries to snack on, like a delicious carrot cake.

Address: The address for Dorado Café is Budapest, Klauzál u. 35, 1072 Hungary.

Flow Specialty Coffee Bar & Bistro

Flow is one of the Budapest cafés that you should definitely visit, regardless of whether you need to work or not. Their gluten-free and vegan food is some of the best in the city as well as their coffee (which can be vegan or non-vegan). The high ceilings and arch shaped windows will never make you feel cramped and you can definitely be comfortable working for a few hours at a time. They let you pay for your entire bill at the end of your visit using a one time payment which is great if you stay for a while and keep ordering coffee.

They offer an impressive and reliable wifi connection as well as lots of seats which is why many locals and tourists like to work here. The coffee shop looks much smaller from the street than it actually is so you will be pleasantly surprised when you step inside!

Address: Want to see for yourself? Come visit them at Budapest, Andrássy út 66, 1062 Hungary.

Magvető Café

Magvető Café is a quirky café and bookstore filled with character and is often used as a literary center or a venue for theatrical performances and special events. They sometimes close at unpredictable times to accommodate performances but the mornings are reserved for quiet working spaces that many people take advantage of. Thanks to all of the power outlets and decent wifi they have become a hub for students and freelancers alike!

The space is bright and airy with bookshelves lining the walls. They always play calm music that makes for the best ambient sound so you won't get distracted while you work. Check their website to see when an event that interests you is happening. Arrive a bit early to get some work done and then sit back and relax for the performance!

Address: The address for Magvető Café is Budapest, Dohány u. 13, 1074 Hungary.

Csendes Létterem Vintage Bar & Café

Csendes Létterem Vintage Bar & Café is definitely one of the most unique places to go for coffee in Budapest. We can't guarantee that you won't be distracted by the incredible vintage setting but it is absolutely worth visiting during your time in the city! The whole café is decorated with old memorabilia and graffiti and has actually been a popular coffee shop from way back during the Austr0-Hungarian Empire.

The setting is very casual and you are welcome to sit down with your laptop and workbooks to get some stuff done. They open late morning for breakfast and by evening the café is transformed into an exciting jazz, soul and funk hotspot. If you need a little pick-me-up they serve the biggest latte cup in the entire city (we aren't kidding!) and alcoholic drinks like beer are available at night. Come visit for some late night drinks on a weekend!

Address: Their address is Budapest, Ferenczy István u. 5, 1053 Hungary.

Konya Café

This is another one of the cafés in Budapest that welcome remote workers. We recommend getting comfortable at a table on the upper floor by the window if you can. The view of the street below is lovely and great for people watching! You definitely won't be the only one working here, and the huge shared table is usually filled with students on their laptops.

If you visit on a sunny summer day it can be nice to sit outside on their terrace. However, you won't have access to fast wifi or power outlets outside. You won't have to worry about bringing your own meals if you get hungry; they have a great menu with snacks and full dishes in case you stay past dinner time. Their prices are a bit higher than some of the other cafés around town but it is still worth coming here to work!

Address: You can find this shop at Budapest, Madách Imre út 8, 1075 Hungary.

Adna Café

You will be happy to sit and get work done if you are at Adna Café; not only does this coffee shop have big tables that are great for writing or typing but the Budapest baristas that work here are very friendly and sure know how to make excellent coffee. When you order you will get to decide from either light or dark roasted coffee beans to suit your tastes. They also have cakes and sandwiches on their menu.

One of the best things about Adna Café is that they are dedicated to helping others and contributions from every coffee sold go towards aiding those with drug addiction. This café is located close to Kálvin Square on a side street off of Ráday Street.

Address: Their official address is Budapest, Török Pál u. 6, 1093 Hungary.

Working Remotely in Budapest

The great thing about being a digital nomad or someone who works remotely is that you can do your job from anywhere in the world, which sure makes life easier when you are traveling a lot. As long as you have your laptop and a strong wifi connection you can get stuff done in any city, although some places are better to work at than others.

When you are searching for the best coffee shop to work from you will want somewhere with a low noise level so you can hear yourself think, as well as spacious tables and good coffee to drink at a reasonable price. Luckily for you, if you take a stroll around the city center of Budapest you will be surrounded by bars, restaurants and cafés, so explore the city and see what kind of places you can find!

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