12 Things To Do In Copenhagen With Kids

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Copenhagen is wonderful for families! Take a look at the outer courtyard of the Amalienborg Palace where the Danish Royal Family lives or see an exciting Viking ship at the Children's Museum. Whether you have toddlers or teenagers, there is plenty to keep the kids occupied while you explore the Danish capital. From open air museums to inner city delights, fun things to do in Copenhagen with kids are in abundance!

Check out this list of places and activities for great ideas. Before you head out to explore the different things to do with the family, find a Copenhagen luggage storage service to drop your things. Don't drag extra bags with you through the streets of Copenhagen while trying to keep up with excited kids. Bonus tip: children under 12 can ride public Copenhagen transportation for free with an adult.

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Things to do in Copenhagen with kids

From museums to parks and everything in between, there are so many fantastic activities for you to do with your kids and make plenty of memories along the way. Copenhagen is bursting with great activities to grab children’s interest and keep them wanting to learn more and more. With 125 public playgrounds and attractions for kids, Copenhagen is definitely a kid-friendly city.


Address: Tuborg Havnevei 7, Hellerup, Denmark

Family travel is always special, especially when you stumble on a place the kids adore. This unique science center offers a fascinating experience where young and old can play, touch, and experiment with the various exhibits. Watch as your children transform into genius scientists as they delve deeper into the wacky world of science and experimentation.

Children will challenge their inner scientists with logical and mathematical equations and learn about energy. They will also learn how to use all their senses to discover the world around them and not just rely on one or two senses.

National Museum of Denmark

Address: Prince’s Mansion, 10 Ny Vestergade, Kobenhavn K Kobenhavn, 1471 Denmark

Inside the National Museum of Denmark, there is a fantastic children’s museum dedicated to making history and learning fun and exciting. Your kids will love playing dress-up as they travel back in time and catch glimpses of Danish history. Girls can don old-fashioned dresses, aprons, and hats or bonnets while boys can try on a 1920s sailor suit. Viking warrior costumes can also be tried on.

Museum staff holds “class” throughout the day so children can sit in an old-world classroom. Watch as they travel back in time to see how children from long ago learned and the type of school they had. Little historians can try their hand at being an explorer on a Viking boat, learning how these mighty and fierce warriors lived and died on the sea.

Tivoli Gardens

Address: Vesterbrogade 3, Kobenhavn 1630 Denmark

When planning a trip to Copenhagen, Tivoli Gardens must be on that list. This amusement park will leave you and the crew exhausted but is one of the best things to do in Copenhagen with kids. This is the second-oldest amusement park in the entire world, it opened its doors in 1843. Enjoy traditional amusement rides and then try your hand at some of the adorable carnival games.

Located near Central Station, stroll through the garden filled with different themes throughout, highlighting the history of Copenhagen and providing an enchanting place to explore. Even your kids will find the various themes exciting and fun. Be sure to visit Petzi’s World, it is a play area filled with 40 games and activities for children from toddler to teen.

The Little Mermaid

Address: Langelinie, Kobenhavn, 2100 Denmark

Most of us know the fairy tale about the little mermaid wishing to be human and her adventures under the sea. What many may not know is that the author, Hans Christian Andersen, called Copenhagen home and wrote some of his most famous fairy tales while living in an unassuming house overlooking Copenhagen Harbour.

A small bronze statue was erected near his former home; the little mermaid is perched on a rock looking out toward the sea. Sculptor Edvard Eriksen completed the piece in 1909 and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Copenhagen. It is also one of the most photographed sculptures in the city – be sure to take a family photo there!

Copenhagen Zoo, Frederiksberg

Address: Roskildevej 32, 2000 Frederiksberg, Denmark

Do you like polar bears? Opened in 1859, it is one of the oldest zoos in Europe and should be on your list of places and things to see in Copenhagen, even if you don’t have kids with you. This 27-acre zoo is best known for its elaborate elephant house which was designed by Sir Norman Foster and the children's zoo is fantastic too. The Copenhagen Zoo is also the only zoo in Europe to have a functioning Tasmanian devil breeding program.

While here, be sure to check out some of the amazing and rare species that have been brought into the zoo throughout the years including okapi, harbor seals, Amur leopards, and musk ox. Brown bears and gray wolves along with seals and penguins can be found in the Nordic exhibit which teaches people about the conservation efforts needed to keep these animals’ habitats from disappearing.

Rundetarn, Copenhagen

Address: Kobmagergade 52A, Kobenhavn 1150 Denmark

Rundetarn, or Round Tower, was commissioned during the 17th century by King Christian IV and is the oldest functioning observatory in Europe. The tower became part of a scientific complex used by scientists and scholars giving them free access to the academic library, church, and chapel. Today, it is a major tourist attraction and even kids love exploring the nooks and crannies of this old tower.

Climb up the spiral corridor that leads to the observation platform and check out the working telescope. Danish astronomy and meteorological observations were centered here for centuries. After checking out the observation deck, head over to the former library hall which is now an exhibit space and special events venue.

Louisiana Museum

Address: Gl Strandvej 13, Humlebaek, 3050 Denmark

Grab the kids and head over to the Louisiana Museum which has a special area for children ages four to 16 years. Special workshops are held in this area every day beginning at 11:00 a.m. and go on until 5:30 p.m. This gives your little architects and budding artists a chance to fully explore the arts and learn how to express themselves through art and design.

This intriguing wing of the museum was designed to combine learning and playtime to foster a fun and creative atmosphere where children feel comfortable enough to try new things and not be afraid to fail. After they finish with the workshop, head over to the café for a quick snack and look out over the Oresund Strait while you talk about what they did that day. Admission is free with your Copenhagen Card.

Children Working Museum

Address: Arbejdermuseet, Romersgade 22, Copenhagen, Denmark

Children today have no idea the sacrifices and hard work that Danish children in the 1800s had to make; that is, until they visit the Children Working Museum! This incredible place is filled with interactive exhibits that allow kids to “work” many of the different jobs that Danish children may have had to do during the 1800s.

Kids can also shop and work at a play grocery store, tap out a short story on an old-time typewriter, and explore a 1930s apartment. There are dress-up opportunities including sailor suits and long dresses with aprons. Experience an old-time school dance and festival and learn some of the old-time dances. Children ages three to 12 years will really enjoy this museum.


Address: Tietgensgade 65, Copenhagen, Denmark

Your kiddos will spend all day at the DGI-byen swim center where they can take swim lessons, splash in the shallow end, take part in pool games, or just relax in the water. With five pools of different shapes and sizes, there is a pool that is suitable for every skill level. You do not have to worry when you drop your kids at the swim center, there are several certified staff members on hand.

While your youngsters play in the water, you can sip a cup of coffee at one of the cafes or grab a delicious lunch at one of the restaurants. There is even a heated sauna for the adults to release the stresses of the day, or maybe a 30-minute massage is more to your liking, either way, you will feel like a new person when you pick up the kids.

National Gallery of Denmark

Address: Solvgade 48-50, Kobenhavn K Kobenhavn 1307 Denmark

When you visit on a Sunday, the National Gallery of Denmark offers a family-friendly tour of the collections so your kids can learn more about art history. There are also special workshops for kids to explore their artistic side and test their drawing skills.

Children are able to work with established artists to create their own sculptures or paintings. If drawing is more to their liking, they can head to the sketching room and learn more about the ins and outs of creating a moving sketch. There are even board games that are related to art and designed for children ages six to ten years.


Address: Nordmarksvej 9, Billund, Denmark

Many people may not realize it but the birthplace of LEGO is Denmark, therefore, LEGOLAND is a really big deal here. Located in Billund, about three hours from Copenhagen, this is an absolute must-visit when you have LEGO fans in tow. This amusement park is dedicated to the iconic building blocks and has activities for children and adults.

With over 50 rides and attractions, plan on spending all day here. You probably still won’t get to see everything, but your kids will be worn out and happily ready to go to bed. Plan to spend a few days in Billund if you are hoping to explore all of LEGOLAND while you are here, it will definitely take you a while to see and do everything offered.

Paint and Chat Café

Address: H.C. Orsteds Vej 58, Copenhagen, Denmark

Kick back and relax over a hot cup of coffee or a hot chocolate and watch as your kiddos pick out their own mugs to paint and create a unique masterpiece. They will dip their paintbrushes into vibrant, colorful paints and start designing. Whether making shapes and patterns or being very ambitious and painting an entire scene, your kids will love taking home their own creations.

Adults can even pick out their own cup, plate, or bowl and start creating their own masterpieces. Beginning artists and even budding professionals will thoroughly enjoy the experience of making their own souvenirs to take back home, so be sure to put the date on your art piece.

What are the best family activities in Copenhagen?

There are so many fun, exciting, and fascinating things to do in Copenhagen. Deciding which ones are the best really depends on the family that will be enjoying the activity. Families that love being outdoors will have a different list from those that prefer indoor activities. But here is an all-around list of the best kid-friendly activities in Copenhagen:

  • Tivoli Gardens
  • Paint and Chat Café
  • Copenhagen Zoo
  • National Museum of Denmark
  • The Little Mermaid Statue

Amusement Parks and More

The above activities and more mean that your gang will have a terrific time in the Danish capital! Additional don't-miss places include the Rosenborg Castle and the National Aquarium Denmark. Remember to seek out the hammerhead sharks while there! Puppet shows and a road trip to see the Six Forgotten Giants could be added to the itinerary as well.

Do you have kids who adore outdoor fun? The King's Garden in The Botanical Garden and Bakken Deer Park where little ones can see the deer running free are must-see attractions. The largest park in Copenhagen, Valbyparken, is the place to let the kids romp in the nature playground.

Plan your next family vacation to Copenhagen and check out the amazing amusement parks even if you have small kids with you. Copenhagen is filled with family-friendly places including many that offer free admission by using your Copenhagen Card. Kids even can ride public transport for free! Plan a day trip or enjoy the main attractions right in Copenhagen.

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