Where To Find The Best Street Food In Denver

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Street food has evolved from the basic hot dog cart on the street corner to food trucks and international cuisines offered in convenient food stalls found throughout Denver. From bagels and breakfast sandwiches to Philly cheesesteaks and street tacos to sweet treats, the Denver street food scene has exploded in recent years.

Why go to a sit-down restaurant when you can find tasty food right on the street with little to no wait? Most vendors do offer high-quality food at a cheaper price than a regular restaurant. Keep reading to discover the best street food in Denver and be prepared to go on a culinary journey!

Before you take a tour through the Mile High City searching for the most fabulous street food, drop your bags with a Denver luggage storage service. Explore these vendors and easily move throughout the city searching out the best ones. Head out alone or grab your friends and make a night of it.

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The best street food vendors in Denver

Quiero Arepas

Address: 3200 N. Pecos St, Denver, CO 80211

This vendor offers a 100% gluten-free menu filled with Venezuelan arepas using seasonal ingredients. An arepa is a flatbread that is made of cornmeal, salt, and water and then baked or grilled. It is then split open and stuffed with different ingredients. Since Quiero Arepas uses seasonal ingredients, their menu changes often.

Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen

Address: 1317 14th St, Denver, CO 80202

While not your typical street food vendor, Euclid Hall Bar & Kitchen has been known to set up a food stall at local markets and festivals and serve high-end bar food. They also offer a wide selection of craft beer from local Colorado breweries. Grab some terrific food and relax with a cold beer when you see one of their food stalls.

The Mac Shack

Address: Varies

Who doesn’t love classic mac and cheese? The chefs at The Mac Shack have elevated this kiddie menu favorite and made it more than just comfort food. Their five-cheese blend creates a divinely gooey dish that will transport you back in time. You can choose different add-ins such as bacon, lobster, or green chilies.

No worries if mac and cheese is not your favorite thing. The Mac Shack offers a little bit of everything from wraps to burgers and fried artichoke cheese balls to garlic parmesan fries. There is no way you will walk away hungry when you visit this fabulous food truck.


Address: 2030 W. 30th Ave, Denver, CO 80211

Linger has set up shop in an old mortuary, lending a bit of a haunted and morbid air to the place. But, if you can get over the fact that it used to be a mortuary, you will find delicious food and a rooftop patio that overlooks the Lower Highland neighborhood. Their original food truck has been repurposed into the kitchen cranking out international dishes that are absolutely divine. This could be a fun place to visit at night!

The Kitchen American Bistro

Address: 1560 Wazee St, Denver, CO 80202

Located in the 16th Street Mall shopping area, this garden-to-table street food vendor specializes in innovative American cuisine made from locally sourced ingredients. The organic dishes are healthy and bursting with flavor, including burgers and seafood. With a variety of entrees and sides to choose from, you will find something tantalizing to try.

Gyros King

Address: Varies

You will not enjoy a gyro more than when you order one from the Gyros King. This food truck moves throughout the city so be sure to check their schedule to see where they will be parked. Traditional gyros are available and served along with comfort food choices such as mac and cheese and fries. They excel at fusion food and you will be pleasantly surprised when you give them a try.

Order a breakfast burrito anytime or give their legendary Greek tacos a try, this pork gyro is mixed with lemon and tzatziki and spread onto a folded corn tortilla. The King Greek Green Chili Fries are also a fan favorite and are simply gyros that have been loaded with feta and green chilies.

Peaceful Creations

Address: Varies

You cannot miss the 1960s inspired truck as it rolls through the streets of Denver, this hippy-esque groovy truck will bring a smile to your face and make your tummy grumble at the same time. With a name like Peaceful Creations, you cannot go wrong when you stop and give them a try. This is not your typical sandwich shop, instead, they serve some of the best ice cream in the city.

Their sweet treats will send you spiraling into nirvana, especially the Gandhi which is a chocolate ice cream base that is covered with chopped peanuts. Malala is what you crave, it is a strawberry ice cream base topped with rainbow sprinkles and crushed Kit-Kat bars. Take a hike in Denver and then head here for a treat!

Modern Market Eatery

Address: 900 16th Street Mall, Denver, CO 80202

This counter-serve eatery has humble roots as a street food vendor and they have stayed true to their roots serving scrumptious American fare with a bit of an international twist. Offering healthy choices such as sandwiches and salads, you can even find wonderful vegan options for those with dietary restrictions.

Chibby Wibbitz Sliderz n Bitez

Address: Varies

This rather eclectic food truck moves throughout Denver and has accumulated quite a nice following. Check their website for information on their upcoming locations so you can be sure to find them while you are searching for the best street food in Denver. Enjoy traditional favorites like the BBQ pork slider, buffalo chicken slider, and BBQ chicken slider.

They are also known for their variety of tacos including the pork taco topped with salsa, cilantro pesto, red onion, and queso fresco. The black bean taco is great for vegetarians and is made with fresh black beans and topped with cilantro pesto, red onion, salsa, and queso fresco.

Em’s Ice Cream

Address: Varies

No list of the best street food vendors is complete without some type of dessert and Em’s Ice Cream is a creamery on wheels dishing up some of the most amazing, mouth-tingling ice cream in the city. Each batch of ice cream is made from scratch and is 100% organic. Each batch is made with the original recipe and then the flavors added to create masterpieces.

Flavors include the traditional strawberry, milk chocolate, and classic vanilla as well as roasted banana, salted caramel, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, earl grey, and honey lavender just to name a few. Their location does change often, so check their website for upcoming locations.

Where to find the best Denver street food spots

Denver Central Market

Address: 2669 Larimer St, Denver, CO 80205

Located in the RiNo neighborhood, this gourmet food hall showcases several of the city’s top chefs and food vendors. Make your way through the market and sample some of the rich, decadent fare that is offered here from amazing baked goods to smoked meats to handmade pasta and pizza, you will definitely find something special here.

There is even a grocery store at the market so if you decide to try your hand at recreating some of the tasty dishes you try, the ingredients are right on hand. There is plenty of seating throughout the market where you can enjoy your food while it is still hot and fresh.

Denver’s East Side

From Union Station Denver, head to the East Side where you will find a wide variety of street food vendors including Mexican, Asian, American, and Italian. There is literally something for everyone when you take a stroll through the East Side. The sights and smells will set your senses on edge and your tummy rumbling.

Head over to Colfax Avenue and visit Los Dos Hermanos for authentic steamed tacos or tacos al vapor. This iconic food truck is parked at the corner of Xanthia Street and Colfax Avenue next to Sheyla’s nightclub every Saturday and Sunday.

Give the House of Bread a try if you are in the mood for Armenian fare, the gyros and kabobs are simply to die for and it has the best chicken shwarma in Denver. Fantastic Korean food can be found at the Angry Chicken and Woo Ri or if you are looking for something sweet, head to the Shahrazad Bakery for the best baklava in Colorado.

Denver’s West Side

When in the mood for fantastic Mexican food, head to the West Side and La Torteria where they are best known for their carnitas; a one-pot dish that is made by slow-cooking pork, usually pork shoulder, in lard or oil and then shredding it and quick frying it for a crisp texture and served with tortillas, pickled onion, avocado, and salsa.

Head over to a quaint little sit-down restaurant that was once one of the leading street food vendors in Denver. Tacos el Paisa is best known for their tacos de birria made of braised goat and a spicy orange-brown sauce made with dried chiles.

Take a stroll through the West End and breathe in the fantastic smells of food cooking, from Asian fusion to classic American, you will definitely find great food at reasonable prices that will make your tummy very happy.

Street food festivals in Denver

While Denver is not known for its street food festivals, it is known for its festivals that have a variety of food stalls and food trucks that lend their culinary skills to feed the masses. There is no way you will go hungry when you spend time at one of the festivals in Denver, there is always great food at reasonable prices. Check out some of these markets and festivals when on the hunt for delicious street food.

Cherry Creek Holiday Market

Held every year in Cherry Creek North between 1st and 2nd Avenue on Fillmore Street, the Cherry Creek Holiday Market is held from the end of November through Christmas Eve. There are over 30 different craft and artisan vendors selling their creations and several street food vendors on hand to provide delicious treats from around the globe.

You may come for the crafts and gift ideas but you will definitely stay for the food and entertainment. Each food vendor offers an array of tasty dishes that will make your mouth water, ranging from classic comfort food to high-end delicacies.

The Denver Greek Festival

Held in June at the Assumption Greek Orthodox Cathedral, the Greek Festival is a family-friendly festival filled with so many amazing things to see and do. Check out Greek artists, craftsmen, and cooks when here. Authentic paintings, sculptures and jewelry from Greece are available at this festival.

The highlight of the Greek Festival is the authentic and traditional Greek food that is served as well as the live Greek music and entertaining and exciting traditional dancing that is done throughout the day. Tours of the church are also available where you can learn more about its rich history.

Street Food in Denver

Whether searching for fried chicken or Asian street food, you will have no problem finding amazing food at reasonable prices with excellent service. Most of the vendors truly love what they do and their great service makes you want to come back time and time again. Order a delicious dish from one of these highly recommended street food vendors.

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