13 Things To Do In Dubrovnik With Kids

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Also known as Ragusa, Dubrovnik is a city in southern Croatia along the banks of the Adriatic Sea. Dubrovnik is actually one of the most popular tourist attractions to visit on the Mediterranean Sea and is a major seaport for the county. Dubrovnik is also on the UNESCO list of World Heritage Sites due to its medieval architecture and the fortification of its Old City.

The Old City Walls in Dubrovnik Old Town are a major attraction as well and are one of the best things to do in Dubrovnik with kids. These ancient city walls along Dubrovnik Old Town run just over a mile and have been one of the HBO series Game of Thrones filming locations.

Besides the Dubrovnik City Walls, there are many other fun things to do in Dubrovnik with kids. You can visit Lokrum Island, spend the day at the Cadmos Village Adventure Park, or ride a Dubrovnik cable car over Old Town and the Elaphiti Islands. There are also multiple cruise ships to visit if you want.

Plan for fun

Before heading into Dubrovnik with kids, make sure you have a solid itinerary because there is so much to see and do, you want to make sure you have time to do as much as you can. Old Town Dubrovnik is one of the best places to start but you can end up spending the whole day there if you do not have a good plan.

Not that spending the whole day in Dubrovnik Old Town is a bad idea. There is plenty to do and see inside these city walls that can keep you busy. However, if your plan is to visit other places in Dubrovnik like the cable car, Lokrum Island, or one of the cruise ships, you will have to plan carefully.

No matter where you decide to go in Dubrovnik with kids, you do not want to be carrying around all your luggage or backpacks. There are many luggage storage sites nearby where you can leave them while you go island hopping, ride some jet skis, or just hang out on the beach with the family.

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Dubrovnik Cable Car

Riding the cable cars is another one of the fun things to do in Dubrovnik with kids. The cable car goes up to the top of Mount Srd, also known as Srd Hill, where you can find the Dubrovnik Imperial Fortress built by Napoleon. The ride only takes a few minutes but the whole family will enjoy this ride.

The top is not just a place to get great views and photos of Dubrovnik. There is a fantastic restaurant where you and the kids can grab a bite to eat or you can even take a dune buggy tour. The Croatia Homeland War Museum is also up on top of the hill and features all sorts of interesting history.

Cadmos Village Adventure Park

Even Old Town Dubrovnik can be crowded sometimes so why not get away from it all and head up into the treetops with the family? When visiting with kids, Dubrovnik can be a fantastic adventure if you visit Cadmos Village.

From archery to ziplining, this place truly has it all from A to Z. Rope climbing, a giant swing, hanging bridges, and paintball are just a few of the activities you and the kids can enjoy during your stay in Dubrovnik.

Elaphite Islands Cruise from Dubrovnik

You and the kids will enjoy a whole day on the Dalmatian Coast aboard a pirate ship. You will start at nine in the morning from Port Gruz in town where you board the Karaka, a merchant ship that looks just like a pirate ship.

The modern vessel is air-conditioned and comfortable for those of any age. The first stop is the Kolocep Island and fishing village, then you and the family can swim on Sipan Beach before heading to Lapud for lunch.

Banje Beach

As the most popular beach in the town of Dubrovnik, the family will appreciate swimming and hanging out on Banje Beach, one of the most beautiful beaches in the Mediterranean. It is one of the largest and most stunning beaches in Croatia according to the locals.

There are many activities for you and the kids to enjoy including water tubing, parachuting, jet skiing, and pedal boating. This Dubrovnik beach includes sun chairs, a small playground, and incredible views. There is also a fine dining restaurant, a club, and a bar where you can get adult beverages.

Lokrum Island

Take the kids on a day trip to Lokrum Island, home of the wild peacocks and Iron Throne. You will have to take a ferry ride, which is fun on its own. It only takes 15 minutes and you get some of the best views of the city from the ferry.

You can also see the Dead Sea Lake on Lokrum Island. Another fun thing to do on your family trip to Lokrum Island is taking a kayak tour. Make sure you get out and do some snorkeling too and let the kids sit on the Iron Throne.

Pile Gate

The Pile Gate of Old Town Dubrovnik was constructed in the 1400s and is one of the most popular spots where the Game of Thrones was filmed. It is also one of the most popular things to do while visiting Dubrovnik with kids.

As the main Pile Gate entrance to Dubrovnik Old Town, this beautiful but medieval stone bridge leads across what used to be a moat and into the steps of Stradun, the main promenade of Old Town.

Dubrovnik City Walls

Along Dubrovnik Old Town, you will find the city walls that run just over one mile with six fortresses to visit. You and the kids can take a guided tour of Old Town or just venture off on your own. There are several tours you can enjoy along the old city wall. Some are best for older kids while others are geared toward young kids.

The Dubrovnik Game of Thrones Tour is one of the most popular and shows off the filming locations of the famous HBO show. But the regular walking tour of the Old Town Dubrovnik and its walls is also great and features stunning views of the sea as well as the skyline, main street, Fort Lovrijenac, and St. John's Fortress.

Gradac Park

During your visit with the kids, Dubrovnik will not only thrill you and the kids but you can all learn more about the history of the area. Just to the west of Fort Lawrence, you can enjoy Gradac Park to get away from the Old Town crowds.

This small, green Dubrovnik park is great for toddlers and young kids so you can sit back and relax while you let the kids run off some steam. Game of Thrones fans will enjoy seeing the site of the Purple Wedding as well. Besides parks, there is much to do for free in Dubrovnik. Take a look here!

Take a Dune Buggy Safari

Take the kids off-roading in these four-seater dune buggies with a professional English-speaking tour guide. Each buggy has its own driver so you really get chauffeured but it is unlike any chauffeur ride you will ever have.

You will get to ride up the top of Mount Srd and see some cool sights like old minefields, fortresses, and along the coast for two hours. They will pick you up wherever you want and take you on the journey of a lifetime.

Dubrovnik Aquarium

Kids always love seeing wildlife and at the Dubrovnik Aquarium, you can all see some of the coolest marine creatures in town inside the St. Ivan medieval fortress of St. John's. The sea aquarium is situated within the walls of St. John's medieval fortress. The setting makes this aquarium one of the most unique experiences you will have during your visit.

Also, the tanks are continuously refilled with fresh seawater all the time using pumps to keep them clean and the animals happy and healthy. Meet a loggerhead turtle, conger eel, and a seahorse that never really goes anywhere. Other cool animals include triggerfish, lobsters, scorpionfish, and a snake moray. You will love spending the day here.

Sulic Beach

Grab your swimming suits, sunscreen, and flip-flops for a day at the beach. Sulic may not be the most expansive beaches but it is perfect for families with small kids because of its small size and shallow waters. Many of the locals spend hot summer days here cliff jumping.

Just outside the city walls, you can take a short walk down to the clear waters of Kolorina Bay. There are also a couple of nice eateries and a restroom with showers so you can refuel after a morning swim and before your afternoon water fun.

Botanical Gardens

You cannot say you visited Dubrovnik without seeing the botanical gardens on Lokrum Island. It was opened in 1959 and boasts thousands of plants in more than 800 species. Some of the flora include interesting palm tree gardens, tropical plants, and stunning vibrant flowers.

The grounds are separated into different themed areas like the Gardens of Maximilian, the Dead Sea, Charlotte's Well, the Monastery, and the Bay of Portoc. The Little Water Reservoir is a favorite with the younger kids but you will all enjoy the whole place.

Fort Lovrijenac

Also known as Dubrovnik's Rock of Gibraltar, this fortress outside the wall is a spectacular sight to behold standing over 120 feet above the water. It was constructed in the 11th century by the Venetians but the Croatian peoples fought them off and built their own fort to keep them away.

Not only is it a historic site, but it is also a great place to enjoy a play with performances like Shakespeare's Hamlet and A Midsummer Nights Dream. In fact, it is the main site of the Dubrovnik Summer Festival that runs from July through August.

Dubrovnik Old Town and More

This is not a conclusive list of what to do in Dubrovnik. There are many more ideas for families to enjoy on their trip to Dubrovnik. You can see the Jesuits' Stairs or walk down the Stairs to the Sea, take a walking tour of Stradun, visit the Dubrovnik Cathedral, or meander through Loggia Square.

Dubrovnik is famous for its many castles, towers, and forts, making it one of the most popular medieval cities in Croatia. On your visit to Dubrovnik, be sure to take the kids to see the Onofrio Fountain, which is part of the old water supply system. Dubrovnik also has some great playgrounds, eateries, and shopping spots to enjoy as well. Wander around the Dubrovnik Port area and see the nearby Velika Forest Park also.

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