Best Brunch In Florence: The Definitive Guide

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The capital of the Tuscany region of Italy, Florence, is not just a stunning city with a lot of culture and artwork, it is also a fantastic place to have brunch. In fact, some say that brunch in Florence is better than anywhere in Italy whether you are looking for breakfast foods or lunch foods. There are places all over the city to choose from.

Located in northern Italy, Florence is famous for its artworks including the sculpture of David by Michelangelo, the painting of The Last Supper by Castagno, and works by Rembrandt, da Vinci, and Botticelli as well. Among all the arts and museums, you can also find a plethora of restaurants serving brunch all day long. Guests in Florence do not usually have trouble finding places to eat.

Florence is full of excellent cuisine. The lampredotto is one of the most popular brunch food, which is a tripe sandwich with sauce or gravy. Pappardelle is another favorite as a long wide pasta dish doused in ragu. Rooster Cafe is the most popular spot in Florence for its food, friendliness, and ambiance. We've also got to call attention to the fantastic service found at almost every eatery.

Tagliatelle is another delicious dish often served with truffles and crostini bread. Since it is brunch, you may also be interested in some Italian coffee, which is better here than anywhere in Italy.

One of the favorites in Florence for brunch is Le Vespe Caffè. Whether you are headed to the pastry shop for some donuts or the local Italian restaurant for a lavish meal by Chef Vito Mollica, you will not want to bring your bags. Drop them off at a local luggage storage site first so you can relax and enjoy your wonderful brunch in Florence.

Rooster Caffè Firenze

Located on Porta Rossa, the Rooster Caffè Firenze is another one of the best places to go in the City of Florence. With two locations, this is where you go when you want to spend a quality brunch with friends. All they do is brunch and they have been doing it well for their guests since 2013 and have stellar reviews.

With outstanding service and delicious eats, the Rooster Caffè Firenze is top-notch no matter what guests order. They have five kinds of pancakes, six bagels, and 10 burgers and sandwiches. There are also 10 egg dishes from Florentine Benedict with spinach and salmon to the Veggy with a variety of vegetables and goat cheese.

Chic Nonna di Vito Mollica

Chef Vito Mollica serves brunch to thousands of guests weekly at his famous Florence, Italy restaurant in Chic Nonna, his third restaurant. He has one in Dubai, one in Tuscany, and the newest one in Florence is a major brunch hotspot. He is a Michelin-starred chef and is known for his lightly smoked risotto, free-range crunchy eggs with porcini mushrooms, and an array of pastries.

Whether you want breakfast food like eggs and pancakes or a thick and delicious burger with cheese and chips, all guests at Chic Nonna leave happy. You may come for the food but will stay for the atmosphere and excellent service. With spots like these in Florence, you will never want to leave.

Le Vespe Caffè Firenze

The Le Vespe Caffè is another one of the boasted eateries in Florence, Italy. Le Vespe Caffè was the brainchild of two friends, one from Canada and the other a local Florentine. Le Vespe Caffè has a meld of healthy and decadent breakfast and lunch foods in a fun and relaxed atmosphere.

Some of Le Vespe Caffè's featured favorites include the Salmon, Avocado, and Eggs dish with house-cured salmon, pancakes or french toast with maple syrup, and a Mediterranean Bowl with falafel, hummus, veggies, and red wine vinegarette. Or try the Eggs Florentine with home fries.

Da Que' Ganzi Trattoria Osteria

Right next door to Le Vespe, Da Que' Ganzi Trattoria Osteria is a swanky Italian restaurant that serves a scrumptious brunch from Thursday through Monday. However, unlike Le Vespe, this place offers a menu that has a variety of Italian dishes from pasta to Tuscan chicken as well as thick juicy steaks and seafood.

The restaurant is a bit fancier than Le Vespe and other brunch places in Florence. In fact, the chef has won awards in several categories over the years. Their pasta plates look like something on a magazine and taste even better. The food is the best in Italy according to the locals and this includes everything on the menu from the eggs to the coffee.

Ditta Artigianale Oltrarno Firenze

Ditta Artigianale is on the list with Le Vespe, the Rooster, and the Diner Firenze but here it is almost always about the best coffee in Florence, Italy. Their brew has won awards and you will know why as soon as you taste it. But Ditta Artigianale also has a special menu for brunch that includes the Firenze Cadillac Club Sandwich and Croque monsieur.

Other items you can find on their Florence menu include just about any pastry you can think of as well as unique dishes like roasted chickpea quinoa bowl and chilled cream of corn soup. The pastry shop at the diner is the best and offers Italian dishes like cornetto and American sweets like cheesecake and carrot cake that are better than from the bakeries.

Caffè Liberta Piazza

Were you out late last night experiencing Florence nightlife? Start your day off right with one of the best breakfasts in Florence, Italy whether you want eggs and bacon or any kind of pastry you want. This place will make sure you get what you are looking for. The staff will not let you leave unhappy so you can be sure that you will get your favorite.

Famous for their coffee like Ditta Artigianale, this Florence place is renowned for specialties like hazelnut and pistachio coffee. However, it is small and you may not find a seat because they are so popular. But you can still grab a pastry and coffee and stand at the bar or take it outside to the Piazza della Loggia.

Helvetia & Bristol Firenze

Via dei Pescioni 2 is the place to go in Florence for an original American brunch. The guests staying at the hotel know where to get the best food in Italy and you will too after visiting Cibreo Cafe at the Helvetia & Bristol Firenze – Starhotels Collezione. You may go for brunch but don't stop there. Try their hot chocolate, pastries, and breakfast dishes too.

Florence, Italy prides itself on its art, culture, and its food so you will find many places that feet breakfast, lunch, dinner, and brunch are all important in this city. Guests have found that breakfast is definitely the most important meal of the day but in Florence, Italy, every meal is special.

The Shake Cafe

Also near Le Vespe, the Shake Cafe is a popular spot in Florence for smoothies and other healthy food. If you are a person who likes to watch what you eat, the food at the Shake Cafe will make you happy. In fact, it is known for its healthy and delicious breakfast meals with ingredients from the locals.

From the name, it may not strike you as a health food spot for breakfast, lunch, or brunch but once you visit one of their locations around Italy, you will keep coming back because of how responsible they are. They are intent on reducing plastic materials and only use renewable materials in all of their places.

Caffè Gilli Via Roma

The oldest cafe in Florence, Italy, Caffè Gilli Via Roma has been in business since 1733 so they must be doing something to make their guests keep coming back. Located on Piazza della Repubblica, this is the spot to go for a historic brunch date. From the tasty pastries for breakfast to the Italian traditional foods such as grilled salmon in champagne, all sorts of sandwiches, and Italian chocolates.

The guests who go for breakfast typically come back for brunch on the weekends or lunch every day. The place is decorated nicely as well and the staff is well-dressed and friendly. Located in the middle of Florence, Italy, you can grab some Italian cuisines such as pizza, desserts, or a pastry for breakfast or anytime.

Ghibellina Forno Pasticceria Bakery

They have been doing their thing in Florence since 1890 and their thing is any kind of baked good you can think of and some that you haven't. This is one of those spots that look fancy and stuffy but is one of the most friendly spots in the city. Stop by on your way to work or to the park to grab a danish and cup of coffee.

Where else can you enjoy pastries with your friends where you have a view of the Buonarroti Palace and the Basilica di Santa Croce di Firenze? You may be able to find other spots nearby but this place has been baking for over 100 years and local people eat there so you know it has to be excellent.

Brunch in Florence

Even with all these tips, if you find yourself in Florence and cannot decide what you want for brunch, head to Via Vincenzo Goberti where you can find hundreds of eateries all up and down the road. Caffetteria Piansa, Caffè Pasticceria Serafini, the Four Seasons Hotel, and Lo Schiacciavino are just a few.

Another one of the great spots in Florence to visit for brunch in Florence is Via Porta Rossa with places like La Grotta Guelfa, La Bussola, and Casa del Vin Santo. Don't miss getting a coffee by Francesco Sanapo while you are in Florence. You can find him at his restaurant, Ditta Artigianale. Or head over to Via Ghibellina for a delicious dish from Le Vespe Caffè. Remember to start at Florence Train Station to get where you want to go!

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