Best Brunch In Hobart: The Definitive Guide

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Hobart is a lovely place to visit for so many reasons. There are fantastic museums to visit here as well as excellent shopping and access to outdoor adventures. Whether you are in North Hobart or are near the water, there is something to do in this city at any time of the day. Even if you sleep in, you will have great breakfast options in this part of Tasmania.

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If you are ready to learn more about the brunch options that you will have in this lovely place, you need to read on for more information.

Brunch Drinks

Pigeon Hole

This delightful brunch option is located in West Hobart and is a local favorite. Head here for farm-to-table meals as well as beer, cider, and coffee. This location is stocked almost entirely from the owner's farm, which means that this is the right choice for those wanting to enjoy paddock-to-table eating.

There are vegan options on the breakfast menu here as well, and you will have access to the all-day brunch menu when you visit. This is a significant location in the cafe scene in the city, and you will not regret stopping in at Pigeon Hole.


Berta, another North Hobart spot, is the perfect breakfast choice for vegan fare and for a cozy sit-down environment. They also offer bespoke catering at this location, which tells you something about the quality of their food. The menu is focused on European fare, and you can get all kinds of classic dishes off the menu.

This is one of the nicest places in Hobart to grab a quiet and tasty brunch before you head out for a day of sightseeing.

Ginger Brown

If you want to hang out with the locals and see where they like to catch a late breakfast, Ginger Brown is the place for you. Located in South Hobart, you can get food and beverage offerings of all kinds off their menu. There are classics like eggs benedict on their all-day brunch menu as well as more complex dishes sourced from local ingredients.

They have good coffee here, and you can also get drinks. Come here for an excellent breakfast experience and choose from a variety of cocktails and brews if you want to start out the day vacation-style.

Machine Laundry Cafe

Located right in the heart of Salamanca Square, this charming restaurant serves inventive meals and huge cups of quality coffee. The kitschy interior decor is very memorable and you can do a load of laundry while you dine. You will probably be staying near this location if you have picked one of the most popular places to stay in Hobart.

This is a well-known local favorite, and the zany and creative menu is a real treat. Make sure that you head here for one of the best breakfast and brunch experiences that you can get, and take advantage of their generous coffee sizes as well. This spot is close to the Salamanca Saturday Market and you can stop in here before going out to do some shopping.

Daci & Daci Bakers

If you love a European eating experience, you need to head to this spot. This is the best breakfast stop for authentic bakery goods of various kinds, and you will be able to get lavish tea trays here as well as good coffee. This is a great choice if you want a sweet and some coffee to start out your day.

Daci & Daci is located on Murray Street, so it is right in the thick of everything downtown offers. This is a good choice for a classic breakfast or brunch, and you can easily take food with you to go from this spot.

Dandy Lane Food & Specialty Coffee

Dandy Lane is hiding in Hobart's CBD, and it is not often visited by anyone other than locals. The breakfast menu here offers all the classics, and it is quite extensive. There are even burgers and other larger meals on offer at this hour if you are ready for an early lunch.

This is the best breakfast place in the city if you ask some locals, and you will love that you can get everything from a specialty fusion dish to a breakfast classic like eggs and bacon.

Villino Coffee

This spot offers indoor and outdoor tables to sit at, and you will have your choice of a large range of delightful small-batch brew options to try. Villino Coffee is a place where the best coffee is paired with the best breakfast snacks. The food is portable and delicious. As an alternative, you can choose to sit down and start your morning leisurely.

Villino Coffee is one of the longest-running coffee roasters in the city, and you will get the advantage of their skill with coffee when you visit. They won't let you down, and if caffeine is the primary need for your brunch hour treat, you will have come to the right place.

Pilgrim Coffee

The Pilgrim Coffee team is no stranger to adversity. This location was destroyed by a fire in 2018. The heritage building that the shop is still located in was gutted by the fire and has taken time to rebuild. Showing the perseverance that Hobart natives are known for, they have been able to repair the building, and the location is open again.

The owner of this location also operates Queens Pastry and the Circle of Life Doughnut Company. These three great options for brunch and snacks are alive and well today and ready to serve your needs. Head here for a delicious cup of coffee and a pastry, and then go out to enjoy what Hobart has to offer.

Bakery in Hobart

Brooke Street Pier

This is a really unique location to buy local goods and food. This is a pontoon building that is perched near the base of Brooke Street. This area serves as a ferry terminal as well, but a portion of the space is dedicated to a market periodically that sells food and other goods.

There is also a restaurant at Brooke Street Pier called The Glass House and a cafe called Adrift. You can enjoy brunch, coffees, and dessert here at nearly any time of day. This is a really unique area that you should put on your list of things to do in Hobart if you are looking for friendly service and a dining experience near the water.

Room For a Pony

This location, with its somewhat strange name, is matched by the unique food that is offered here. Room for a Pony makes a famous Chinese fried chilli omelette that is to die for and people often put this locale on their list just to try this dish for brunch. This spot also offers an all-day breakfast and some classic dishes that everyone loves.

You can dine inside and outside here and you will get great coffee and drinks along with really good food. This location is along Elizabeth Street which makes it a good fit for other plans that you might have near the city center.

Born in Brunswick

If you love Asian fusion food and want to have a great brunch during your stay in the North Hobart area, you need to come here. Just like Room for a Pony, this is a truly inspiring location with a wide-ranging menu. You can choose from simple fare and authentic dishes that you cannot get anywhere else.

The menu also includes excellent coffee and you will be able to start your day in this North Hobart location with ease. If you want to connect with locals and other travelers, there are communal tables that make discussion comfortable for everyone.

Straight Up Coffee and Food

For vegetarian and gluten-free needs, this is the place to go. You can get delicious brunch and their seasonal menu that rotates through lots of farm-to-table options is excellent. For dining that is based on sustainable practices, there is no better option in this city.

Straight Up Coffee and Food serves up excellent dishes with a smile and the menu is full of very tempting options that are all equally good. For excellent service and an allergen-friendly menu, you need to head here for brunch.

Whisk & Co

Billed as modern Australian cuisine, this is the place to head for a really good cup of coffee and locally sourced bread, meat, and fish. This spot serves meals throughout the day, so you will have access to both light fare and filling plates when you sit down to a meal.

There is everything on this menu from vegan dishes to sweet treats, and everyone can find something they will love to eat. The location is really enjoyable as well and there is indoor and outdoor seating for you to choose from. Being able to watch the goings-on from streetside tables is a nice benefit of this location but the indoor seating is also really comfortable and inviting.

Parklane Espresso

If your idea of brunch is a strong coffee, this is the place for you! The menu includes more than just a caffeine fix and you can get brunch items here and enjoy the casual seating. This is not the right place for a huge and filling brunch, but it is the perfect location to visit if you love coffee and espresso and need a pick-me-up.

This restaurant is near Salamanca Square, which means that it is close to most of the things that you might have planned to do for your day. If you are staying in the area, this location is probably going to be easy to reach on foot. This is one of the best breakfast spots to enjoy for some great coffee and a simple breakfast.

Lost Freight Cafe

The cafe scene in Hobart is full of interesting places to get tasty food and this is one of the most special eating experiences that you can have when you visit. This cafe is located a bit out of town, but the location is beautiful and the cute little container that the restaurant is housed in is a delight.

Their menu includes breakfast and lunch and you will love being able to sit outside in the sun and sip your coffee as you eat. There is a fuel station here as well, so if you have driven to this spot you can take care of all of your needs and get back on the road. This is a common jumping-off place for hiking near Hobart, and this is one of the best cafes to fuel up before you go out to enjoy the scenery.

Salamanca Place in Hobart


If you have come to Hobart, TAS you will probably want to sleep in on at least a few of your mornings. You will have no trouble finding a great place to eat if you sleep in late here and there. This is a place that offers you everything from a simple coffee to a full meal that is sourced from local farms. Truly unique eating experiences are easy to access in this city and you will probably struggle to choose between the many really excellent dining options available to you.

Hobart is a lovely place and many people who come here find the breakfast spots to be some of the best anywhere. Whether you are looking for warm bread, a strong coffee, or a farm-to-table gourmet meal, you can find all of these things in Hobart. Once your luggage is securely stored, you will be able to head out to have amazing adventures and enjoy a delicious brunch in this lovely city.

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