Everything You Need To Know About Shopping In Hobart

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Salamanca Place in Hobart

Shopping in the Tasmanian capital is amazing. You will love the blend of boutique shopping, shopping centre options, and local gift shops that are available to you in this city. There are many kinds of art to buy here, and Tasmanian artists' wares are sold in art galleries here as well in local art locations. You will have no trouble finding the right shopping for your needs in Hobart.

The first thing that you need to do before heading out to see exciting shops is to make sure that your luggage is safe and secure. Place your luggage in secure Bounce luggage storage and free up your hands so you can shop in comfort. Once your bags are stored, you can head out to have fun!

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Produce from Salamanca Market

Salamanca Market

This outdoor market has been operating since 1972, and it is still going strong today. This market is right off Salamanca Place, and you will be close to the city centre here as well. You can buy fresh produce, local art, and much more at this shopping destination.

One of the best things to look at in the market is the Tasmanian timber items that are sold here. You can also get locally-crafted textiles and clothing. This is a great event to visit on a Saturday while you are in Hobart and being on Salamanca Place puts you right by all kinds of other exciting things to do.

Salamanca Arts Centre

The building that houses the Salamanca Arts Centre used to be warehouses in the 1830s. These unique sandstone buildings have been fully converted into a dozen or more galleries and shops. You can find jewelry on sale here as well as art and you will love that you are able to gain access to the local art here so easily.

There are also performance spaces inside this area where you can enjoy local artists performing. You can easily head to Salamanca Arts Centre after a stop-in at the Salamanca Market. Salamanca Place will take you to an entire list of really exciting shopping adventures, and you can spend most of a day in this area with ease.

Art Mob

While we are talking about Salamanca Arts Centre and other art locations, you need to head to Art Mob to see the amazing Aboriginal art on display and for sale. This location puts on exhibits all the time that will teach you about Aboriginal culture and Tasmanian art and you can buy Aboriginal art and jewelry here too.

This is a really nice space that is very enjoyable to visit. It can also make a nice break from the heat if you want to get in out of the sun and take a little break. This location is away from the city centre a bit, but it is near many of the hotels in the city. You might need to ask for a map to be sure that you heading in the right direction. You can also check out this guide on how to get around Hobart.

CWA Gift Shop

If you head up Elizabeth Street, you will have access to lots of shopping for gift items. There are a lot of local hidden gems here to enjoy, and this street stretches from the water into the center of town. CWA Gift Shop is one of the best places in town to head for a delicious street food experience and to select items to take home with you after your trip.

This little space might be easy to walk by, so keep your eyes open for the little glass window with the small sign on it stating the name of the shop. There are some other art shopping areas here as well, and you will be able to enjoy craft beers and a nice meal at many of the restaurants along this street.

Drill Hall Emporium

For those who love antiques, this location is like a museum that functions as an antique dealer as well. You can learn all about Hobart's history as you shop here. The same people who operate Drill Hall Emporium also operate the home goods store next door called Miss Arthur. Farther up the street, the same people also run a lovely stationery shop called Flywheel.

This is a really fun area to visit during your travels for a local and very special shopping experience. You can get access to all kinds of shopping here, and the special and handmade items that you can buy at these stores are of the best quality.

Shopping in Hobart

Centrepoint Shopping Centre

The Murray Street area is a great place to go to have access to a mall. If you love shopping mall experiences, this is the perfect place for you. There are many name brands on offer as well as some local clothing labels that make organic cotton clothing. There are also some artist studios in this mall.

This is a sizeable shopping area, and you can easily get a snack or a lunch here while you shop. This is a good location to use for your jumping-off location to head out to see some of the local shops and gift shops along Murray Street.

Tommy Gun Records

Records and CDs have become popular again in the past five years, and if you miss stores that sold these items, then Tommy Gun Records is for you. This is one of those timeless stores that offers you access to all your favorite memories as well as records and CDs that you might have missed out on.

This is one of the most enjoyable shops in Hobart to visit, and you will have so much fun shopping for music here and maybe picking up a graphic T-shirt or some leather bracelets to spice up your look. Tommy Gun records is a very fun and unique store that deserves a visit, even if you don't need any music.

On Hampden

Battery Point offers some really nice local shops, and this little gem is one of the best of them. This is a local shop that sells handmade Tasmanian items like soaps, bracelets, honey, and raspberry jam. You will love this part of Hobart, and it is outside of the hustle and bustle of the busier shopping areas.

If you want to check out vintage clothing stores and jewelry shops, this is a great area for that goal. This is not far from Salamanca Market, so you could include this as part of your shopping plans for your Saturday market visit. Being able just to walk and shop is a nice benefit to picking this location for your shopping day, and you will love stores like this along Battery Point for their unique goods and products.

Bruny Island Cheese CO. Hobart Farm Store

This shop is a bit out of the way, located on Argyle Street near Soundy Park. Come here for cheese and wine tastings and to buy bottles to take home to your friends and family. This is a cheese-lover's paradise, and you will have so much fun trying out the food and tastings that are on offer here.

This spot is a bit out of the way, but you can easily ride public transportation to get there. The atmosphere is really quirky, and the owner makes the time that you spend here very enjoyable and peaceful. If you have wanted to try some wine and cheese pairings, this is the right place for you to visit during your time in Hobart.

Eumarrah Hobart

Hippie stores are everywhere in Hobart, and if you love hemp, beads, looseleaf tea, and incense, you need to head here! This is a large location that will give you access to organic fruits and oils as well as the usual head shop goods.

You will not have to travel far from here to check out some delicious food and other shopping. This location is close to the center of town, so you will not have far to go if you want to head back to traditional shopping once you are done here. Many locals come here for quality organic goods that they use alongside more conventional purchases.

Farm Gate Market

Foodies unite! You can head to this market on Bathurst St. to try local honey, food, drinks, and various products. This is an excellent place for those who love organic foods and brews. There are even shops that offer locally caught octopus and handmade yogurts.

Farm Gate Market has an authentic festival tone, and you love being able to make adventurous food choices here while talking with locals. This is a very friendly and genuine local experience, and you will find something here for everyone when you visit. This is a weekend event, so you will need to check in advance to see which days it is taking place during your stay.

Snack foods in Hobart

Wursthaus Kitchen

This is another great spot to pick up some food-related gifts to take home to friends and family. You can get cakes, bread, sandwiches, and more here with ease, and you will be just off Salamanca Place. This means that you can plan your lunch to take place here and then head back out to do some more clothing or art shopping.

This is a great location for a pre-prepared meal as well, so if you want to take some food back to your hotel with you, you can get it here and then carry it on with you to your rental or hotel room. This is a real deli with all the trimmings, and everything they offer is fantastic.

Stitched & Co

Located along Bligh Street, this little shop sells upcycled and handmade baby items and toddler clothing. If you have been looking for something unique to take home to a family member who has just had a baby, or you want to pick up some clothes for your own kids, this is a great stop to make.

You will be just around the corner from a strip mall and just down the road from lots of great dining options. This is a family-run shop that makes sure that everyone gets just what they need when they drop in. Being able to find kids' gifts is sometimes hard when you are in a town that you don't know, but this special little shop will handle your children's gift needs without a hitch.

Hobart Book Shop

Sort of like the comeback of records, bookshops are a growing favorite with younger generations. Hobart has a few bookstores, but the Hobart Book Shop is the most enjoyable of them to visit. There are many new and used books for sale and the genres that are covered are wide-ranging.

Book lovers will have so much fun picking up physical books and enjoying the smell and feel of the paper item in their hands. This is a great cozy shop that will help you get the books you've been looking for. If digital books are getting you down, you need to head to Hobart Book Shop to get a real book fix.


Hobart offers access to all kinds of delightful shopping. Enjoy all the local markets that sell organic goods, locally grown produce, and handmade clothing, or head to the mall and get some name-brand gifts for people at home. There are many gift shops and boutiques here to enjoy as well, and you will have lots of fun just walking through the downtown Hobart area discovering new delights.

This is a very friendly city, and everyone here will make you feel welcome. Whether you are shopping at Battery Point or you are walking down Elizabeth Street, you will find a unique and intriguing store on almost every corner.

Always make sure that you drop your bags off in safe storage before heading out to enjoy your time in the Hobart area!

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